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  1. I loved your character generation rules. I went full random and the way it was laid out I could see a character developing right in front of me. It was very elegant. One thing I did stumble on was equipment because I was unsure of what would be useful. Would you consider putting together some basic packs to take some of the guessing out of it? It could be as simple as a colonist, espionage, mercenary, diplomatic, rebel, scout and trade pack with basic tools that one would expect a character of that bent to have? That would have helped me know that I have the basics and could concentrate o
  2. Yeah. He actually has all of his files posted in his discord channel so I don't think he's shy about showing them. Let me drop him a line and see if he'll swing by here.
  3. Oh man, I miss those web rings. Now it only goes to Moorcock's Miscellany. Miscellany used to be a smaller page maintained by Jharey-A-Connell. He used to do interviews with Moorcock and post them to his site and would act as a go between for people who had questions. Then they expanded the site and Moorcock joined to answer his own questions. One of the few times I've ever cursed out a person online was when one of the Miscellany posters came over here to harass some of our board members.
  4. Humans. I like a human centric world. It's only recently that I've loosened that up a bit. If I step away from Human centric it becomes Humans, Fey and the weirder stuff. Right now I'm running two games of DnD so I'm stuck with the generic fantasy bunch.
  5. I think it has more to do with the history of Four Color Comics and Carl Banks.
  6. Phil Stroud is playtesting a game he calls Space Cowboys right now based on the BGB. It's really well done. I was supposed to play in a group with him to test it out but things fell through. Space Cowboys is living proof that BRP does sci-fi well.
  7. Let's assume that combat is split into Brawn ((Str+Siz)/2)and Finesse ((Dex+Int)/2). Let's assume that Brawn combat skills defaulted to Brawn x 5% and did 1d4 points of damage and that Finesse combat skills defaulted to Finesse x 5% and also did 1d4 points of damage (plus whatever damage bonuses apply). This represents basic unskilled combat ability. Then let's say that there is a dedicated combat skill that you can develop. I'm just going to call it Style here because it can be multiple weapons together. Style 01-30% = 1d6 damage and +10 to combat skill Style 31-60% = 1d8 damage a
  8. Above is the current mock up of the character sheet. I don't even have a section here for Background/Career skills yet. Still really up in the air.
  9. I backed Revolution and I agree there are some cool things in there but at the time I felt it was a little too fiddly for what I wanted. I should do a reread though. It was a good book.
  10. Can these be put under Arts and Crafts though? Said Hunter would automatically be proficient in hunting, tracking and survival but if he was someone like Aragorn who easily spent extremely long timeframes in the wild he might have a Craft [Survival] skill. If he was able to track creatures like Gollum all across Middle Earth he might have a Craft [Tracking] skill.
  11. That's also something I could use... I go back and forth on the Stat rolls. Right now I only have Idea and Influence from Intelligence and Charisma. I almost took those out too. I found that they become a crutch for players at my table. They are constantly asking to make those rolls. Maybe if I kept them in but made the % a x3% instead of a x5%...
  12. Let me step back for a minute and expand on some thoughts, and frame what skills do. First, the assumption of competency. My favorite BRP is Elric! so I take some basic skill assumptions from there. Skills over 100 are encouraged for PCs. What do the NPCs look like though and what does a skill % really mean. This is my basic guideline. 20 competent. This is basic for being able to get by in doing something. 40 fluent. You can handle expert issues, troubleshooting as you go. 60 veteran. You are very experienced and can handle dramatically shifting situations as you perform the
  13. I'm currently wondering if there's a way to combine the broad skills with a vague 'background/occupation/identy' skill? The background skills as a supplement to the broad skill list?
  14. Well, let's look at Stefan again. He's got Minor Noble and Artist very high. He's also got a low Thug. Maybe this indicates that he is skilled is some of the finer points of being a minor noble but less skilled in hunting, light weapons and the more [physical aspects? I don't know.
  15. Sure does help. It all helps. I'm using Acrobatics and Athletics are kind of a place holder for 'things that you basically need to be strong for' and 'things that you basically need to be agile for'. Both of them incorporate some aspect of strength, sadly both terms I'm using also tend to be defined as games/sports competitive activities which is not quite what I'm going for. Unfortunately, no other overarching terms come to mind. I do that you for pointing out the issue though. I'm going to have to think about it more to see if I can find more accurate terms. The goal was to have two ski
  16. I'm digging into my BRP Ravenloft notes again and reorganizing a bunch of stuff. My goal is to simplify and one of the things I'm hacking away at is the Skill list.I've looked at it too much and need new eyes on it. I know I haven't been around much lately but this is definitely the best place to go for everything BRP. Basic Skills Acrobatics, Athletics, Art [varies], Craft [varies], Domain Lore [varies], Evaluate, Fast Talk, Handle Animal, Insight, Natural World, Persuade, Physik, Scribe, Search, Skulduggery, Stealth Advanced Skills Alchemy, Folk Lore, Herbalism, Mesmerism, Sorc
  17. Thing is, I think when you're going to go this abstract with Supers you might want to start using Call of Cthulhu stats and create your own superhero skills. At some point 20d6 damage becomes 1d10 adventurers. Superworld was messed up because whatever stat gave you energy dominated the game (not interested enough to look it up). Get rid of that right off the bat. Start assigning skills and powers based on the character's individual ability scores. Someone is really strong? They get skills of strength. Someone is really fast? they get skills and abilities based on Dexterity.
  18. We used to call these 'doorstop demons.' Little ten pound mounds of flesh that could be used to keep a door open or as a paper weight. Got that summoning skill up pretty high. As for the Elemental Lords, I'd tie it to tasks that the elemental lords might care about, either promoting that element or tearing down an opposing element.
  19. There's the additional issue of players deciding how the melds will work together. If you use it, I would suggest sitting down with the players and going over what's possible. I also like how Chaos points add to you MP total. That being said, go read Gods of Law if you haven't yet. Awesome stuff.
  20. The Corum stuff was from an Australian company called Darcsyde. Well worth looking into. The Virtue stuff is from our own esteemed Charles Green.
  21. Download Gods of Law and check out the Virtues system. Much different than Stormbringer. Also Corum: Chaotic Melds, Contrivances, Fetishes, Elemental Tattoos.
  22. All right brother! Put me down for a copy! Looking forward to seeing what you're doing with Alchemy.
  23. One huge reason to have the Elric! book in addition to the Magic World book is the Elric! Digest. The write ups of major NPCs as well as some more typical examples of various professionals is invaluable to a GM in my humble opinion. Nothing really exists like that for Magic World.
  24. Hi Nikoli, I'm not sure if I actually uploaded it as a pdf. It so happens that I am messing around with Ravenloft files right now. When I get a chance I'll put something in the downloads.
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