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  1. depends on group and pacing, generally , kinda like superworld high dex goes first, and number of actions in a melee round is based on dex :18 goes on 18 and 8, dex 17 on 17 and 7 etc. a perception roll a player can alter intention, phses -3, so a ranger with dex 18, that sees another player in trouble, can change intent and shoot at that players enemy on phase 15, Since the BRP games have less hit points, melee goes faster, and is deadlier
  2. lol, Not since Bonewits and Authentic Thaumaturgy has there been a somewhat accurate magick system. However, we Recommend Enlightened Magic as probably the best. You can add to it and remove and wont break that much. We have used it for modern Urban Fantasy and it works fine. realize however, there will always be that player that pulls out the Book of Oberon or Long Lost Friend, the system still works.
  3. WE toned down Lethality stealing from Hero systems.
  4. Sorry HC is a hardcopy , and TRITAC has a real world list of stars, and a % solar system creation system .
  5. The Old Game Universe by SPI had an awesome 3d HC map, and the TRI Tac game FTL 2448 has great list of real world close systems
  6. Version 1.0.0


  7. Version 1.0.0


  8. Please, my husband and I would be pleased.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is an imcomplete interpretation of the old computer game
  10. In a semirelated but different thought, there was a game called "Jade Cocoon", a capture and training game, like Pokemon, but similarly to the biology rules in Hawkmoon, you could combine and alter the creatures to gain power and abilities. Which would also make an interesting character in a Gamma World style game
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