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    Introduced to RQ2 in 81, subsequently added AD&D. Picked up Traveller. Upgraded through RQ3, AD&D 2nd, and at least three Traveller successors. Player only (my one time attempting to GM Traveller ended up turning into greedy merchants trying to set up profitable trade routes with no adventuring). Last active game was around 95.
    I still prefer RQ's details and lack of levels/classes.
    Found RQ:RiG about 2 years ago (and never knew there were other interim versions after AvalonHill). Trying to get a niece into it -- but found some lacks in the published books, hence my registering here)
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  1. The popcorn, or the worms? Save the worms for quiche Lorraine ver de terre* * yes, a recipe for such got printed in the Grand Rapids Press during my college days (76-80)
  2. Heh... In too many representations -- slaves to the Romans... Spartacus was Thracian
  3. Last comment -- it seems to be the presence of that sidebar killing me. Forums without it have edit windows wide enough for full edit bar. (I really don't like running with near maximized application windows, and had to drag the browser almost an inch wider to get the full bar here -- I don't "live" in the browser, I have email and usenet clients open at the same time).
  4. Do these grow there? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amorphophallus_titanum
  5. I haven't checked recently, but have vague memories that items used to show a set of flags indicating what countries items were available in. I've been caught by that message myself. One product was only available from UK and wouldn't ship to US.
  6. Hmmm... The site seems to be very picky about browser... Internet Explorer won't even show me a log-in option. Firefox (84.0.2) (my preferred browser) is not showing half the editing icons. (And that was even before restarting it so the latest update got applied; along with rebooting the computer) M$ Edge, OTOH, allowed for log-in, and is showing the full editing toolbar. Interestingly "Firefox ESR" (78.6.1esr) running under Debian Buster in a VirtualBox environment DOES show me the full editing toolbar. "The Fountain Pen Network" is a site also using "Invision Commu
  7. The primary book comment about for reusable spells, that RPs "must be replenished".
  8. I don't HAVE that icon, nor strike through, font and size options... (and I seem to be getting duplicate images)
  9. Main book, page 314 Given that page 314 states for a non-fumble failure (hmm, no way to insert a quote block?) """ If the casting success roll is greater than the adventurer’s relevant Rune affinity, the spell is not cast, and there is no Rune point loss. If the adventurer is boosting the spell with additional magic points, they lose 1 magic point (no matter how many are being spent). On a fumble, the spell fails and the adventurer loses the Rune points intended for the spell. """ """ Once spent, Rune points must be replenished before they can be used again. """
  10. Especially if the javelin is closer to the Roman Pilum in design (though I wouldn't think bronze would be suited to a light spear meant to stick into a shield and then /bend/ so the shaft dangles and interferes with moving the shield around).
  11. That is a very strange definition of "self-loading weapons". No body that I know of considers common* revolvers to be "self-loading". They require either manual cocking of the hammer -- which also rotates the cylinder bringing the next chamber into alignment with the barrel (single-action mode), or cocking/rotation as an effect of pulling the trigger (double-action mode). Semi-auto weapons are those in which, from whatever is considered the "ready" stage (minimum requirement for those that fire from a closed bolt is that a round is in the chamber -- may be single-action [hammer cocked by
  12. I'd likely treat them as separate implementations. Consider the sidebar for "Heal Wound" on page 330. This is one of the "common" spells known to pretty much all cults, yet they are incompatible in how they take effect. Even if an associated cult originally "learns" the spell from the "parent" cult, it may have developed differences making it incompatible.
  13. Note that the discussion was with regards to parchment/vellum which is not that easily produced, as demoed on PBS/NOVA it is also slow to write upon (taking dictation when using parchment is futile if it takes a day to fill one page). Papyrus, OTOH, was shown to be fairly rapid when writing, so dictation is feasible; the grain of the reeds making up the papyrus provide natural guidelines. Paper (as in cellulose pulp pressed in a drying frame) was never a consideration here. There is no entry for "paper" in the price lists from the rulebook -- only papyrus and parchment. Parchmen
  14. My interpretation would be that you'd have to cast the spell such that the foot/sandals and corridor floor are both in contact at the moment the spell goes off. One does not cast it on the floor, and then hope someone walks on it and gets stuck. IOWs: it is more like a contact cement (applied to both surfaces, and then sticks when the two surfaces are brought in contact), and NOT like fly-paper or rodent glue traps (in which one object is permanently sticky, and anything making contact will adhere to it)
  15. I've had some problems correlating those annual incomes for some time now. Page 405, for example has "A typical noble or priest is assigned five hides of land by their temple for their upkeep, which produces an annual surplus of about 400 L to support the adventurer and their household." (Emphasis mine). Surplus, to me, implies what is left after the costs of farming have been taken out of the actual "income". In other words, a pre-tax profit (taxes being the cost-of-living and tithes). Of course, that 400L for the noble doesn't include that the tenant farmers receive half of that. So the nobl
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