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  1. Thanks for the timeline clarification @Morien. Happy to report we did The Great Hunt with one GM and four PKs. It was tight but the PKs kept together and managed to get the leopard belch on day 28 with all animals retrieved. The whole session came in just under 4 hours, which included a quick rules intro at the beginning. Ran on Roll 20 so modifiers and interpreting dice rolls was done automatically by the character sheet roller, which was a nice touch since we were all learning the system. The PK nearly grievously embarrassed themselves while asking the Queen for a leopard, but I le
  2. My group and I are going to use The Adventure of the Great Hunt adventure as a one-shot to try out Pendragon in mid-January. I’ll be GMing and I recognize one session misses out on a lot of the dynastic/family elements that make the full game famous and distinct, but it should at least give us a chance to try the rules and decide if they want to do a longer term commitment. We’ll aim to use the “preview 6e rules” as much as possible but I have the 5.2 rulebook to fall back on. Has anyone else run this adventure yet? What was your group’s experience? What are some common slowdo
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