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    Started Christmas '79 with AD&D. With a few gaps I've been playing ever since. A decade plus each of Rolemaster and 3.5/Pathfinder. Fan of Glorantha since I got the RQ2 boxed set, but never found a pro-Glorantha group. I was active in the Wilmskirk yahoo back in the day.
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    Middle aged RPGer who enjoys gaming with his 20 something kids.
  1. Mostali must have some sort of initiation, although they'd call it a competency test and quality control. Those who pass are proven to be skilled components of the world machine. Any who fail are obviously defective, and would be deactivated and recycled.
  2. Doug

    Cattle raids

    I can understand not taking a shield if you need both hands to herd the stolen cows. I don't know enough to say if a slung shield would get in the way of being a cowboy. I think that quote is about not being a coward. Saving the cost of the shield never crossed my mind. FWIW: I think that quote is very Ernaldan. The priestesses might not like all the fighting and feuding of the men folk, but a reputation of cowardice will paint a target on the whole clan. Better to lose a few than have the entire clan threatened.
  3. Doug

    Cattle raids

    War clans have poorer crops and more agressive and armed people. Unless they've been hiring out as mercs, raids (cattle or otherwise) is about all the warriors can do to contribute to the clan. Life in Sartar is hard, and supporting a bunch of deadweight warriors isn't viable. Sure, everyone helps with the harvest, but farmers do that better.
  4. Doug

    Cattle raids

    In KoDP I cattle raid most seasons. A lot if raiding depends on circumstances. Personalities of the ring, size of your current herd, how beat up are your weapon thanes, how often you've been raided lately, etc. So, established and stable clans trade so they only raid once or twice a year. War clans, clans trying to make a name for themselves, and those on the edge of collapse raid more often. I don't think there is an upper limit, but your neighbors will react by posting more guards or counter raiding, so there will be diminishing returns, even if you get really good at it.
  5. Doug

    Cattle raids

    Not my podcast, although I'll be glad to bask in their glory. I don't remember hearing that. And Glorantha is a dangerous place. I think everyone is heavily armed whenever leaving the tula. Who knows what bandits and monsters lurk in the wilds.
  6. Doug

    Cattle raids

    Yes, they should get the OK from someone on the clan ring. People can get killed, and no one wants that. But I imagine unauthorized raids happen all the time. I believe technically all the cattle goes to the chieftain. The chieftain will give some of it to the raiders, either directly or to the leader of the bloodline(s). If foraging troops or broo just took a lot of head of cattle, then maybe these new cattle are needed elsewhere. Likewise if lunar taxes are due or the clan is participating in a heroquest/ritual, the raiders may find out that they get nothing. So there are lots of v
  7. Comparing to the real world is useful, but you've seen that there is not a lot of direct 1-to-1 relationships. The game King of Dragon Pass might be helpful. You can see the proto-Sartarites in action, and get a bit of exposure to the other peoples. Often by being slaughtered by them (stupid beastmen). It is a fun kingdom builder that can help with lore and myths.
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