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  1. I first read skills at a capability level and from there I know if a dice roll is needed or not, based frequently on several factors like, enviroment, dramatic opportunity, time ... 15% means different things at differents moments. Just let the game flows and take advantage of the uncertainty factor.
  2. What do you prefer? A dark, gritty, obscure one through deep forests and dangerous seas or a trippy one, dark high fantasy, crazy multiverse travelling, 70s vibe?
  3. We are ready to travel through the multiverse again!
  4. Can't wait! It fits my playing group style like a glove!
  5. You could give a different flavour to your D&D homebrew setting and nothing would change. BRP is a different kind of monster, is flexible, every nuance in mechanics, magic systems or cultures means a lot. It’s suit better to differents approaches to fantasy role playing. Generic has never been a proper term to brp based games. From my point of view brp represents mechanics potential to serving the game or setting. RQG design or CoC7 are great examples. Maybe a new game is not great business, but a huge History of Basic Roleplaying tome would be of great value for homebrewers or
  6. Magic world is a big part of our frakenbrp. We use it for s&s alla lieber, howard, moorcock. Lots of fun. We're the lost children of RQ3 and SB
  7. Our group is very into customizing brp for different flavours of sword & sorcery for homebrew settings. BGB is a unvaluable resource as a startpoint. Take what you need from Magic world, stormbringer, mythic iceland, runequest... I know is terrible business but would appreciate a chaosium "lego" line for people like us.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer this kind of 'old fashioned' approaching when gm. Every different roll and mechanic is offering me valuable info for enhancing descriptions and resolutions.
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