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  1. My partner and I are playing Six Ages, and you can steal one of our chiefs, if you want: An Elmal/Yelmalio-worshipping warrior with truly heroic martial skill and solar magic, who is now about 87 years old. Everyone's waiting for the old bastard to die, but while he's alive he's a steadfast ally if you can convince him that you're one of his friends. 70 years of inter-clan warfare and war against Lunars and Trolls have made him a stab first ask questions never kind of chief. Honorable, though.
  2. probably dinosaurs everywhere, too.
  3. hm. Maran Gor is the grim mother of dinosaurs and the bloody, thirsting earth. She’s the goddess of earthquakes, the harsh sides of nature, and “Blood makes the grass grow! KILL1 KILL! KILL!” I’m imagining that they’d be fine with rando male Sartarites showing up if: Said rando male Sartarites don’t show up in the middle of one of their secret rites and try to barge into the temple. They show up with a decent sacrifice or gift to the temple The rando male Sartarites know their place and are highly respectful to the earthquake priestesses Maran Gor strikes me as one of th
  4. Another few ideas: Gimme My Treasure Back: Two (or more) clans both arguably have a decent claim to a magical treasure of great importance to local agriculture/war/spirit magic/amusing people stuck at home in Dark season. Records dating back generations show that the clans have been stealing it back and forth from each other in raids from long before the tribe was even a thing, and now the treasure-theft is threatening to start a feud that might lead to civil war within the tribe. Records are unclear on where the treasure even came from, or who claimed it first (or how, for that
  5. And the classic: The Ducks want to join the tribe. No, really. They do. They’re offering a hell of a lot of food and worked goods as a gift to each clan to join the tribe’s bounty, as well as knowledge of a number of myths that they say that you’ve messed up with your weird mammal distortions. The other tribes will laugh at you—hell, a lot of the other clans will laugh at you, to say nothing of what the Lunars will do—but the little feathery bastards are wily, and surprisingly powerful warriors. Dare you risk the mockery and wrath of the Beastfolk haters to try something utterly unheard of and
  6. Hm. You could have a good old-fashioned love dodecahedron: some young lad, lass, or lenby is sought after for marriage by seemingly every other young, marriage-aged person in the tribe due to their preternatural beauty/skill at something important/magical abilities/wealth/knack for being able to understand what sheep really mean by ‘Baa!’/all of the above. The constant woo-ing and singing and contests for his/her/their affection are threatening to break out into impromptu feuds between clans (and WITHIN clans!). Then that oh-so-eligible person catches the eye of a PC, and is smitten with that
  7. And then during the tumultuous events of the Battle of Cragspider Takes A Bath, trolls rise from their hollows to wreak bloody vengeance on every water-worshipper they can find.
  8. I could see all sorts of minor religious/magical things happening from the confluence of so many clan cults and spirits. Two priests of the same god from rival clans getting into a fistfight over which clan their god REALLY favors, an impromptu Heroquest done by a few drunken storytellers from a couple of allied clans retelling their favorite myths for an audience, but far better than they should have been able to. The inevitable small stampede when herders lose control of their flocks.
  9. Hm. Side note of no possible interest to anyone but me, but I’m planning on turning the Hero Wars into a big ol’ kaiju fight, and my PCs have more-or-less removed the Wolf Pirates as a threat to anyone. Having a big fleet of dragon ships rampaging around could be a fun wrinkle to throw in.
  10. (Note: Bold text refers to a Trait, Ability, or Rune that a character in question has). (Another note: we didn’t have another session this last weekend because I was sick and Androgenus’s player’s partner had a death in the family, so I’m posting the rest of our last session now--sorry for the delay!) DRAMATIS PERSONAE Iris, an Esrolian Earth Priestess in service to Takakia, the Goddess of Moss. She holds the Earth, Movement, and Spirit runes. Iris is the supposed leader of the party, but finds that bossing around a bloodthirsty Duck, an erratically insane Trickster, and a
  11. hey, for those of you that read this: sorry for not posting, I got sick and work was hell. Posting the other half of this session today, I promise!
