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  1. Tempted to insert the scene from Blackadder where he visits "The Wise woman".
  2. Absolutely. I haven't implemented any houserules as of yet. So I have just been checking out different Houserules and doing brief playtests by myself. We played through the first knighting ceremony and all that jazz. All we agreed on is that we wanted it to be hella lethal. And being so used to 5e I guess we were kinda scared that it would become too easy. My only other "view" of KAP comes from watching playthroughs on YT, and that is ofc no substitute to playing the game ourselves.
  3. Playing it more as a Dark age early viking age would suit our playstyle. Downgrading armour is a great idea :) What about making armour more variable. Like have 1d4 - 4d4 armour(Maybe even more for later periods.), while having a d8 as a shield die? So if a character is caught in a bad situation while not wearing armour, they are pretty screwed. but if they are dressed for battle in full byrnie and a large shield they would be more of a tank. But the enemy could still hit them in a weak spot of the armour. Hence the variability of the die roll instead of a flat armour rating. Also, more and
  4. I should probably have prefaced everything with that my players and I like to feel very vulnerable as characters. So we tend to go for the unheroic. The thought was that skills progress normally until lvl 14. and from there, you need to really dedicate your time to improve those skills. hence the 10% chance of improvement. So if you had a bunch of skills at 14, you would have to choose one to improve past that, but you would still be able to distribute 3 skillpoints to other skills. But I get that it is quite convoluted and it would halt the skill progression. I will go back into my notes an
  5. Good point! For skills of 1 I think a 50/50 would work well! Here's my current tinkering with skills, progression and crits. Note I'm horrible at math and probability. If you could give your thoughts on it, that would be much appreciated. It is quite different from your house-rules though. Starting skills cap at 14 except one "Notable" skill which is 15. Players can improve 3 skills by one point each year from skill lvl 0-14. To progress beyond 14 the players need to choose 1 skill to improve each year. This improvement only happens when rolling a nat20 or the current skill number.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply :) In D&D5e it is a crit on nat20 and fumble on nat1. However there is an ability which Fighters get that's called Improved critical, where you crit on nat18's-20's in higher levels. I guess I would do something like that for the comfirmation roll. So if the player rolls a nat20 when their skill 1, they would confirm it with a target of 18-20. That way you still have a chance for a crit albeit a small one. 80% chance of it being a normal success, and a 10% of getting a crit.
  7. Hi Morien, I'm trying to introduce a group of D&D5e players to KAP 5.2 and I came across your houserules. I really enjoy what you and your group have been doing. However I'm having some trouble understanding how do you rule it if a player has a skill of 1 and rolls a Nat 1? is it still a potential failure, seeing as it is the only number that would become a success in the regular ruleset? The (except if your skill is 1 or less, in which case it becomes just an ordinary success) might be throwing me off here. Example: My player has a reading of 1, he rolls a nat1. Does he Fumble
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