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  1. I think of it more as a spectrum. If a PC is trying to convince a guard to let them through the door and succeed on their convincing roll, the guard isn't necessarily going to let them in, she has a job to do. It will prevent her from becoming actively hostile towards the PCs for trying to get past her. She's likely to talk to them, telling them no instead of just calling for an extra guard to confront them.
  2. The x5% score is useful but I agree in general. It's pretty easy to make specific situations where Charisma could be useful, like magic systems or a special Swashbucking skill where damage bonus is determined with Dex+Cha, but tying it into mundane use is tough. With brings me back to that x5% roll. I lean on that to give Charisma importance. If you really wanted to, you could allow a successful x5% roll to bump up a interpersonal skill roll result by one stop, so a failure becomes a success or a success becomes a critical. Edit: You can't do that with Appearance though. Makes no sense.
  3. This is what I do exactly. The Stat is Charisma and the x5% roll is Influence. Here's the thing, appearance by its nature is fluid. If I spend a fortune on my wardrobe and grooming I will have a higher rating on appearance if I don't. It is also subjective. So I have a highly rated appearance but in what genre? Am I goth, preppy, fashionista, coffee-chic, etc? It fits terribly with the other stats. As soon as you change App to Cha the stats break down to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution as physical and Intelligence, Power and Charisma as mental. Size is that weirdo stat in the middle that separates them. If you go this route I would use Cha vs Int for both with the option of using Str vs Int for certain situations. I don't have to be strong to be intimidation.
  4. I should have mentioned, this is for a human centric game! No giants. I was not going to have weapons influence damage. The concept would be that damage is determined by how skilled the combatant is.
  5. I loved your character generation rules. I went full random and the way it was laid out I could see a character developing right in front of me. It was very elegant. One thing I did stumble on was equipment because I was unsure of what would be useful. Would you consider putting together some basic packs to take some of the guessing out of it? It could be as simple as a colonist, espionage, mercenary, diplomatic, rebel, scout and trade pack with basic tools that one would expect a character of that bent to have? That would have helped me know that I have the basics and could concentrate on the extra fun stuff. And I still want to play! I've been busy with end of year 'teaching' stuff.
  6. Yeah. He actually has all of his files posted in his discord channel so I don't think he's shy about showing them. Let me drop him a line and see if he'll swing by here.
  7. Oh man, I miss those web rings. Now it only goes to Moorcock's Miscellany. Miscellany used to be a smaller page maintained by Jharey-A-Connell. He used to do interviews with Moorcock and post them to his site and would act as a go between for people who had questions. Then they expanded the site and Moorcock joined to answer his own questions. One of the few times I've ever cursed out a person online was when one of the Miscellany posters came over here to harass some of our board members.
  8. Humans. I like a human centric world. It's only recently that I've loosened that up a bit. If I step away from Human centric it becomes Humans, Fey and the weirder stuff. Right now I'm running two games of DnD so I'm stuck with the generic fantasy bunch.
  9. I think it has more to do with the history of Four Color Comics and Carl Banks.
  10. Phil Stroud is playtesting a game he calls Space Cowboys right now based on the BGB. It's really well done. I was supposed to play in a group with him to test it out but things fell through. Space Cowboys is living proof that BRP does sci-fi well.
  11. Let's assume that combat is split into Brawn ((Str+Siz)/2)and Finesse ((Dex+Int)/2). Let's assume that Brawn combat skills defaulted to Brawn x 5% and did 1d4 points of damage and that Finesse combat skills defaulted to Finesse x 5% and also did 1d4 points of damage (plus whatever damage bonuses apply). This represents basic unskilled combat ability. Then let's say that there is a dedicated combat skill that you can develop. I'm just going to call it Style here because it can be multiple weapons together. Style 01-30% = 1d6 damage and +10 to combat skill Style 31-60% = 1d8 damage and +20 to combat skill Style 61-90 = 1d10 damage and +30 to combat skill The goal is to provide a base damage type while making room for characters who are skilled in combat as well. Is this too fiddly? My feeling is it might be. Can someone think of a simple alternative that does roughly the same thing?
  12. Above is the current mock up of the character sheet. I don't even have a section here for Background/Career skills yet. Still really up in the air.
  13. I backed Revolution and I agree there are some cool things in there but at the time I felt it was a little too fiddly for what I wanted. I should do a reread though. It was a good book.
  14. Can these be put under Arts and Crafts though? Said Hunter would automatically be proficient in hunting, tracking and survival but if he was someone like Aragorn who easily spent extremely long timeframes in the wild he might have a Craft [Survival] skill. If he was able to track creatures like Gollum all across Middle Earth he might have a Craft [Tracking] skill.
  15. That's also something I could use... I go back and forth on the Stat rolls. Right now I only have Idea and Influence from Intelligence and Charisma. I almost took those out too. I found that they become a crutch for players at my table. They are constantly asking to make those rolls. Maybe if I kept them in but made the % a x3% instead of a x5%...
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