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  1. Thank you very much TO. I appreciate the feedback a lot. Any experience you have with it in your ongoing campaign, Id love to hear it. Cheers Poul Adding further Mythus influence might be a good idea. The campaign i want to use it for is very much a WIP but he specific item is prepared by a mystic and granted to the Investigators to help them. The ritual to make it failed horribly meaning that Shub Niggurath invested a little influence of her own in it. The creator is not aware of this. The Investigators will learn down the road that something is wrong and I have 2 different NPCs in t
  2. Version 2 of the Foot attached Furless Rabbits Foot v2.pdf
  3. Thanks a lot for the input. I do not own the foot unfortuantely. But I plan on getting one like it, the player will naturally have to wear it while we play
  4. Goal is not to make players hate me (Which is why i want input) I want it to be scary but copeable And there is a whole playsession/scenario planned on finding out how to remove and then getting it removed. Thanks for the input. Ill work on modification.
  5. Im working on this and would like some feedback on it. Fleshless Rabbits Foot This item is presented to teh Investigators as a Rabbits foot. Unless players themself conclude taht such an item might bring luck, I´ll hint at it via a occult check. The item itself does bring luck, after a fashion. The investigator who wears it will feel the effect of it once he fails his first check of any kind. Once this happens the rabbit foot tries to bind to him. The player performs a luck check, if he fails teh rabbit foot bind to him and becomes unremoveable. Untill the foot is bound to a Invest
  6. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the answer @Rick Meints
  7. Any chance the 3 categories content could be divulged to the public?
  8. Who do I sue for a new F5 key? Old one is worn out from me hitting it, to see if they are up for sale yet 😂
  9. A last one. Puchase of the new PDF will include teh discount code for the Physical Books as well? I assume yes, but just want to check
  10. Will the matching PDF be released in advance(if so when) or after?
  11. Thank you all. Excactly the kind of help I hoped for
  12. I am very fond of The Yellow Sign and the way The King in Yellow spread corruption to bring forth Hastur. Id love some input on what supplements I need to read to really broaden my knowledge of the subjetc of everything Hastur, Carcosa and The King in Yellow. Help me lose my sanity and see the Yellow sign in all its glory
  13. Awesome, just ordered it. Looking forward to its arrival but at least I have the PDFs until then
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