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  1. So (and for anyone at Chaosium reading this I'm not trying to complain or whine just express my wish for more in each setting) in 7e, I'd say we have had 3 distinct other settings and one smaller one Pulp Cthulhu - 2 campaigns completely designed for it, a scenario collection on the way and the 4 scenarios in the book. Also a lot of the newer books have stats or at least advice on making it pulp. Down Darker Trails - 1 setting/campaign book with another on its way plus the 2 scenarios in the book. Cthulhu Dark Ages - 3 scenarios in the book. I'm counting Reign of Terror as the smaller one, I liked the book enough that I would like to see more stuff set in 1790s-1810s France it was a fascinating time and I hope we see more of it. Pulp Cthulhu and Down Darker Trails have had pretty good support and I don't have much to complain about with them. I do hope that more stuff is in the works for both of them. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself since Dark Ages only came out last year and using Down Darker Trails as a model there is 2 years between releases but I really really want more stuff set in this era, the book itself was fantastic and I think it could really go places. The same will almost certainly apply to Gaslight and Dreamlands when they are out and I hope that the previous scenario packs can fill some of the gaps in this. OK to move it back onto topic how about a collection of adventures previously featured in older versions of books such as Gaslight and Dreamlands? We've had updated books like Terror Australis but I don't know if there were any scenarios in the previous version that didn't make it into the new one. Chaosium could release a PDF/POD book that contained all the orphaned scenarios if there are enough. I know there was a scenario missing from the Chaosium version of Harlem Unbound but I imagine there might be issues with this one in particular.
  2. Thanks for the really detailed reply! After getting into CoC I became really fascinated by Chaosium”s eclectic history of ups and downs. I’m aware of the 2000s downturn and the monographs. I’d also seen the abbey available still on the store in PDF. I keep seeing all these really cool different settings for CoC that don’t seem to be hugely well supported. With Gaslights and Dreamlands they absolutely should reprint these older scenarios around the time they release the 7e versions but I’d really like to see more from them. I don’t know how much of a fools errand that is since the 1920s is the bread and butter of their releases. I really want to see more Dark Age stuff, the 7e book was really well done and I’d like more in that world. now that I’ve completely derailed my own topic I’d also like to thank you for the list of more obscure stuff. Im going to go look into those scenarios now 🙂. I just hope CoC classic ends up like RuneQuest where all of the early supplements (minus a few I know) are available again.
  3. Huh I didn't know there were POD Chaosium products on DriveThruRPG. I can find Tatters no problem but not Spawn (I can find it PDF but not PDF) do you have a link? I've gone through all the products available on DriveThruRPG and they have a buncb I'm interested in including original Cthulhu Dark Ages, Miskatonic University, most if not all of the Secrets books and the original Mansions of Madness. Thanks for letting me know these were available! Is one of those Gaslight books the one with the weird shark like thing on the cover? I wouldn't say no to more of Gaslights or Dreamlands to support those eventual lines but are there only 2 Gaslights and 1 Dreamlands supplements of note? What about anything at all for Dark Ages that could be reprinted? Speaking of No Man's Land I've been spitballing a linked set of scenarios that start off with the investigators discovering something bad during trench warfare in WW1 then later on having to go back to secure whatever it was to stop the nazis from getting it, just trying to think how to potentially expand it to the cold war. World War 1 could be such an interesting place to set more stuff in. That is very cool. I just read the premise and I was immediately sold on the concept. It appears these were marketed as Non Mythos CoC titles, was that just for these or were there more in the non mythos line? That is something I'd definitely like to see come back as much as I love the mythos it would keep my investigators on their toes if they weren't sure about this during their investigation.
  4. I was just going by what was in the Masks set so not especially disappointed by the lack of screens. I will be happy with whatever way they are published to be honest, I am always up for more content set in the UK so been excited by Gaslight since I got into Coc. With Dreamlands I'm still not entirely sure what it is but from reviews I've read and comments I've seen made it makes it seem like CoC trying to do a spin on fantasy which sounds very dope. I have to say that starter sets have gotten me very excited. I got into CoC from purchasing the starter box back in 2019 and I'm eagerly awaiting the RuneQuest and Pendragon ones. Anything that gets more boxes on the shelves for me (also as an aside I really really appreciate how thick the Chaosium boxes are, I got the City of Mist starter set recently and I feel like I need to be so careful not to damage it because of how thin it is) is a big win. Thanks for the quick response 🙂
  5. @MOB in that interview Rick said: “We recently redid Masks of Nyarlathotep for the 7th edition as a slipcase full of books and handouts. Similar treatments for Dreamlands and Gaslight are fairly far into their updates as well and will be debuting in the near future for the 7th edition.” can I take that to mean I should get super hyped for a slipcase set for Gaslight and Dreamlands with multiple volumes, a Keeper Screen and copious handouts and game aids?
