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  1. Great News. I have really enjoyed your series and I am looking forward to further episodes.
  2. I have a player who wants to boost his archery with Fanaticism. At first it seemed kind of strange to me as I always saw that spell as kind of a mini Berserk. It did not really seem right. There is nothing that forbids this in the spell description of 2cond edition or in the Quickstart though (which are the rules we are using).
  3. Whoops, yep, that was my mistake. I think I may have been thinking of a different version of the game. (I swear that I remember at one time a Dex SR of 1 allowed 3 shots). That will make a bit of a difference.
  4. It is not just that the disadvantage of the spell does not work against an archer. It is a massively powerful spell if it can be used for archery due to the multiple attacks that can be made by an archer. Imagine an archer who is quick and can attack 3 times per round. If they are well skilled with the bow, maybe 80%, it means that they are making THREE 120% (2 if less quick) attacks per round! (with all the chances to impale and critical going up as well). Three 24% chances to impale per round is pretty nasty. ( Just as a note, I have been allowing the player to use the spell and it has not gone off the rails yet (lots of close quarters stuff and he also has to cast mobility first to lower his SR), but right away I feared the possibilities and mentioned that I would have to do some checking). It certainly trumps the other missile type spells for archers though.
  5. Thanks for the answers. That was kind of my gut feeling as well. I was kind of stunned when I couldn't find any restrictions to melee combat. I allowed it for a little while and man that became a very powerful spell.
  6. Version


    This file is the first half of the file for a large campaign set in the swampy backwater jungles of the Green.
  7. Puck

    What could this be?

    The cover art looks brilliant. Hard to see particularly well from the pic, but very evocative.
  8. Puck

    What are you currently running?

    After a pretty much a quarter century away from Glorantha, I am now running a campaign in Apple Lane. Athough I played a lot of Runequet 2 in high school we always focused on Prax and Pavis. I had never had the chance to go through or GM the Iconic Battle at Gringle's Pawnshop. I wanted to run a quick scenario so it seemed like the perfect thing. It went pretty well and now has turned into a weekly thing with a lot of steam. I was not sure how much longevity the game would have so I started with Openquest, which is really quick and easy to build characters and introduce the system. I did add hit locations though because it seems to add so much to the visualization of the fighting and draws new players in nicely. For characters I use 1/2 hit points for each location ( major wounds), rather than the normal brp hits per location. As we have gone along I have introduced more and more elements of Runequest 2 (Weapon Damage, Resistance charts, experience based skill increases, and Pow gain rolls). I have also added some loose stuff on passions and the runes that they can stress to get extra adds or spell-like abilities (from Uncounted Worlds and RQ 6). These have worked great and really draw out roleplaying of the characters. Each night I explain a new rule or two that we tack on. Characters are now through most of the Rainbow Caves , finally beating Whiteye and his gang. They just made friends with the Newtlings and defeated the Spirits of the Rock Lizard. I tried RQ2 spirit combat with Rock lizards and that did not go very well. (I love the idea of spirit combat, but it always causes problems in actual play for some reason). Several players were twiddling their thumbs while others were struggling for their lives. I really need to dig through different rule sets and find a good way to do this. Otherwise things are great. It is a lot of fun seeing a whole bunch of new people experiencing the old Runequest/BRP vibe for the first time.
  9. Puck

    Classic Fantasy Preview

    Woo Hoo! This looks like a lot of fun! Glad to see it coming to fruition.
  10. Puck

    Young Kingdom Gazeteer

    Thanks for posting this. This kind of thing is really handy.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    These are cardboard cutouts of the Skierfing (Rat Tribes) and Mamprusi (monkey people).
  12. Puck

    Shard Worlds

    If you are still looking for Black/Green shard the Green monograph is just such a world and loaded with ideas for a forest style world. Here is some free stuff that may give you a few ideas for the setting http://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/60-the-green/ It started as kind of a group project here where a bunch of us were each going to create a different style of world.
  13. Puck




    A a quick description of the Giant Turtles that live in the Green.
  14. Version


    Paper cutouts of Tree Children and more Nefera and tree folk.
  15. Version


    These are Cutout Miniatures of Trogod Totemists. Practitioners of Peruth the cat totem and Wazzaka the crocodile totem.
  16. Puck

    Cutouts/minis Nefara



    Cardboard cutouts of the Nefara. These are men who make their living in the high forests the treetops of the Green.
  17. Version


    These are cardboard cutouts of the the River people and tribes for the Green including Enarchs and Gwali.
  18. Puck

    The GREEN color map



    a color map of the GREEN
  19. Puck

    Adventurers Guide



    The Adventurer's Guide provides a number of extra traditions, and magical societies for the Green. It primarily focuses on the invaders,pirates and outworlder factions. Although intended for the Green, it has a great many ideas that could be used in any fantasy world.
  20. Version


    Character sheet for the Green
  21. I did consider it for a while and actually got a ways into rewriting the Green for Openquest (The more I worked with Openquest the more I dug that system and found it easy to work with). It seemed like I was going back to square one again though. I also was about halfway through writing a larger campaign for the Green detailing the Sable River. After a while both projects kind of bogged down. Who knows though... I still think that someday I may journey back to the forests of the Green. I certainly had a ball writing it.
  22. Version


    The second half of Drums Along the Frogtoe.
  23. Puck

    THE GREEN (players map)



    This is an unlabeled map of the GREEN.
  24. Version


    Cardboard cutouts of mercenaries and pirates for the Green.
  25. Puck

    Outworlder Cutouts for the Green

    The old link was broken so I re-submitted this.