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    I started to play RPG in my high school because of some fantasy fiction, then knew Call of Cthulhu, started to find groups to play, then try to be a Keeper, or abandon it , just be a normal player.
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    Call of Cthulhu 7th and a Pulp campaign, and waiting for Cthulhu Gaslight and Dreamland in 7th Rule.
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    She/Her , first language not English and have big grammar problems.
  1. Is the Live Video would be recording and post online some time later? For some silly time zone problem, it’s not the best time for me...
  2. Hi, I seems to come late,but is there any more news about this setting? I haven’t heard it before,but very interesting in it;)
  3. Hi,My question is basic about pulp talent Raid fire and the option rule about duel weapons in pg 71. In the raid fire section,it say apply penalty for multiple shots to all shots no matter how many are fired ,and the duel weapon will get a penalty,so when I open the duel weapons option rule,is this raid fire section’s no penalty still apply on duel weapons? Just want to know others opinion on this rule question,thanks very much:)
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