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  1. Loïc, thank you so much for these! The French titles are not problem at all I would think. I picked up the core book on the sale (it was also one of the reasons I got it). As for the other two books, they seem to be campaign settings/adventures which are fine, except that I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to run for now and I am not sure how useful a pre-written campaign will be to me. But the low prices sure make them tempting... I hope someone else points the way to more cool artwork to use!
  2. Hello all I am a long-time gamer but new to Glorantha. I decided to go for HeroQuest rather than RQ since it suits my taste for narrative-style games more (the last decade or so I have mainly played indie games), even though this line seems to have been somewhat abandoned by Chaosium. Anyway I have two questions as per the title. The character sheet provided is... Ok, but for drawing in new players I hope something a bit more visually appealing exists? Anything fan-made out there? Also, I would love to get a source for character and NPC portraits (the ones used for the Six Ages
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