  6. So Rick has done an interview with Enworld about the CoC classic Kickstarter and their plans to bring more classic CoC horror back from the grave. He also said they are looking for suggestions on what material to start with. He has already that old editions of Masks of Nyarlathotep are low priority because of the recent update. Same for Gaslights and Dreamlands so please no asking for those. Obviously the products already in the Kickstarter have been done (for those who aren’t aware, the 2nd edition rules, Cthulhu Companion, Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, Fragments of Fear, Trail of Tsathoggua and The Asylum and Other Tales) I’ve only been playing CoC since 2019 so I’m just going by what I’ve had recommended or I’ve seen reviews for but I’d like to see: Blood Brothers 1 & 2 Spawn of Azathoth No Man’s Land Strange Aeons 1&2 Tatters of the King I’d also like to see things like Tales of the Miskatonic Valley and Adventures in Arkham Country but I don’t know how that would interact with the Lovecraft Country updates Mike has been working on. I also am aware quite a lot of those things are from the 90s or 00s unlike the Kickstarter stuff but that’s what is interesting to me based on what I’ve read. I also know these are available in PDF but I’m a big fan of dead tree versions and I know these are very likely to go straight to POD rather than regular print runs and Chaosium have said previously that it’s not possible to do a PDF coupon for these due to the increased costs of POD so I’d much rather wait until I could get both at the same time. oh and finally I’ve heard mixed things about the Secrets of books but knowing my stupid completionist habit I’d probably buy them all anyways… Anyone got further good or bad info on these?
  7. You know the actor they had playing Constantine in that has been appearing as him in Legends of Tomorrow the arrowverse time traveling show. It's actually pretty good and just tries to have ridiculously stupid time traveling plots that are eminently watchable. There is one where they have to fix George Lucas dropping out of film school and becoming insurance salesman of the year.
  8. It got up to 28 Celsius here today. First hot weather we’ve had in a while and immediately everyone has switched over from complaining about the lack of a summer to it being far too hot. If there’s one thing you can count on a British person for its complaining about the weather despite not really having much to complain about. We grow wine at the same latitude that Canada has polar bears and while it does rain a fair amount here we don’t get monsoons or any real extreme weather. I just wish it was currently cooler at night. It’s almost midnight and it’s 22 degrees and checking the weather it’s not going to drop to 16 at night for a week 😞
  9. Thanks for doing that David, it's very much appreciated. I understand crossposting takes extra time and I'd much rather you guys work on new material rather than making sure every social media format is fully updated. Also didn't realise Quest World was on Github! I am already on there so shall check it out. Thanks for the tip 🙂
  10. Thanks for that Nick! I decided a while ago to limit my RPG purchases to things available new or POD to save my sanity and wallet. I have added all of those to the list 🙂 Thanks, I think I will read all of the chapter and see how it goes. the GSB is both less daunting as bedtime reading and light enough that I don't risk breaking my nose if I fall asleep while holding it.
  11. Before I commit could you clear up my confusion regarding the times? Do you normally run 9am-1pm GMT-6 or 9pm-1am GMT-6? As for the Gringles Pawnshop thing it was if you are comfortable with the idea and how set you were on using that as the starter adventure. I'm not familiar with the RQ system yet but I do run CoC and D&D games so can keep a lid on metagame elements. I myself don't mind if I play an adventure I've already read, I mean I'm obviously not going to read stuff beforehand to cheat but under these circumstances I'm happy to play the scenario (just to reemphasise as long as you are comfortable with it). The trip to the past sounds great! What I like to do when playing a scenario is afterwards reading it and seeing all the different paths and how the GM ran it, really helps me learn to be better at running it. Of course I check beforehand to make sure that I'm not inadvertently going to spoil anything by doing this...
