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  1. Well I wouldnt say it should be something like a normal thing but like a product of an epic quest. But yeah its not meant to be an easy to manage or obtain that would be silly thing if it was something that you could make like a cavalry unit of griffon riders.
  2. Yeah there is also the problem with attacking people from the air in a battle that is called "oh hi every archer on the entire battlefield yes I am a nice target aint I"
  3. I guess a Griffon would be the same with probably some more "evil" passions? probably also harder to bond with.
  4. Ooooh? Gotta check that one out thanks Leingod
  5. Hi everyone. I was sitting and reading in the core book and got thinking, is it possible to tame and ride a Griffon or Hippogriff into battle? I imagine youd need to have them from eggs to rear them properly! As far as I could read the Griffons have a deep hatred to humans. Could any of you maybe give me some ideas and inspiration to the various challenges and obstacles you might face trying such an endevour
  6. Thanks Morien I guess i get a little caught up in the campaign like I am a knight fighting against the saxon invaders, and then I want to design my manor and all the reference is like Saxon or Norman style and Im like "no that is the evil invader style buuh"
  7. Hi there Atgxtg :D thank you for the reply. The thing that keeps running through my mind and yes this is just very small and not of any consequnece. But later architecture is more Norman or Anglo-Saxon in design. The Celtic design more or less vanishes completely as its overtaken by the Invaders. So I am wondering if one should try to imagine what the celtic architecture would look like if not changed the Saxon and Norman style later on? :D
  8. Hi everyone. So I got to wonder about how the houses and halls would look in Pendragon. Most medieval stuff I find is often very Anglo-Saxon for obvious reasons. I know some of the bigger cities would still have roman architecture after the Legions left, but most other places and villages probably reverted to more primitive states. Do any of your have any thoughts on the architecture? Perhaps some resources that can sate my curiosity.
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