  12. (Note: Bold text refers to a Trait, Ability, or Rune that a character in question has). DRAMATIS PERSONAE Androgenus, a genderfluid Esrolian Eurmali trickster with the Illuminated Illusion, Earth, and Luck runes. They are attempting to explore the mysteries of Illumination without a teacher—without any type of teacher—and are beginning to wonder whether or not existence is worth all the trouble. They’re also being watched very closely by... Waddlestomp the Bloodybeaked, a Hueymakti Duck thane with the Water, Death, and Truth runes. His quest to avenge his people has hit a sma
  13. Nah, see, these are just very confused dwarves under a curse.
  14. Woo! I’d rather buy straight from the source if possible, so I’ll make sure to check back.
  15. Right, and those physical copies are (per the website's checkout pages) currently unavailable to ship to the US right now. I checked the Chaosium site first chance I got and saw that, that's why I'm asking in here.
  16. Even better, give her a chance to actually win the hearts and minds of the Morokanth in question, who suddenly get all overprotective of “their” healer. The PCs might not have to fight their way through an entire clan of angry tapir-men if they can convince them that they won’t hurt their clan’s new best friend. And hey, if they pull it off correctly, they’ve got future allies, fanatically dedicated to keeping that PC safe.
  17. Oh, I’ll have a field day with that. I think I’ll have the merperson Hero just livid that these surfacers have ‘invaded’ one of his most sacred myths, but even more angry that he can’t do anything about it now but play along and hope he can complete the quest.
  18. Are we talking about actual parts of the myth, or King Of Dragon Pass, Meeting The Uroxi In Orlanth And Aroka, “This Is The New Myth That Has Always Existed, My Friend!” Sort of ‘actual’ part of the myth?
  19. hm. Crown of Mastery works, I already described the merfolk Hero as clearly having the Mastery Rune. Now, the real question: would interlopers accidentally getting caught in the heroquest still potentially receive any magical benefit from participating and/or surviving it?
  20. ALso, @Joerg, you replied just as I was, and I love your suggestions, too.
  21. Oh, I like all of this. Beginning to get a rough sketch of what might be a decent myth the heroes are accidentally interacting with: Magasta woos Brastalos, but the match is forbidden by her father Umath. Brastalos tells him that if he retrieves treasures stolen from Umath by the Fire Tribe (and secreted away on a hidden land that Magasta had previously almost entirely drowned), her father will have no choice but to grant him her hand in marriage. Magasta then goes about drowning every Fire Tribe ship and coastal settlement he can find looking for this treasure—the merfolk
  22. I mean, I’m genderfluid, do I count, too? Sorry, couldn’t resist the double pun.
  23. On that note, are the are any well-known Orlanthi or Ernaldi (don’t know what else to call the Esrolians) or Vestkarthi myths that involve a sacred island of some kind?
  24. That could work. So the merfolk Hero they fought with the air/storm rune could worship Brastalos (through her husband Magasta) and is trying to recreate the myth of how Magasta sunk a Diroti ship that had plundered an island sacred to the Water Tribe in the God Time, then took the treasure of the land people to Brastalos as her bride price. Only the heroes have stopped them from sinking the ship. Should be fun to see how they react to the heroes exploring a sacred island that popped out of nowhere as part of the quest.
  25. Hmm....I looked into Brastalos, and the page I saw referred to her as, among other things, “Goddess of hurricanes and sea storms,” as well as being the wife of Magasta. So I’m imagining, and feel free to tell me if this would be too far out of line for a merfolk myth, a story like “Brastalos’s Bride Price,” where Magasta sank a fleet of ships and drowned enough surface towns to get enough treasure to marry Brastalos. The merfolk could be reenacting that?
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