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  1. Let's just take a moment to acknowledge that this is one of the truest statements ever made. I will reinforce that it's not just Wicca but Hermeticism in general. Plus, the system is just really well put together.
  2. I was going to post that something was up with the gui but it seems the issue is a known entity.
  3. Big Damn Book of Monsters is always a good resource.
  4. Basically what I'm doing right now for my Ravenloft game. Acrobatics (dex) Athletics (str) Art Craft Evaluate Insight Fast Talk Persuade Natural World Physik Search Skulduggery Stealth Then I have a bunch of advanced skills. Alchemy, Hypnosis, etc.
  5. Enlightened Magic is amazing. It's a rewrite of the Nephilim stuff. I highly recommend it for both alchemy and hermetic magic.
  6. I would frame it a little differently but I list both of those as positives. It also got rid of hit locations, strike ranks and fatigue and codified spot rules for nearly every occasion!
  7. While I appreciate Homo Habilis for what it's done for us, I still prefer to exist as Homo Sapien.
  8. Only because of its early publication. The BRP rules hit its apex with Elric!
  9. I see the most important book up there in the top left! Advanced Sorcery is a good book to add. I would recommend Call of Cthulhu too. Lots of fun things to steal from that.
  10. Ok good. Sorry. I was having trouble parsing your post. Couple of ideas. First. If the main character dies, can they be replaced with one of the ec clones they've already created? Second. Instead of creating these multidimensional clones, what about just coming up with a generic description? You have the main character, then you have 'the cybernetic kiltsman', ''the tree-hugging wizard', 'the land whale hunter', and whatever else. Doesn't matter if the original character dies, when you meet the tree-hugging wizard it will be the EC of whoever the current character is.
  11. Just trying to understand. You plan on killing off the PCs in the third session?
  12. I can't seem to find one. Maybe they plan to put one out soon and so wanted to put a generic plug in their book?
  13. No stat modifiers, yes Dex rank. It's along the lines of the Elric!/Magic World flavor of BRP, which is the one I actually prefer.
  14. Couple of other things that I think are welcome additions. There's a page that talks about creating permanent magic objects and they integrated a cantrip system with their magic system. The have a basic alchemy system and an herbalism system. They've got a bestiary and an NPC section The setting has two basic magic types that I can see. Arcanists and Hedge Wizards. Say something about divine magic but didn't track it down. Setting is about 30 pages long. The rest of the book is mechanics. All an all a good deal for $8.
  15. It's been around for a while. I think it was Terhali who had a respectable port of Dark Sun to RuneQuest. I forget exactly when I found the Elric! rules but I think it was around '97 or '98. I didn't have any extensive conversion and I wasn't playing a ton back then but I did use Elric! them to run a few D&D and MERPS games. The main thing that jumped out in feel was the number of opponents one could reasonably throw at players without slaughtering them. When Charles Green published his minion rules in Gods of Law and refined them later in Dragon Lines that really solved that problem
  16. Yeah. Sadly there are a bunch of neckbeards crying that it's some sort of political correctness gone wild. This rusted old brain started moving again. It was a Dragonlance website! https://web.archive.org/web/20060823145157/http://www.physiol.ox.ac.uk/~sl2/dl/misc/changed.html It's not as succinct as I remember but if you read his notes and then look at what he did with Ogres and evil mages you can plot a course on how to make D&D less offensive. I want to thank everyone in this thread for all your help. I really needed your help to think through this!
  17. I think I read it while I was living in Manhattan. That would put the piece somewhere between 1998 and 2001. I'm pretty sure it was on one of those old websites. I don't think it was on the old RuneQuest mailing list digest though. Edit: The reason it is so prominent in my mind right now is that WOTC is talking about revisiting the implications that their game worlds have in regards to racial and cultural stereotypes. That simple article did so much in taking a somewhat offensive 'race' and creating real cultural depth simply by viewing the monster through the RuneQuest lens rather than t
  18. I appreciate the links to official articles but Ian Absentia is correct, this is a fan made thing.
  19. I'm now positive that it was written by someone on this board, but on their own website. Maybe about running Forgotten Realms with Runequest? I don't think it was Pete Maranci and I don't see it on Simon Hibbs page. I seem to remember it taking a race that D&D labels as objectively evil and building a legitimate cult around it to explain the cultural reasons why the race was considered hostile.
  20. Sorry, I should have been more specific. It was on someone's RuneQuest webpage. It was distinctly a fan article taking 'D&D monsters are Evil' and reframing it as religious/cultural conflict.
  21. Hi everyone. Long ago someone (who probably posts here) wrote this amazing piece taking D&D monsters and giving their culture the RuneQuest treatment. It talked a bit about D&D's objectively evil status and reframed it as cultural relativism. It was a beautiful piece. For the life of me I can't track it down. Ring any bells?
  22. I think of it more as a spectrum. If a PC is trying to convince a guard to let them through the door and succeed on their convincing roll, the guard isn't necessarily going to let them in, she has a job to do. It will prevent her from becoming actively hostile towards the PCs for trying to get past her. She's likely to talk to them, telling them no instead of just calling for an extra guard to confront them.
  23. The x5% score is useful but I agree in general. It's pretty easy to make specific situations where Charisma could be useful, like magic systems or a special Swashbucking skill where damage bonus is determined with Dex+Cha, but tying it into mundane use is tough. With brings me back to that x5% roll. I lean on that to give Charisma importance. If you really wanted to, you could allow a successful x5% roll to bump up a interpersonal skill roll result by one stop, so a failure becomes a success or a success becomes a critical. Edit: You can't do that with Appearance though. Makes
  24. This is what I do exactly. The Stat is Charisma and the x5% roll is Influence. Here's the thing, appearance by its nature is fluid. If I spend a fortune on my wardrobe and grooming I will have a higher rating on appearance if I don't. It is also subjective. So I have a highly rated appearance but in what genre? Am I goth, preppy, fashionista, coffee-chic, etc? It fits terribly with the other stats. As soon as you change App to Cha the stats break down to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution as physical and Intelligence, Power and Charisma as mental. Size is that weirdo stat in the middl
  25. I should have mentioned, this is for a human centric game! No giants. I was not going to have weapons influence damage. The concept would be that damage is determined by how skilled the combatant is.
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