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    BRP. Demos e Meigallos. Homebrew setting.
    CoC7. Galiza blasfema. Call of Cthulhu in Galiza's 20s
    RQG. Preparing something about Telmori or maybe something centered in Old Tarsh and the Maran Gor cult.
    Edge of the Empire.
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  1. My first thought about own mortality and getting old was question myself about the last time I would read the hobbit and LOTR.
  2. CoC rules works in a capitalist context but maybe in a mythic world doesn't fit so well.
  3. BGB is too good and Chaosium's staff knows it. I would rewrite the power section trying to explain how to fit powers systems to specific settings. IMO a system is not dead as long as people keep playing it.
  4. I like the freeform professions aproaching, 250 points to 400 points based on your campaign level or a quick way like Magic world rule of +60 to one skill, +40 to three skills, +20 to four skills.
  5. One of my favourite part of brp is that numbers are really descriptive and mechanics are not intrusive.
  6. A level 1 d&d character with proeficency in athletics and STR 14 for example, against a CD 15 has a 50%
  7. That kind of meeting reminds me our roleplaying game association back in the nineties. Now, I understand why most exlusively we played chaosium games.
  8. I've seen that kind of approaching to reading skills results somewhere. Maybe BGB? CoC7?
  9. I first read skills at a capability level and from there I know if a dice roll is needed or not, based frequently on several factors like, enviroment, dramatic opportunity, time ... 15% means different things at differents moments. Just let the game flows and take advantage of the uncertainty factor.
  10. What do you prefer? A dark, gritty, obscure one through deep forests and dangerous seas or a trippy one, dark high fantasy, crazy multiverse travelling, 70s vibe?
  11. We are ready to travel through the multiverse again!
  12. Can't wait! It fits my playing group style like a glove!
  13. You could give a different flavour to your D&D homebrew setting and nothing would change. BRP is a different kind of monster, is flexible, every nuance in mechanics, magic systems or cultures means a lot. It’s suit better to differents approaches to fantasy role playing. Generic has never been a proper term to brp based games. From my point of view brp represents mechanics potential to serving the game or setting. RQG design or CoC7 are great examples. Maybe a new game is not great business, but a huge History of Basic Roleplaying tome would be of great value for homebrewers or people interested in rpg history. (Sorry for my poor english)
  14. Magic world is a big part of our frakenbrp. We use it for s&s alla lieber, howard, moorcock. Lots of fun. We're the lost children of RQ3 and SB
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