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  1. As a Brit I’d agree with Phil Hibbs. I’d also like to extend an apology on behalf of the country for everything (which is a very very broad category when it comes to my country 😞).
  2. So I just got the Paladin and Paladin adventure books and was really pleasantly surprised to find the edges of the pages are gold. I’ve not seen this on an RPG book before and it makes me really glad I’ve got them. All I ask is that Chaosium please please continue this for Pendragon 6e. It makes them seem so fancy! Also the 2 ribbons in the rule book are very nice and I’d like to see multiple ribbons in the thicker books going forward.
  3. Thanks David, I've added it now with the provision you mentioned 🙂
  4. My plan is to keep this thread alive. I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to see much more books spoken about until the first 6e books start to come out so it’s a bit quiet at the moment. The only book I’ve heard about that isn’t in the list is a proposed Robin Hood version which as a former resident of Nottingham I’m very interested in. But David just mentioned it as a book he wants to do at some point rather than definitely happening ( @sirlarkins if you wanted to chime in here I’d be very grateful). I’ve got notifications set up so if someone replies I get an email so I’m not going to forget to update the list, if anyone knows of another book that Chaosium have mentioned is upcoming then post a link to the source in this thread and I will update the first post. Just need to wait until next year to move some of the upcoming books to currently available 🙂
  5. I have to say I was not disappointed in the optional Pulp Cthulhu chapter. Ever since Mike’s interview on your blog where he said there was a new pulp chapter I’ve been curious about where it would be set and a bit annoyed about the tip toeing around it but I 100% see why now and it makes it more likely I’m going to run this for my group just for that chapter (I haven’t read a lot of the rest of it yet so can’t comment on the quality of it but it all looks good so far).
  6. I just bought everything off DriveThruRPG for what is a pretty silly reason. Your company name is what my D&D Campaigns group is called (I was outvoted on Care Bears). I mean I didn't just buy it because of that coincidence but that got me to click on the thread and then the system looked pretty interesting! Going to go have a look through now along with the new Cthulhu book released today.
  7. Looks good! I have avoided buying any of the leatherette versions because my stupid brain would somehow convince me to buy everything in leatherette as well as standard and I’m sadly not rich enough to do that but this is different enough so that shouldn’t happen (plus 40th anniversary and it being pretty in a Cthulhu way). I do have one question if I were to buy the standard PDF of the rule book now would I be able to use that as a coupon for this version? Also will there be a PDF with the added material in?
  8. Chaosium will soon be selling them on their own. A few of us had this exact request a few months ago and got some printed and they are currently being shipped to warehouses. As shipping is a ridiculous mess right now we don't know when this will be but I'd expect them in the next few months. You can see said slipcase in this video Chaosium posted (around 3:25) back in June.
  9. The Alien RPG is really good and I do feel like Chaosium could have gotten the jump on it. I'm not too annoyed since Free League is pretty much the only RPG publisher that I'm aware of that rivals Chaosium's production design for me, really nice quality books and their boxsets could probably be used as a weapon in a pinch! If we are saying which vaguely outlined CoC book we are most interested in the one I want the most is the Chris Spivey Pulp Cthulhu superhero book. There was a podcast he did a while ago (I can't remember what one but I got the link off BRP Central) where he said if Pulp Cthulhu dialled CoC characters up to 10 then this did it to 50 or something like that. He also said there was a big history thing he did explaining how the superheroes emerged and evolved since ww2. After how great Harlem Unbound was and my personal interest in superheroes this sounded exactly like my cup of tea.
  10. If this is the plan for Dreamlands too I will be very very happy. Is there a chance of a slipset of the player and keeper books? Also sorry for any part in that confusion I may of caused.
  11. @MOB all look great! As I said in the other thread on this there is a typo on the download page. Under 1930s Pulp Cthuthu one one is labeled as "19230s - Pulp - Color"
  12. They look great! Just noticed a typo on the download page. Under 1930s Pulp Cthuthu one one is labeled as "19230s - Pulp - Color"
  13. Only thing known is in the linked post in my previous post. I’d imagine they would be along the lines of the current Call of Cthulhu and upcoming RuneQuest starter set. So a box set with dice, a basic rule book, setting material and then a solo adventure and 3 or so scenarios. I have to say the RuneQuest one from what I’ve seen makes the current Call of Cthulhu one look a bit lacking just by how much is in it. To be clear I don’t think the current Cthulhu starter set is lacking in anything, it was what got me into the game and is great value, I just can see they have stepped up their game for the RuneQuest one and I live in hope for similar treatments for these.
  14. If it was me I'd put down Cthulhu Britannica product line and the same for World War Cthulhu and link through to the blog post about it. That way anyone who missed out can see it but it doesn't overly crowd the upcoming sections. Of course as we get more info on each and once they are out have them as separate products. Also just remembered Rick posted a month ago they are considering doing Dreamlands and Gaslight starter sets. Doesn't look like these have been added to the upcoming list.
  15. Great news! I was recently reading about these and gazing with lust at eBay listings glad I will be able to get them brand new and in colour while supporting Chaosium 🙂 One request please please keep the London boxed set a boxed set as a boxed set. I do love me some hardback RPGs but there is something magical about a boxed set.
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