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  1. I, too, find myself gravitating towards Elf involvement in my developing campaign. Damn Lunars keep clearing forests to build their troop barges, and it will attract the vengeful. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch, MULCHITI MULCH! MULCHITI MULCH!
  2. You all are freaking me out. Stop it. 🤨
  3. My plan is to start my PC's in the 'Lunar Bad' perspective and gradually push to "Wait, are we getting as bad as the Lunars?" The tension of trying to pull back and find a middle ground, and find a solution (likely a Heroquest(s)) while both sides are trying to kill them should be cool.
  4. Most characters start, from what I've seen of the backgrounds, in a Lunar-bad, Illumination-bad stance, but hey, it is your game to mold. I would agree that there is sufficient evidence to lean Illumination away from the ravages of Chaos if that is the sort of game you're planning. My initial comment was never intended to reflect on any real world religion / philosophy, btw. Strictly hypothetical Glorantha-speech.
  5. I always thought that the central Illumination for Glorantha was that of Nysalor / Gbaji, whereby Law and Chaos were declared The Same Thing. Illuminated Lunars believe this, making way for a fatal degree of relativism, fatal in that it would accept the undoing of Time and the destruction of the cosmos. After all, nothing really matters, right?
  6. No, you are not the only one. It is not a part of the myth I intend to bring up. Eiritha's role in Storm Bull's fight against Wakboth is more my style. THIS! This is indeed the critical part of the Orlanth myth. In defense of Glorantha's / Runequest's general treatment of gender equity, I am noting that my most powerful warrior pre-generated character is Oriane, a light infantry Babeester Gor initiate, clocking in at 110% with her battle axe. Anyone familiar with the game mechanics knows that female characters cannot be taken for granted.
  7. Didn't see the first elasmosaurus for about half an hour. Seriously, a scenario helping a village dispose of an elasmosaurus (or a pack) that had become accustomed to feeding on people might be cool!
  8. Agreed, the lines between good and evil are fuzzier in Glorantha than in other fantasy settings, but they still exist. It is a major selling point for Glorantha in my mind. I am already planning to take advantage of this facet. My Rich Post location includes a shrine to The Seven Mothers tended by a God Talker who also takes care of the city's orphans. At the same time, a Lunar spy network is active in the same city, backed by a squad of Broos up in the hills to the east. All of my PC's with their Hate Lunar Empire passions will have to navigate this ethical minefield while still remaining alive. This sort of conflict is a chance for great roleplaying. However many mundane or generous Lunars my PC's will encounter, the ones that have sold their souls to Chaos will always be there, waiting for an opening. DUH DUH duh Duuuuuuuuuh
  9. Marvelous economy of prose!
  10. My search for 15 mm figures that approximate Broos is at an end! http://www.battlevalorgames.com/bestiancommand6figures.aspx This post is for anyone involved in the same search.
  11. Fascinating dance link. On a different but still historical track, I was wondering if the Pure Horse People are modeled after the Parthians?
  12. Ahhh, the things we find at those used book stores! Now I can look forward to more "-Eel" drama. I can hardly wait! Next thing you'll have found is a Necronomicon (1032 CE ed.) for $2.99.
  13. Spoken like With Bitter Heart! ⚔️
  14. After years of occupation and occasional visits by the Crimson Bat, why, indeed, wouldn't Kallyr just mumble "No comment" into the microphone and keep doing whatev's?
  15. I, too, am learning. It is more fun than knowing, actually.
  16. I found this about Vistera, a short-reigned (shortest?) Feathered Horse Queen. Vistera (born 1594, Feathered Horse Queen from 1623 to 1625). The daughter of Sorana and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen in 1623, after leading a rebellion against her sister. She took the title “With Bitter Heart” and ruthlessly avenged the deaths of her grandmother, mother, and sisters. She had pro-Lunar chiefs and priestesses murdered, allied with monsters and Tricksters, and made a terrible pact to awaken the Dragons. She died during the Dragonrise upon witnessing her schemes complete. Has anyone else suggested "With Bitter Heart" as the ultimate mastermind of the Dragonrise? She's an anti-Lunar martyr, a woman after my own heart, and a critical background NPC for my planned campaign.
  17. Magister Militum has Ducks in 15 mm. https://www.magistermilitum.com/qak3-ducks-with-slings.html Like most fantasy 15 mm figures, they are a little tall, but they still are pretty nice. I will be using 15 mm historical mini's in my upcoming campaign; I can't spend too much time painting.
  18. It is a good idea to let your PC's deal with the ramifications of their own behavior. I imagine the cost of an over-aggressive stance will be high, body-count high. I bought the Smoking Ruin scenario recently. My game is set in 1623; I am going to add a Lunar squad exploring the ruins simultaneously with my VERY anti-Lunar PC's. The Lunars will be scouting another route through the Grazelands on the way to Esrolia and the siege of Nochet. Here's hoping that will be exciting.
  19. I wonder who made that casting decision? Geeze, women need roles in the arts, too. WTF?
  20. I am unlikely for forgive you for whatever that "Bellone" creature was.
  21. There has been some name calling. Just want to clear things up.
  22. Since we are stumbling onto the 3rd rail of human sexuality, it is Storm Khan's stated position that sexual preference is not a matter for ethical judgement in the real (or any) world. Anyone's choice of a partner is their business, and their business alone. The only issue I have with Lunars, as presented, is their willingness to weaponize chaos. That is a BIG issue, however.
  23. Awww, such a mellow, organic folk tune . . . until it isn't. Nice.
  24. Hmmm, I would have suspected that Jar-Eel would swing both ways without hesitation or guilt. Lunars strike me as people not bothered by tiresome rules . . . any rules, really.
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