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  1. A great way to get updates is to subscribe to us on DrivethruRPG. That way when the POD happens, you'll be alerted. No missing it that way! Just go here and click on Follow: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14636/Earl-of-Fife-Games
  2. To come. POD is very slow right now on DrivethruRPG. Look for it at the end of the month I'd say. If someone buys it now, keep your email from OBS. Submit it to us via our website and you'll be discounted the full price of the PDF.
  3. Hello everyone! Jason @ Earl of Fife Games here to let you know we've released an adventure module fully compatible with Mythras under the Mythras Gateway license. You can get it --> HERE Coast of Thrall A group of adventurers are allied together on a voyage across the sea. There is a mysterious prisoner aboard who is locked in the brig. He is being transported to Soulbade to be executed for his heinous crimes, so when people start to end up missing who is really to blame? The journey takes the adventurers to the dark city of Soulbade. A city where the
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