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  1. That's a good idea, actually. That would allow for another layer of gray morality. I will keep that in mind for my campaign as well.
  2. I'm aware of all these regions and factors. I am planning on basing the campaign mostly in Brabant, since that's where my alleged ancestors, the Counts of Cuijk, hailed from. Not to mention the Cuijk dynasty also had dealings with Sticht Utrecht as well as representatives in the Prince-Bishopric of Li├Ęge. Basically however I would like to run a campaign around the history of their feuds with the Counts of Holland (with the death of Floris V as centerpiece), and their involvement in the war between England and France.
  3. Yeah I see what you mean. Again though, given the timeframe of what I'm thinking of, Christianity has already become the norm in Europe and there are no pagans left to convert. The crusades are a different story, of course, but I'm not necessarily planning on involving them in my campaign at all. The fact remains however that, in the perception of people at the time, Christianity was not just objectively correct, but a simple, indisputable fact of life, so it goes without saying that characters in such a setting would be exclusively restricted to Christian Personality Traits and Passions. Now
  4. I wonder what those would entail though and why you think they wouldn't fit. I do think a healthy dose of Christian features would make sense given their prevalence in the Middle Ages, and since this is not going to be Arthurian in that regard I may have to supplant certain features in Pendragon regardless. I personally do like the idea of patron saints for example, at least conceptually. I can get behind that, making the combat more gritty would definitely be something to look into. I suspected the Cymri and Franks in their respective settings might be better since that's prob
  5. Yeah I figured he might be, probably Flemish judging by the name, although I might be wrong. Just another reason I decided to get the book after all
  6. That's true... ideally I think I might combine the two as well, but just use the Pendragon ruleset and character sheets with regards to skills and passions and stuff. I do want to take advantage of some of the extra features from Paladin, honestly...
  7. Good day gents, I'm new to the forum but I've been planning on running a Pendragon campaign for a long time now, assuming I could ever get a hold of a group of players willing to play with me. Either way, due to my own research into my ancestry (I'm half Dutch with some alleged aristocratic roots dating back to the Middle Ages), I've been thinking of running a campaign specifically set in the Low Countries. It would probably begin at a somewhat later date than the traditional Pendragon campaigns (around 11th century AD, just before the start of the First Crusade), and would be less focuse
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