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  1. Strangely enough the fact that in the stats of Queen Leika in the Gamemasters screen pack she has a very high illusion rune is going to be important to the actions of one of my PC’s. Checking her history and the magic she wields it’s not obvious to me why she such as high illusion rune. I was wondering if this was meant to be a cue for role playing her personality or if there was another reason.
  2. I have recently been running my first Glorantha campaign and recently finished the defend Applelane adventure. One of my players decided to have join the Uleria temple as an initiate. Now I would like to run an initiation ceremony for them in a manner similar to the level of detail of the Orlanthi or Ernalda initiation ceremony written by Andrew Logan Montgomery. But sadly I can’t seem to find any details about the initiation ceremonies of gods other than Ernalda or Orlanth. I was wondering if someone would know of a place where this information could possibly be? If not, I would be curious
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