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  1. sanpats

    What is the status of RQ6 Glorantha?

    Runes in Glorantha are not a thing, notwithstanding the MRQ1 blasphemy. Quest for Runes can be in a mythic sense.
  2. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 Q& A

    I thought one of the reason to make OQ2 is to clarify ambiguous text so I ask about what I thought to be an ambiguous portion of the rule that should be fixed. I am pretty sure there is no clear statement to specify whether the combination Fighting Retreat and Move in a single turn is allowed. I also pretty sure there is no clear definition of engagement either. But whatever suit your product.
  3. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 What would like to see?

    Hi Newt, Glad to hear back from you. About the weapon list, the one in OQ currently is totally different from MRQ1 SRD. When OQ was still SimpleQuest 0e, the list is the same. I suppose you revising it before changing SQ to OQ. Rapier in MRQ1 and SQ have damage dice of 1d8 while in OQ it's 1d6.
  4. sanpats

    Player looking for OpenQuest group online

    I'm so interest in joining the game! I'm in GMT+7, but willing to do what ever intake to join! If you can take me in Newt, would be appreciated.
  5. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 What would like to see?

    My other house rules pick anything you like All Out Defend: Two Reactions with no Action that round. Riposte: -25 Parry and Immediately make -25 Attack. Cost only one Reaction. Surprise Rule as in MRQ1
  6. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 What would like to see?

    A few more suggestions: 1. Change the base value of the skills that based on a characteristic +10 to 2 x the characteristic. This will give more importance to characteristics without changing the average starting value. And you may consider revising other skill starting value as well, for example: resilience should be based on 2xCON instead of CON+POW. This will be more consistent with both older and newer edition of runequest except MRQ1. Only MRQ1 use CON+POW as far as I recall. 2. Any size limitation for grappling? Currently, any goblin can grapple a dragon successfully if the goblin have enough Unarmed skill. Is this by Design? May be a character can only grapple a unit that have SIZ less than 1.5 or 2 time their SIZ. 3. Any optional rule to support miniature play? Like bash or slam enemy to manipulate its position on battlemat for tactical purpose. I.E. Bash: close combat vs parry or dodge, if attacker win, the defender move back 2m (1 grid). In case of critical success move 4m(2 grid). Cannot use on enemy with more than 2 time your SIZ. defender make athletic roll or fall prone. Slam is the same as Bash but use Unarmed skill (body tackle) instead of close combat. And if success the attacker move in to the defender original position. Or you can use Legend's Bash: every 5 point of damage roll move opponent back 1 meter. 4. Charging increase damage bonus by one step instead of fixed 1D6? 5. Clarify that for the mounted character that if enemy have SIZ equal to or more than the mount. No 25% combat modifier. 6. Using weapon in offhand should increase str/dex requirement to +2/+2 or something. Or else any two weapon player will get largest weapon possible in offhand. Like two bastard sword. 7. Last and least important. Trip Opponent: Attack vs Parry/Dodge if success the enemy make athletic - 25 or fall prone, critical success, enemy make athletic - 50 or fall prone.
  7. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 What would like to see?

    I would like to suggest revising the weapon lists. Currently, some weapon stat and price doesn't make sense to me. Why would anyone wanna use rapier in stead of shortsword when a shortsword has the same damage dice and the same ENC, but with lower str/dex requirements, bigger size, and lower price? The same go to club and hatchet which superior to rapier and much cheaper. The great sword is the same as the great hammer just more expensive. I don't know if any of this has been this way as a design purpose. But if it is an oversight, I suggest a revision as it won't add any complexity to OQ in anyway.
  8. sanpats

    OpenQuest 2 Q& A

    Will you clarify some ambiguous combat rules of OQ1 in OQ2? For example, OQ1 have 3 types of movement: move, sprint, and fighting retreat. Move is a free action, but list within a group of actions that only one can be picked in a round. But the rule never mentioned that whether we can combine two movements within the same round, i.e. fighting retreat then move, or move then sprint. And fighting retreat is used specifically when engaged, but the engagement never defined in OQ. So newcomers may wonder why pick fighting retreat instead of move. And engagement should be defined and clarified that are we only engaged when starting close combat with other characters or is it enough to be considered engaged if we walk pass an close range from active enemy.