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    I'm a castmember on Show Us Your Crits!'s adult stream (currently running a Shadowrun game called Neurally Ambiguous: Geppetto Must Die) and an RPG blogger and writer.
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    RPGs were the first place in my life I I found where I could believe that anything, including me, could be real if I wanted it to be. It has been, literally, a lifesaver and I'm starting to try to give back

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  1. The way I'm thinking about it is that we're on the edge of Uther, when the last vestiges of Roman civilization and stratification are giving way to a widespread muck and blood of warlords in pretty clothes. At the moment, the socioeconomic classes are muddled and mixed and fluid, so while commoners did not fight in the melee, knights can compete in the bow tournament. But this does give me the idea of having the knights compete against and maybe get beaten by commoners and have to deal with that..... The Norse(wo)man in my group prolly won't care, but I hope the two Brits and the Pict might
  2. How do/would you run an archery tournament? I'm not finding rules for it, but my players wanted one at High King Aurelius Ambrosius's Pentecostal feast (we've been playing for like at least six months and we got from winter 480 to Pentecost. I <3 my players!) It's this weekend, and I'm wondering if any of y'all have any specific or in-depth rules?
  3. OMGz thank you so very much! That's super lovely to know, and I am humbled by your "LOTS of research". At the risk of kicking off another round, do you happen to have any idea where the Victorious Tower should be placed >.< Thanks for pointing that connection out! Withe the speed of our plot, I'll have PLENTY of time to seed this into the campaign! Thank you!
  4. My GPC campaign has been in 480 forever, because my players and I love role-playing it all out. We're finally getting around to King Aurelius's Pentecostal/Easter Court (started last session, continuing this session). I was doing a wee bit of quick prep and realized that a handful of knights who will be part of Uther's court next year but are currently more free agents don't have any sort of home listed. I'm imagining this is intended to allow me to futz things as I wish to, but just to check with those who know more than I ~ does anyone happen to know whence Sir Eliezier the St
  5. I think this was posted to the KAP Facebook page, and someone mentioned that it was a pun ~ the German word for stream, I think? sounds a lot like the word for underpants, and the name of the family or the territory was WHATEVERstream (only in German, obvi). Hence the punny, silly coat of arms. O think they or maybe someone else said that this coat isn't even the only one to use the underpants pun >.<
  6. Two of my Player Knights are women pretending to be men (ah, the joy of playing a game full of enbies, queers, aces, and kinksters!). While the Northwoman mostly just wants to kill people and celebrate her victory in strange flesh, the other seeks to secure a stable continuance of her family into the future. While Lady Eleri ferch Ysgarran in Wynchbank caught her eye, her sister has caught rumors that Eleri would be hard-pressed to choose between family and virtuous honesty. King Aurelius Ambrosius's Pentecostal feast quick approaches, and everyone has gathered at Llud's Hall, so soo
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