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  1. Hiya Everyone Are there any good rule of thumb for how much to reward players for adventuring?
  2. Hi Jeff Thanks for the input 😄 the noble occupation is that also the Thanes and such?
  3. Hi there Everyone 🙂 So my player raised a good question today. We had recently just finished a session where the players attended a wedding and the escaped the sacking of the capital after. They were basically just gone for the movement week in fire season. So the question is do they have time to get training if they were gone for just a small week?
  4. Hi Nick 😄 I was wondering if I could bother you again, do you know if there is a good rule of thumb for how many nobles there is in a clan? Like what is the social demographic?
  5. Hi Godlearner They are a minor clan part of a tribe that is being usurped by a Solanthi Warlord. So they have decided to migrate into a mountainous region like the greek mountains. So they will have to build homes and temples and such. But as the story progresses the characters (just passed their rite of passage) will become more important in the clan and might have to start big projects like larger temples and fort for the clan 🙂
  6. Hi everyone 😄 I was wondering if you lovely sages could assist me in figuring out what it would cost for a player to build a house, temple and fort? My group is going to migrate soon and they are going to built a new place for their clan, and I was thinking maybe there are some good rules for building and such 😄
  7. Hi everyone 😄 I am trying to set up a clan and I am trying to figure out some general things. One thing I came over is the Runelords, how "normal" are these badboys? The King of an Orlanthi Tribe is a Runelord? Is the Chieftain of a Clan also a Runelord?
  8. It's not a question of need, at least not for me. It's more a question of its a new game for me and I want to know how to do it best.
  9. Thank you kindly Jeff 🙂 I do hope I have not sounded overly childish, I am merely used to books that dedicate space in the corebook to give some aid to the GM/storyteller. I really really look forward to game masters book.
  10. Sorry did not intent to sound ungrateful. I merely think that the corebook doesnt give a new player/storyteller a very good frame of reference. But again thank you kindly for the input. I really like this game and hope to be able to run it some day.
  11. Thank you all for your comments. The problem is that the Book doesnt speak of these things, it doesnt suggest to you how to run the campaign or combat. It feels off that a new comer will have to go to community resources (and pay extra money) to help them make the game runable. Like I feel its amazing that there is such a massive community out there, but the game doesnt really help you to introduce you to the game. It feels like a flaw if a game "requires" you to actually to dive into community content for knowledge that aught to be in the main book.
  12. Hi everyone. I picked up RuneQuest Last year and really love the setting and the book, been reading through it and enjoying the richness of the setting and the flavour of the game. I do have one criticism of the game and it might sound silly for more seasoned players of the game. But I am speaking merely as a new comer to the setting. The game feels exceptionally hard to get into, I dont feel you can pick up the corebook and start playing it right away. While there are a lovely host of premade characters, there are no pre made basic npcs (Like Bandits, Lunar soldiers Etc) At the same time you dont have a game master section in the book that gives information and suggestions on how to run the game. Now I know there is probably a wide breath and wealth of things to pick up from previous editions and a enormous host of player created content. But if I went into a shop and found the book and bought it I wouldnt be able to play with it easily. It makes me rather sad that such a lovely setting presents such a (in my view) massive barrier to newcomers. Even worse for the fact that youd have to buy the bestiary to get any monster and beast stats, and the Game masters guide is far out in the future.
  13. Hi everyone. Been rummaging around and trying to find some good info but cant seem to fine any idea of when we might get the two next source books. Can anyone help with an idea of the time frame?
  14. As the player of Tywyn I can say it was one hell of an emotional ride to go through, but Fenris didnt jump it on me and it was something we dicussed together and in the end it was a great character exit. Its going to be fun trying to pick up the shattered pieces as his heir when that time comes :D
  15. Hi everyone So I bought the PDF cause I love bronze age stuff and really digging the book even though it could really use some stuff for the GM like NPCs and a Bestiary. Anywho. Strike Ranks! They took me some time to wrap my head around. I decided to look at some of the pregenerated characters to get some help but some of them seems to be calcuated wrong? Vasana Farnan have a lance that is listed as having Strike Rank 6 but her Dex SR is 3 and her size SR is 2. The Lance has a sr of 0. Then why is she listed as 6? should it be 5? Yanioth Vareena is listed as having a dagger that strikes at 6 Her Dex SR is 2 and Size sr is 1. But a Dagger especially the type of damage it deals its sr is 4 so she could be at 7 no? Its a thing I believe really could have used some more clarification
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