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    Introduced to RQ2 in 81, subsequently added AD&D. Picked up Traveller. Upgraded through RQ3, AD&D 2nd, and at least three Traveller successors. Player only (my one time attempting to GM Traveller ended up turning into greedy merchants trying to set up profitable trade routes with no adventuring). Last active game was around 95.
    I still prefer RQ's details and lack of levels/classes.
    Found RQ:RiG about 2 years ago (and never knew there were other interim versions after AvalonHill). Trying to get a niece into it -- but found some lacks in the published books, hence my registering here)
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  1. What if my feet/shoes/boots are equipped with crampons? (Ice cleats)... And I've got a spike on top of my helmet...
  2. Without reading every line in the follow-ups... Both scan and sneak feel to me like something the GM would roll, and likely keep note as to which party members succeed, fail, fumble -- only revealing the results for experience checks after the scenario is done. After all, a fumbled scan could mean a party member detects something that isn't really there, so the GM would advise that character of <something> that isn't really significant. And a successful scan that doesn't find anything looks the same as a failed scan... Using a single roll and applying to each party member also seems
  3. So I should be expecting an email offer for the print edition soon? Having bought the PDF.
  4. Concur: RQ:RiG exposes enough Gods/Goddesses to get some feeling for how they work, but getting a guide that (hopefully) provides information for raw GMs to create their own scenarios, encounters (and correlating rewards for such) -- instead of relying on pre-published adventure books which they may not be able to justify $$-wise.
  5. CF: the warding cubes in Kurtz's Deryni series https://www.rhemuthcastle.com/index.php?topic=1947.0 https://www.rhemuthcastle.com/index.php?topic=1948.0
  6. Separate on the skill page, add in real-time. However, the front page positions for weapons and spirit combat get the combined totals to reduce the need to flip over to he skill page. I'll need to restudy the rules for skill increase rolls again, after seeing the post two up from here...
  7. Just a wild opinion here, but I'd likely interpret it that IF the wielder of longer weapon has used it to attack some third party, then that weapon is "out of position" to be an effect on the wielder of the shorter weapon. IE; as if WLW has no weapon or is turned to the side.
  8. Probably easier to use Excel (or other spreadsheet) using merged cells for headings, etc. that cross columns. Locked cells for stuff that should not be changed ever, and cell formatting/styles for look...
  9. Well -- Chaosium doesn't sell a print copy of the quick-start, and the PDF is a free download. That looks like someone applied a sepia tone overlay of the grey-scale cover page of the PDF to make it look like the full BRP rules (which is also PDF, just $$)
  10. Though "thane" is an old anglo-saxon and/or Scottish term. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/thane https://www.britannica.com/topic/thane-feudal-lord So... Taking old French, sorcerie, which isn't enough different to care about, in my opinion. Maybe using a western transliteration of the Greek, μαγεία, which gives mageía (or μαγία, magia)
  11. Blame the proponents of mixing different alphabets to create upper and lower case. After all... Roman period tended to favor what we would call block capitals (especially when carving inscriptions into capitols) Carolingian Minuscule only uses what we would refer to as lower-case letters. Uncial may be considered a Majuscule (all capitals) form, though I think many used a larger representation to emphasize initial capitals from the rest of the word/line. Though "half Uncial" looks to be a Minuscule form. The less said about black-letter/gothic, the better (apparently the do
  12. Yeesh... Not only does the width between wheels matter, but the wheel diameters need to be large enough to let the rest of the cart clear the ground!
  13. The common way distributed version control systems (Git and Mercurial -- I have the latter running locally as I don't work on anything meant to be seen by others) seem to function is that You initially clone the desired archive to your machine (this creates a copy with all version meta data to-date). You create a working directory from the clone (this may actually be done as part of the initial cloning -- you end up with a directory of working files and a special versioning subdirectory with the archive) You make your edits/additions/deletions to the contents of the working d
  14. Sounds like a cousin of (one of) my RQ2 characters (where SIZ was still 3D6, not 2D6+6). So... SIZ 6, STR 18 -- roughly a 4.5-5ft tall character swinging a 4ft (bastard) sword one-handed. I was influenced by my GM of the 80s -- we normally used "best N of N+1" die rolls, but no rerolls or swapping allowed. One still had the potential of getting minimum rolls (for a 3D6 stat, one could end up rolling 4x1s, so best 3 of 4 is still 3), but the average roll is tweaked upwards just a bit.
  15. Think the comic is Freefall. The alien is using the name Sam Starfall.
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