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    It all began with Choose your own adventure at age 7, Drager og Dæmoner, Dungeons and Dragons followed in the preteen and teen years. From there on it was all sorts of systems, both classic RPG and LRP. As player, GM and Organiser
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  1. Dont start with MoN as your first campaign as a Keeper in CoC! It is an incredibly good and complex campaign. Download the free starter rules. Run The Haunting scenario to get the hang of CoC. There are really good free handouts and tips on it to research as well. And if your stance is : "For starters, I am not into horror, I am going to GM this CoC adevnture as a fantastic story with interdimensional alien or something.... screw insanity! I am not going to make people go insane because they saw an unearthly angle or some impossible geometry.." then CoC is very much not the right gam
  2. Write what you know. If you want to write about Carcosa, Hastur and The King in Yellow, you must seek out The Yellow Sign. Start with the ending. What happens if the Investigators do not foil the plot? How do they stop the plot? Who is the main protagonist that oppose them? What minnions or obstacles are thrown in their path? What allies, if any, can they bring to the work? What clues will they need to find to put the puzzle together? What is the investigators motive for engaging in the scenario Asnwer those and you have a good skeleton for a scenario to work on.
  3. It would wreck their profit though...
  4. Thank you 😊 I entirely forgot about the entry in the Grimoire. I'll get back to reading up on that.
  5. Hairless Rabbits Foot I posted about it earlier but decided that the rules I made for it was far to fidly and elaborate. I decided to change them into something easier to use. Having recieved the prop in the mail I´d like to share them here Feel free to come with input It´s a cursed item. It´s created by a botched ritual to create a Lucky Rabbits Foot. Once doned it will fuse to the weares skin, this happens over a span of 1d4 hours and is hardly noticeable, unless you try to remove it. Once fused it requires an operation to remove it (or a ritual) The item
  6. Perhaps @MOB knows why the link for sale went up and was taken down?
  7. See my post above. Rick has said they printed plenty.
  8. @Rick Meints stated earlier that they would print plenty of them. I'm sure* the link will be back up again soon. The quote by Rick:"We are printing plenty of these. We won't sell out any time soon, and will print more when stock starts running low." *I'm not sure at all, but I suspect there was an issue with the link and they are fixing it.
  9. And our F5 doesnt wear out before they are put up for sale 😉
  10. Thank you. I´ll see if there is an alternate route that lets me get both of them first(And hopefully in europe), but I appreciate it 🙂
  11. Its not super important for me to know. My concern was just if I missed something that explained why the boys looked far older than their age.
  12. Makes sense. Thank you for the reply 😊
  13. @JonHook A question if you don't mind. Handout3 of the two 10 year old boys has me baffled. The boys in the handout looks substantially older than 10. I consulted my wife and another friend and all thinks it look like young adult men. So is there a reason for the boys yo look so old, or am I putting to much into it?
  14. I´ve ordered a custom Keeper screen which has room for 3 sheets of A4 papers on the backside. So has anyone made THE 3 best cheatsheets for new and/or experienced Keepers? If so would it be possible to get a link to them 😉
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