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    GMing for three years now. Got contact with BRP and d100 system in general early in the year and loved the simplicity and versatility of the system.
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  1. Anyone could do it. It isn't a technique, just the option to give a unique and precise strong blow on one hit location (giving full damage to it), or divide the attack in various fast and less powerfull hits to various diferent body parts. I think this gives more realism and dynanism to combat.
  2. Would it be any negative inplications in letting my players split their total damage in diferent hit locations?Let me give an example: With a sword, a warrior attacks his enemy. The sword wil cause at least 3 damage (1d8+1+db (1d4)). Rolling 9 damage, he slashes his enemy in three sucessive fast blows, cutting gis arm, leg, and abdomen, causing 3 damage to each. My purpose with this is to allow more fredom on how combat is narrated, instead of the borring (in my opinion) one hit per round.
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