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  1. I am really thankfull for all advices, after a day I will run a game. I've made some notes so we will play differently than before, later I can share my thoughts and results. I hope it may help other new keepers)
  2. Well, thanks for answers. I have a lot of thoughts, I guess I would try to make combat more storytelling and then judge about rolls and difficulty. It's just hard to make rules for yourself to make judging fair for every player, so I was trying to find easy formula for it) Should I close the topic somehow?
  3. That's a little sad, that there is no list of actions. The idea of allowing and not allowing just by common sense is not always great atleast for me. Sometimes I was in situations where 2 situations which looks obviously for "yes" and "no" lately become unfair for one of the players. It's hard to proof for both sides that their situations are equal, ofc you can say: I am keeper, I am the law here, but loyalty of players will fall down. But okay, I guess I have to create as home rule kind of classification of actions. Thank you anyway)
  4. Hello, I am trying to be a keeper in CoC 7ed since start of the august. After few first games I've been caught by thoughts that I am doing something wrong so I came here for clarification. First of all, how many actions do you have during the combat? Rulebook says that round is flexible unit so you can make significant action. But which action is significant? For example you can reload gun and move, but you cannot shoot after that, but (as I understand right) you can move, grab the knife, move back and attack, both actions would take a round but are they equal? As I understand movement is
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