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  1. I've been kicking around the idea of a kitchen sink fantasy game for a while. In my head it's called Monster World. I've wanted to run it but haven't committed the time to just do it. I did make some character sheets though. What follows is a front sheet and some really specific back sheets. On my list to do is a sheet for Psychic Powers and one for Shamanism, as well as a more general back sheet that combines a bunch of the power systems. Enjoy. Monster World front.pdf Monster World Wizardry.pdf Monster World Sorcery.pdf Monster World Theurgy.pdf Monster World Druidism.pdf Monste
  2. They are both amazing books. I'd love to run something in either world.
  3. Howdy Bud. If I were you I'd post in one of the forums dedicated to the type of game you want to be a part of. BRP for general BRP, Runequest for that, etc.I don't know the extent of our online playing membership but you may get some interest, especially if you are hosting the game.
  4. I try to keep it simple as possible. Only assign skills and stats as you need them. Most of my NPCs have a single stat that they shine in and three skills. If they are combat NPCs they look something like this: Dex = x, Combat 30% whatever at 1d6, 10 HP (or whatever). Adjust where you need to. To me, skills and stats only make an NPC so interesting. Their relationship with the party is more important.
  5. Indeed. I find in actual play, the high the skill level, the more unlikely the PCs are to try and chase skills.
  6. Wanted to update the thread with a basic breakdown of stats this weekend but it turned out to be a crazy week. Later. My main issue with SC is that it is set up as an adventure in which you help the kobolds and you exterminate the goblins. In my mind it should be the PCs navigating two small towns that really don't like them but each have something they want. The kobolds want to get their dragon back. The goblin leader wants control of the tree. The PCs want to find the missing townspeople and maybe get rid of the creepy twigs. Sprinkle in some side quests. This set up has 100% more possi
  7. Seriously. I would love for these books to be back in circulation!
  8. For years I've used an alternative experience system and I feel it works well while still staying true to BRP. Every skill that is used gets a check, success or failure. Every session comes along with a certain amount of experience points, in my game it's usually 5-10 depending on how long the session runs and how much gets done. The PCs are then allowed to assign the experience points or keep them in reserve to save for later. Every experience point assigned to a skill gives the PC a 1d10 increase in the skill. Only two experience points may be assigned to a skill (which means that
  9. It's an amazing book. I haven't used it but I've thought about using it in a Young Kingdoms worlds jumping game. I'd lean heavily on the published adventure 'Worms Within,' only the PCs appear and are suspected of being instigators of the strange things happening in Korudav. Koroman is after them soon after they arrive but Batrabas Blueskin suspects that they're something much more. Sunswords and energy maces, all kinds of cool creatures and demons... I think it would be a great place to visit.
  10. I read this blog or something in which the DM made the tree come to life to attack the PCs along with the two tree zombies, the twig monsters and the druid. I dig it and am going to keep it if I ever run this thing. My goal off the bat is to make sure that the PCs don't go murder happy on the goblins (or the kobolds). I really haven't had a chance to refine this, so I'm just going to post my notes. This is actually much more than I usually write for an adventure. Take from it what you will. When I have some time I will post stats. Most of them will be pretty simple because I don't r
  11. I'm gong off of the 3E one. One of the first things I did was to take that dungeon and break it up into a spread out area, so that it represented ruins spotted through the deep ravine. The original map looks nothing like a citadel so it might as well be scrapped. Many of the encounters can be broken up into small scenes in a ruined city rather than rooms in a dungeon. The second thing I did was to 'humanize' the tribes by including kobolds and goblins in the village. The village is severely lacking and needs fleshed out. The default assumption off kobolds as friends and goblins as enemie
  12. I recently was stuck on vacation with little to read. I did have a copy of Sunless Citadel. Occasionally I like to take modules and BRPize them. So that’s what I did. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of my other material with me so stats will follow. If you please, the following are my notes on how I would run SC in BRP I should make clear my biases here. My first games were the RC version of D&D and T&T. Other games followed. I’ve had plenty of time in a dungeon environment and that sort of play bores me a bit. My own personal rules are that the PCs are heroes and can do heroic thing
  13. Oh man! Make it meddlesome. Ballo the Jester is manipulating them to some ridiculous end. Or Tap into the Dancers at the End of Time. Lord Jagged is a trouble maker and could have a ton of unimportant purposes to mess with the PCs. My own preference would be to eventually either dump them into a psychedelic spy drama with Cornelius or throw them into some other Moorcock dystopian future. The Iceworld with the land whales or the huge metal city that moves across land. Alternatively, maybe it's Morphail studying them. The Morphail Effect is something like 'There is no travel back in time. Y
  14. Here's what I sometimes do. Grab a module you like and cut out the stuff you don't like then rewrite the stuff you only kinda like. Characters in my game generally start with combat skills ranging from 100-150. General bad guys have combat skills from 30-40. One or two of them should have some special ability or spell that comes into play. A given low level encounter will have 2-3 bad guys versus one PC. These combats should be fast and have plenty of room for the Players to show off. Moderate encounters have one PC-level NPC and a few low level guys. Play smart and this will keep the PC
  15. To do this quickly, double the original number and place a decimal in the one's place. For example. Skill 65%. Doubled is 130. Place decimal 13.0. 1/5 of 65 is 13.
  16. Take a look at the Minion rules from Gods of Law. I swear by them.
  17. Set them up for high fantasy. Give them equipment and abilities. Make sure they have some very high skills (100%+, they should be dicing for criticals). Set you average NPCs at about 30% for their combat skill. Go wild! Remind the player that combat isn't always the best option and that death waits around every corner.
  18. Finished up a character creation sheet too!
  19. Fantastic! Tell her to take a look at this thread. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?463484-necro-BRP-Ravenloft. It has a bunch of ideas on how to stat up the Domain Lords. I should really go through that and make them pretty pdfs. I've basically run two Ravenloft games so far, so there are many out there with more experience in the Dread Realms than me. Often I feel like my game is some unholy mixture of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and the Fearless Vampire Killers. I'm not a Ravenloft purist. A trap, I think, in the published material is that so much of it outlines the NPC back
  20. Professions are done and I'm officially back in New York. Now it's down to finishing domains and working out scheduling. Hopefully I'll have a game running soon. Bonus material will be how I work Sorcery, Wizardry and the other powers. Not replicating spells because they are basically out of the book. House rules added in the document are the Brawn/Finesse Damage Bonus, Holding and Rushing Actions and dropping Weapon Hit Points/Breakage. Not present in these documents but evident in the character sheet, I will be grouping weapons into Combat Styles a la RQ6. I'm dropping the combat advant
  21. Next up are character professions. They are almost done. Some are old favorites and some are new that I cobbled together. After that will be short bits explaining the very basics of use Sorcery and Wizardry. Spells and stuff are relegated to the rules books so if you're playing along at home you'll want to get Magic World and Advanced Sorcery for Sorcery and Classic Fantasy for Wizardry.
  22. Ok, I've had some scheduling issues and did some unexpected traveling. However I now have some fun stuff for you to look at. Feedback and questions are always appreciated. The purpose of the following documents is to make character creation as simple as possible.
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