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  1. Chaosium have said previously they are planning on rebranding all HeorQuest books MOB said it in this post (near the bottom in the What's next section) and Rick confirmed they were rebranding books again in this topic. Technically it was on Kingdom of Heroes and Sartar Companion but should be applicable.
  2. I have to say I’m excited by a pulp scenario collection. I thought the scenarios included in the main book were some of the best I’ve read before. When I first started playing CoC I was disappointed there weren’t more big meaty campaigns like I was used to from D&D but I’ve come to appreciate them more and more as I’ve been running a game and they are now my favourite part of the line. Also wooooo for gaslight being relatively soon! I’m assuming the writing being over means it goes into art commissioning and then after that layout? I’m British and my investigators all want to try
  3. It does sound like you are set on games! I have to say when I was previously assessing RuneQuest I took a quick glance saw sword and magic and then stopped looking as I’ve gone deep in on D&D 5e and I didn’t need another fantasy RPG. Can’t exactly remember when I took another look but I’m now completely sold on RuneQuest. I’m at a different stage of the hobby than you and am still looking at stuff to expand to from D&D and Cthulhu hence the jumping on RuneQuest. I’ve convinced a few of my friends to join me in a fortnightly starter set group where we just rotate through start
  4. That’s a long and confusing way of saying ducks are awesome 😛
  5. Well it’s about to be a good time to get into Pendragon. 6th edition which is meant to be Greg’s definitive version (he was working on it from 2010 until his tragic death in 2018) is coming soon. Meant to be a starter set (along the lines as the Cthulhu one and the forthcoming RuneQuest one ) out later this year followed by the core books and an expanded Great Pendragon campaign following from that. I recently compiled a list of forthcoming books and what we can expect going forward. It’s well worth a read to see if anything interests you. Im fairly new to Chaosium, I started with th
  6. Thanks, I managed to find the person who wrote it and get their permission. It's all been updated now in the first post. All looks very exciting to me and we even get a hoped for release date, Q3 depending on shipping which is obviously very much up in the air right now for the Starter Set and a hope to have the PDFs of the core rules by the end of the year. I am now debating whether I should pick up the Paladin Core book and corresponding adventures to tide me over. Only thing keeping my buying finger from clicking is the possibility of a Paladin 2e using the updated rules from 6e. Does
  7. I just joined! I'm presuming you are Sir Deacon on there? I've got the same username on discord. I grabbed the PDF from when you posted it 2 weeks ago and had a look through. All looks great and I'm even more excited now to play. I'm hesitant about updating the information from the PDF until I can track down whoever wrote it and get their permission to repost content from it, do you know who made the document? For anyone who wants to join the discord this link should work https://discord.gg/CfvJzeX Then to grab the PDF it was posted in the kap6 channel on the 23rd of April by Sir De
  8. Well said! Just to double check something you mentioned 3 volumes in the GPC do you remember where you saw that? I have seen various things say 3 or 4 volumes but not been able to drill down to a primary source. One even mentioned a single volume collecting all the material from the smaller books which is either going to be an absolute unit of a book or the individual volumes will be smaller than I expected. @sirlarkins could you clarify any details on the future plans for the GPC if at all possible? Also can you let me know if I've got anything flat out wrong in the first post? I wouldn'
  9. I understand where you are coming from with that but if the quality of the additional material is like the Masks of Nyarlathotep for 7th edition then I'm happy to pay. Would definitely like to see more details on it however! I did just find a post by sirlarkin going into further details on what has been added if you were curious.
  10. Hi everyone! I can't be the only one who is beyond excited about the new version of Pendragon and I've been scouring the site for any information about what we can expect. I've only put products that I can directly confirm are from Chaosium at the moment. I've heard there's other stuff like an Ancient Greece based setting and a Japanese one but don't have a direct quote for these yet. If there is something I am missing (and I know there are a lot) please let me know along with a link to the source and I will add it in! I've also left it at just 6e stuff for Pendragon. I have to say
  11. Inspired by the excellent threads in Glorantha and Call of Cthulhu forums I thought I'd get a start on one for Pendragon as I'm sure everyone else is as excited as me about the new edition! Bit bare bones at the moment but should be bursting with King Arthur goodness before we know it. Currently Available: Pendragon Quickstart Guide Future Products Starter Set (interview) - Mini campaign going over 6 years including the sword in the stone, the foundation of the round table and Arthur's marriage to Guinevere with the players able to participate and "leave your personal sta
  12. Does Love Forgive? is out physically now so that needs to be moved. Also why are some of the titles bolded? I thought it was because they were recent releases but you have some of the potential future books bolded too. Might be worth adding an explanation for why some are bolded. (also thanks so much for the list, you have both satisfied my curiousity and made me suddenly need a Superhero Pulp Cthulhu campaign....)
  13. I'd gladly buy the slipcase for that price. I grabbed the books separately from my FLGS then came across the slipcase on the website and have slightly regretted not getting that ever since.
  14. As Scotty said to me (direct quote) https://www.chaosium.com/blogcovid19-shipping-and-fulfilment-update-15-february-2021/ Newsletter subscription is on the bottom left of the page. There's also an RSS feed, if you do that sort of thing: https://www.chaosium.com/rss.php?action=newblogs&type=atom
  15. Thanks Rick, I really do appreciate having a UK based warehouse. As I said previously I do not blame you or anyone at Chaosium in the slightest for any delays, I think it's fairly clear where the fault lies there. I also do appreciate you bringing Beyond the Mountains of Madness and Horror on the Orient Express back into print. I only started running CoC in 2019 and have amassed a fairly sizable collection and it was always slightly annoying me that I had missed out on the Horror boxset and I'd be waiting at least 3 years for a Masks equivalent version but this has really filled the gap!
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