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  1. McStern is quoting another page that give you lenience in your calls as a Game Master. Rule in favor of your players. You're still within the rules.
  2. The Big Gold Book. page 170. Automatic or Impossible Reactions. "Not all actions require a die roll. Routine physical and Intellectual actions attempted under mundane conditions always succeed." You have an attack roll of 30% yet your opponent decides to stand and take the hit. Thirty percent is a respectable skill level and in your scenario our opponent just stood there. In this case there is no die roll. Someone just got punched.
  3. Think about skills like this. 20% I hope I know what I'm doing! 40% I think I know what I'm doing! 60% I've been trained to do this and I'm like really, really good! 80% plus - grab the stone grasshopper.
  4. Wait. Your scenario is you're fighting a dude and you have a 30% Stick Attack. This dude is not defending himself. He's, like "Get me bro?" You hit 100% percent of the time. You only roll the dice when there's a stressful situation and a question on what's going to happen.
  5. I have no idea on who is responding to who but I think that we can all agree that it's a great thing that BRP is out there. Even though Elric!/Magic World is the superior rules set. No judgement though.
  6. Chaot


    If people are still looking for some deck plans or other maps in general 0one games has some great little maps. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=0one&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto= They have two or three ships in there someplace.
  7. Time is the eternal enemy! Good luck with putting a game together and welcome to the forums.
  8. I love I!. Not to mention sorcerous travel, but playing up the decadent mundanity of the whole thing is best.
  9. Welcome Phil! These forum response are slow, but they are always pleasant. Glorantha is a big place and so there's a lot to take in. Personally, I look for settings that are light on background. I prefer to not have to remember canon and make stuff up as I go along. That being said, I've stolen a ton of stuff from Glorantha. Boar Riders are just awesome, as are talking Baboons. Mello Yellow often makes his way into my games.
  10. While you are probably right that it's smaller, I like your scale better and it's generally how I view the YK.
  11. Let me clarify. The game was great. It was a huge success but Sentinels of the Multiverse and Talisman at that summer up. I sat down to write out a bunch of abilities, which I now believe was the wrong move. When I ran the game I eyeballed some Pokemon cards and winged it and that worked fine. This means that I have some partial lists of abilities written up somewhere. It's probably not worth sharing in it's current stage. However, I'd like to figure out a way of systematizing improvised abilities. It so happens that school is almost out again and since this thread was revived I may look
  12. I may have some additional mechanical material but it's not great. I'll take a look. I ended up only running one game. It turned out to be a haunted light house with a Misdreavus, a Gastly and a Gyarados patrolling the lake.
  13. My real issue is how much do I get paid for cloned kidneys? I feel like this may be secondary to our main point though...
  14. 120% agreed. I think BRP is best when the base is simple and you start layering on options. I try to think of it as basic rules, then spot rules, then special abilities. I try to keep the work on my side as simple as possible. BRP can be incredible fast during play. That's what I strive for. My games do tend to be slow but it's like anti-wargame. Combat takes about fifteen minutes. The rest is talking and decision making. Sometimes I feel like I could leave the table for a while and let the PCs sort things out.
  15. Curses. I'm rendering some video files as I type. Led to a double post. So let's use it, shall we? Next, tell your players that you are very interested in instituting Sanity rules and that all further NPCs will come from the Malleus Monstrorum
  16. Do what I do. Tell them that you're using a published rule but it's from an obscure book published in '76 that is going for $230 on eBay. Assure them that you remember the rule correctly from your cousin's collection. Then ask them if they feel like adventuring today.
  17. Looks good. I miss the days when I hit 25 sessions.
  18. BRP is alive as long as people are playing it. So thank you. Life has been busy but I think I may have some time to squeeze in a short BRP campaign this summer.
  19. Something where this is a legitimate plot line.
  20. It's odd. For years my games have been humanocentric. Elves and dwarves and stuff was something that I was definitely not interested in. Now I have an overwhelming desire to run something with every monster under the sun as potential PCs in a world where creatures just naturally live together in a semi-civilized manner. Having trouble finding images that sum this up. Something like this.
  21. Haha! Rules wise, the basic core mechanics are mostly Elric! with some of my own house rules and combat styles taken from RQ6. Psychic powers are taken directly from the BGB. Wizardry is my own answer to D&D type magic and enchantment. Sorcery is a mix of Elric! and Corum as well as my own house rules stuff. Shamanism is very loosely based on RQ3, but expanded a bit. Elemental paths are adapted from Mongoose's Magic in the Young Kingdom and mixed with some GURPS stuff. Theurgy mostly comes from Gods of Law. Druidism is mostly made up with D&D as a starting point and the Beast and
  22. Cause YAFBRP is more fun.. (What does YAF stand for?)
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