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  1. WE toned down Lethality stealing from Hero systems.
  2. Sorry HC is a hardcopy , and TRITAC has a real world list of stars, and a % solar system creation system .
  3. The Old Game Universe by SPI had an awesome 3d HC map, and the TRI Tac game FTL 2448 has great list of real world close systems
  4. Version 1.0.0


  5. Version 1.0.0


  6. Please, my husband and I would be pleased.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is an imcomplete interpretation of the old computer game
  8. In a semirelated but different thought, there was a game called "Jade Cocoon", a capture and training game, like Pokemon, but similarly to the biology rules in Hawkmoon, you could combine and alter the creatures to gain power and abilities. Which would also make an interesting character in a Gamma World style game
  9. Missed Other Suns and Worlds Beyond, two scifi games based on RQ
  10. The Stone Tape is also a great piece of work that fits well. Done by the writer of Quartermas A scifi haunting tale, where not everybody can perceive the phenomena, and what is discovered leads to even deeper terror
  11. The Stats are fine except Con we have him at 67, also, we increased his inherent armor to 18. Oh, based on our 1st Ed DMG, his strength would be closer to 12. His damage is only a 1d6 and his power or rot, mind control etc makes up for his weak Str. Also looking at the ultimate Game of horror, CoC, and the fact Demogorgon is kinda a god like Bast,Nodens etc, the other stats are fine, in our opinion, but skills could be a little higher. Dodge could be higher so he can dodge more than one opponent , and specific skills could be upped. But we try to watch out for the dnd power creep. We also sometimes allow supernatural beings a regeneration roll, sometimes. Hope it helps. But as you posted, he is very usable.
  12. There was a possession/avatar system for RQ3 in Dragon magazine #144..depending on how you see deities..but this might help when the create an avatar without creating outrageous critters...
  13. Depends on what you mean..the modern interpretation, the Hollywood, hollywood historical, folkloric etc..In "Sins of the Blood" the vampire condition has many forms..obe manifests after a vampire has children..another type fathered a child as he was transforming but it was killed in utero as some were afraid by it's potential...in places of the baltic etc where vampires are still believed in they are nothing like our modern understanding..quick but weak dancing along fences and hanging in trees always hungry..
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