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    I started playing RPG on Tabletop in 1980. Started with the D&D Blue Cover with the Red Dragon and then Basic/Expert Set. Moved to 1st Edition D&D, acquired almost everything, and some 2nd. Some Runequest and Heroes. Got married and it slowed down. Discover Call of Cthulhu and was hooked. Some WFRP. We still played 5th edition D&D and mainly we have moved on.
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    Call of Cthulhu (Classic, Dark Ages, Gaslight mainly).
    Adventures in Middle Earth
    Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WFRP)
    7th Sea
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    Virginia, USA
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    I have been playing RPGs for over 40 years. Been in Tolkien and Fantasy since 1977.

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  1. Would really like to see an expanded equipment list. The one in the main RQ book is rather short.
  2. This scenario is legendary with my players. Luckily for them, they are paranoid, so they brought supplies with them. But to this day this are nervous about water.... . Not the best scenario for new players, but it is a great scenario and is highly recommended.
  3. Concur. Looking for an update please. Thank you.
  4. Concur on the PDF looking great. Will be an invaluable resource for any Keeper. I have used it many times already.
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