  12. I shall check them out! You negate any penalties for being biased by being up front about it 🙂 I have already internalised YGWV so I'm not worried about running a game exactly by the book but more this system seems so cool to me and I want my players to get as much of that as possible, without it dissolving into them sitting around while I give lectures on Glorantha for 3 hours at a time. At this stage I know Orlanth and Issaries as gods. With Lunar Gods I'm aware of the red moon and she was resurrected by 7 people who are now also gods and there is an emperor who is her son? I'm not even sure if the red moon goes by another name I can easily look stuff up by, at one point I thought it was Yelm but I think that's the sun god who Orlanth killed? As you can tell I haven't gotten to the chapters on Theogeny or the Lunar Empire yet. (If anyone has any further things they think I should read as a primer on the topics above please do let me know). I have done a quick pass through the Colymar tribe bit in the GM screen pack and it was really interesting. I started reading the GSB afterwards and bits have already started to click together! I do like what I've read of the scenarios in the screen pack but I'm going to wait to read the ones in the starter set first to see if being the thane of Apple Lane might limit how far the characters might travel for stuff from other books. With Cults of Prax the Tales of Biturian Varosh are the equivlenet of Vasana's saga from the main book right? Short segments to ground the stuff with a character throughout the book? I already own Cults of Prax so can easily read it, would you recommend reading it all or just going through the tales bits and if I see something interesting reading more about the cult? As I said I do have the guide but I'm not planning on reading it cover to cover. I mainly bought it as I had the money for a new RPG system and I figured even if I ended up not liking the system I could probably sell it for close to retail and not lose too much. Thankfully this won't be needed. My short term plans for the guide are to use it if there is something I see in another book that I'm curious about. So far it's mainly been to find out stuff about Upland Marsh and Delecti, I started of reading about the ducks and how they were usurped from the area by the Colymar but then the zombies came and the deal was struck. My main question has been what makes the ducks so suited for zombie killing? So far not found the answer. So far on my list of Jonstown content to look into I have: Six Seasons in Sartar Yozarian's Bandit Ducks! Temple of Heads and the Spider Woods from the Holiday Dorastor series Tales from Sandheart That is probably enough to keep me going for a while, especially considering I'm still digesting the main books but if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know! I shall bear that in mind! The main thing that would put me off Prax currently is the lack of RQG material for it. I know the books are all very compatible with the latest edition but the material is written during the Lunar Occupation so I imagine I'd need to do some fairly heavy lifting to move it forward to 1625 and the character creation stuff in RQG is geared for that timeframe and I'm not comfortable enough yet with the system to change something like character creation.
  13. Are you sure you mean 9:00-13:00? That would be 9:00am-1:00pm so morning to early afternoon. If that is correct then it would be a very pleasant early afternoon game for me! As for Gringles pawnshop you could still run it. I wasn’t reading it with an eye to running it or anything just as bedtime reading and don’t remember it very clearly. If it becomes necessary I can DM you what I remember and you change aspects of the adventure to confound me. I could also take a backseat in any planning aspects or solving puzzles (not that I remember a lot of puzzles but still). Would be very nice to take part in a series of sessions while I learn the rules before introducing Glorantha to my group in person.
  14. I am potentially interested. I’m very new to RuneQuest and Glorantha having only bought the books in the past few weeks but know my way around Call of Cthulhu. Ive never played or read any of the campaigns from the classic days. I have read parts of the RQ2 rule book and Gringles pawnshop from Apple Lane (not rainbow mound though). The potential part comes from my location. I’m based in the U.K. so time is a bit of an issue. It really depends on how late it runs. As you can tell from the time I post this at I am a bit of a night owl but if it runs past 10 or 11pm that’s 3-4am here and that would be my limit. I wouldn’t commit to an open ended campaign based on US time but I can do 6 weeks ok. Also I’m already committed Tuesdays and Wednesdays so depends on that as well.
  15. You sold me at ducks! Just as a general thing the ducks were what interested me in Glorantha in the first place, I saw someone joke that RuneQuest had ducks and that seemed weird enough that I looked into it and liked what I saw. I also saw some people on forums argue that RuneQuest would be much more popular without ducks so feel free to use me as an example of someone who saw there were ducks and went out and bought everything. Also Runeblogger, thanks for your site, I went through all your reviews of the latest edition when deciding whether or not to buy in and you were part of my decision to buy in 🙂
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