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  1. This might be more of a wish in general, rather than just for the 40th, but, I would really like to se a bigger collection of artifacts and alien devices. Edit: I see that this is a bit off topic. Sorry.
  2. I got mine a few weeks ago, and I just love them. But, could there be any comment on why some of the monsters didn't make the cut from the previous Malleus Monstrorum? I only god to page 14, when I looked in the old one, to find one that isn't in the new edition, the Adumbrali. And I am sure there are more examples, but I just peeked at the (old) book in a store, so couldn't cross reference everything.
  3. As a person who recently (less than a year ago) bouth the 7e slipcase set, I am hopeing there will be something that both celebrates the 40th, and can supplement the books I already have, since I am not really going to be wanting a new set of core books anytime soon. I would love to see a nice walkthough and overview of all the rule changes that has happened through the history of the game, though.
  4. Get a plain one, print out some awesome mythos related art, get glue, and suddenly you'll have a unique one that is at least as awesome!
  5. Werewolf is also listed in the Keeper Rulebook, and Malleus Monstrorum
  6. Is there anyone who know what it would take for a character to learn how to make the protective symbols that Marion Allan had made on the farm house and chest in Edge of Darkness? I guess it would be some sort of spell, in a way? I don't know how the state of mind was on Allan after making them around the farm house, but it doesn't feel like something that had the potential of driving someone into a bout of madness while making. And not too draining on the person. I have not made any spells myself yet, so I don't feel confident coming up with something all by myself either. And it al
  7. Would there be any instances where any kind of creature or monster would work with humans (players)? Could a serpent-person ask humans for anything, ever? Or will such thing never occur? Are there any scenarios where there are any co-operation?
  8. I'm very curious to see what the rules were for this. Please enlighten those of us that are fresh to the rules, if you find out how that worked?
  9. Haha, and now I see that "Eddie" is 37, referring to his sister "Wendy" as a significant person And "Wendy" is 25, calling "Eddie" her twin brother.
  10. And as I continued through the list of characters, I see that many of them have the exact same three posessions, which seem odd, as they don't really match their personality, and weapons list. I think I'll probably just adjust the posessions list to match the weapons.
  11. I am considering running Missed Dues with pregens in a few days, and I am looking through it. But one of the character stumbles me. It might be my lack of weapon-knowlege, but at page 79, "Sean 'Hopeful' Doyle" has an increased skill in handgun, on the weapons list he has a ".22 Short Auto", but in the possession on the next page he has "12g Shotgun" I do not know what a ".22 Short Auto" is, so it is a bit confusing, both that I can't seem to match up possessions with what is in the Weapons-table, and not with skill. I have also seen this in other pregens in other scenari
  12. So, after a couple of delays, I finally got to wrap up this scenario last night. I had planned to just make a short thing by having my investigators crawl back down into the tunnles, find that the portals were gone, and they got deeper down into the underground. Get scared by a bunch of serpent-people, and then just, be blocked out of the tunnels for good. What happened was that half the session was spent on a discussion among the players, on what should go in the report, and how they could procure the propert above one of the portals, and maybe use the portals to make money off of t
  13. Yeah, I was actually expecting my players to do research, but I guess they are just too new still. But the other times we have played, they have searched a lot for info before going into things. I even tried to hint this time, but I am guessing they were just so excited about a dungeon crawl. Since we are all DnD-players as well. That is right, I believe that wasn't started untill 2005 or something. But there has been done research up there for a long time. So it is an interesting location for future adventures. Might even be up there the serpent people retreat to after this. Even tho
  14. As a follow-up for my novice investigators (an inventor, a missionary, a museum curator and an archeologist), whom all survived "Edge of Darkness", I decided to do the newly released scenario "Test Subjects" by Michael Fryda. For preparations I had do to some modifications to also move this whole thing to be fit in Norway. (Spoilers after this line) The scenario spans quite a bit of distance, about 2000 kilometers, by my measuring. And while Norway isn't a big country, it is long. So, starting off in Oslo, my investigators, while sitting at a cafe, discussing what to call thei
  15. So, ran this last night. We had fun. I had done some changes, and nothing happened as I anticipated. Don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I can't seem to figure out if there is anyway to write hidden/spoiler-text, here. Edit: Wrote about it in its own thread (with some spoilers) https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/13171-i-ran-test-subjects-scenario-with-adaptions-spoilers/
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