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  1. I don't know. I would just use the basic ship rules and tack on abilities as needed. Jason, what's the status of your Conan-like campaign? WIll it be seeing print as BRP support?
  2. First off, welcome to the boards! 1) Do you think you'll get sleep anytime soon with all of the questions from this board directed at you? 2) Do you really like the cover of the book? (I kinda do, actually. But I don't think it will play in the current marketplace. I actually like someone's suggestion of a black background with a grey Chaosium dragon logo filling the cover. Also, I acknowledge that this is a loaded question. Feel free to ignore.) 3) Was it worth it? As a playtester, I believe you've provided a great manuscript. From you're live journal, I know there's a lot of ch
  3. I once did a basic write up in which reptilian and amphibian humanoids were ancient and ruled the world. Their kingdom was challenged by upstart mammals. On the cold blooded side, there were things like brutish crocodile men, mystic serpent men, gregarious frog men, thieving chameleons and the lizard men high lords who rode on the backs of flying dragon-like creatures. Opposed to these forces were a ragtag group of homo erectus and cro magnon. HE was the brains, CM, the brawn. There were a variety of ape like beings as slaves. The 'knights' ride giant, tree dwelling gorillas. etc.
  4. I've been meaning to right up some mass combat rules based on the ship rules in Stormbringer/Elric! for years now. Never seem to have gotten around to it.
  5. At first I was upset at the Mongoose posts on RPGnet about MRQ being BRP with the serial numbers filed off. Then I got over it. Then I was pissed at the whole Mongoose playtest debacle. But I got over that too. I bought the MRQ main book and companion, read them, then gave them away to someone who might use them. The system was so-so with faults well documented elsewhere. I wasn't so upset about that as I was at the cost to content ratio. I got Lankhmar and Newhon because I wanted to mine it for a game set there. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't really do anything new (and
  6. I think it would run better with Stormbringer5 than with D&D too. Personally, I'd love to run a tongue in cheek Mystara game. Play up the campiness and the deadliness. I'd probably go with Stormbringer5 for the base system, WoW Wizardry for magic and RQ3 Divine magic for Clerics. Mix in RQ3 Creatures book and some elbow grease and we've got some old school-like goodness.
  7. Seems like Peter Corless does. I had thought that it was a licensed product, but I guess he owns it. Edit: So that would be Green Knight for those keeping score.
  8. Two things jump out to me as pretty iconic; the attack parry matrix and the Resistance Table. Other things would be the way the Stats and Skills are split and the use of D00. Another thing that jumps at me are the names Chaosium and Avalon Hill (also Perrin and Stafford). But do these things define BRP? I'll put Pendragon with BRP. I'll put RuneQuest with BRP even though it's more like the system on which BRP was based. I'll put MRQ with BRP. I'd probably put GORE with BRP (I haven't had a chance to read it yet). I wouldn't put RoleMaster with BRP despite it's similarities. Thou
  9. I think it is, and that might be a great place to steal hermetic magic from. Thing about Nephilim, I only own the GM's Companion and Liber Ka. I've only made half hearted attempts at reading it. For the life of me I couldn't describe the game from what I've read. If pressed, I'd have to say it kind of reminded me of alchemical scientology. However, other people have read more of and get the game. They may even be on this thread... Two other magic system. Rune Magic from the Bronze Grimoire. It's a fun system that could be thrown into a BRP Magic book. Druidic magic from Pendragon
  10. Islandia looks fun! As far as licenced settings, I wouldn't mind seeing Earthsea or Dune.
  11. I think the concept was to include all the rules variants and tie them together as a unified whole except for magic. In fact, first version of the playtest rules had used an expanded superpowers mechanic to cover all genres and didn't have other magic rules. The upside of this is, if BRP is successful, I would imagine Chaosium would be interested in putting out a BRP Magic Companion. It could contain RQ magic, the stuff from Stormbringer (Summoning, that Unknown East magic varient, Virtues and stuff from the Gods of Law monograph) and expand on the stuff in the main book. I wonder if the
  12. Very glad to see you here Nick.
  13. Well, some would say that wikipedia is just as good a source on information as the Encyclopedia Britannica. http://www.news.com/Study+Wikipedia+as+accurate+as+Britannica/2100-1038_3-5997332.html Regardless, it's a well known jumping off point for a large amount of people who want information. And the article in question seems to be fairly accurate. I wonder what the monkey who reported it was thinking.
  14. My first thought was that whoever flagged it knows nothing about roleplaying other than D&D. My second thought was that both Steve Perrin and Shannon Applecline should be contacted about this. Both seem to be likely to respond. They would both have solid information about the history and prominence of BRP. Two other people who may have an abundance of citable sources for BRP are Peter Maranci and Nick Middleton. They both have high levels in their BRP Lore Skill. Actually, a lot of people on this board have a high BRP skill level (a certain Hibbs character comes to mind), so maybe so
  15. The image is taken from the Chaosium monograph 'Gods of Chaos.' I've also heard that Chaosium is This makes makes me think that Durall is right and that it is a place holder. I've also heard that Chaosium is commissioning new artwork, so rehashing an old cover doesn't seem to fit.
  16. There are a lot of optional rules to tweak to your taste. Unfortunately, I've only read RQII and RQIII so I may not be the best authority on the subject. We need Jason Durall on these boards to answer all the questions. Edit: By the way, PhilHibbs, I have to thank you. I believe I discovered Sandy's Sorcery from a link on a website of yours.
  17. I'm running a B.P.R.D.-like game set in modern NYC with the playtest rules. Works like a dream. I'm also running a Gods of Law game set just after the fall of Melnibone. It's largely based on Stormbringer5 and the GoL monograph, but I've incorporated a few things from the playtest rules as well. I'd like to run a short campaign based on FFG's Grimm setting at some point. At some point, I'd like to try and run a superheros game with it as well.
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