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    Started off playing a few minor games, and eventually got tired of how tied up i was to one alrezdy written world, so i started designing a äworld of my own, and when i was looking for a good system to used, BRP s what appeared.

    I got into gaming about a year back or so, and up untill now, i have probably led more games than i have played. It makes for some good experience.
    I prefer traditional games (1GM several players) but i have played some more experimental games, like the swedish sulfur winter, where leaderless play is very simple to keep reasonable.
  • Current games
    I'm currently playing Coriolis, Svavelvinter, and Drakar och Demoner, three swedish games, but I have now also ben introduced to BRP, so i have Call of cthulu, a. fantasy world that i'm writing myself, and a smaller Western adventure.
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    Sweden, a small town called Eskilstown.
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    Besides being a Gamer, i'm also a Tarot reader, a gambler and gamemaster in other games, i play some music (piano, guitarr, i read music in school) and i'm a bloody good person to talk to. I enjoy godcompsny, wherever it's found.
  1. Me and a couple of friends were playing Coriolis (a swedish gritty sci-fi RPG). My character was a former jedi-like agent (Including the jedi mind tricks) and we were on our way to slay a big bad guy with mystical forces claiming to be a god. We were walking in a dark old service passage in the deep forgotten engine rooms of the Coriolis space station, and we met his servant. He was sitting atop a great cog, some fifteen meters above the floor where we stood. He was being generally creepy, and I was the only one of us three characters that he had noticed, and so I got to stall the bastard wh
  2. Hello. What are your tips for people on here on How to be as prepared as possible for a new campaign starting, as a gamemaster? What are your experiences from being (or not being) prepared for an adventure? How do you handle it? Do you wriite your adventures beforehand? Are you just very talented at pulling solutions and interesting hooks out your nose as the story progresses?
  3. These systems are all good for your general Basic Roleplaying Army Battle, but Since this army battle is so big for the story, I figured I needed something that'd allow a clear view of how the army the PC's are affiliated with is affected by their actions, and as well a clear view of what damage the PC's have done to the enemy troops through scouting missions and sabotage. One thing that came to my mind was to build an army like a character, where the HP is like Morale points, and when an army is out of morale, it shatters and is defeated. For skills, there could be different kinds of troo
  4. I have a plot that requires the PC's to chose one of three factions, and twice in the story, there will be major battles between the factions and their respective armies, and these will have been improved, or sabotaged, by the PC's to further their factions gain. One army is mainly just gunslingers and tanks, one is naturistic and animalistic mutant-druids, and one is sorcerers and necromancers, so it has to be compitable with the system for powers, in particular Mutations, sorcery, and magic. Any ideas?
  5. I'm a sucker for atmosphere when I lead a game. I have this music program, Spotify, with all kinds of music on it. I've built playlists for all kinds of situations, and for different kidns of settings, but i've recently become interested in a Western setting, which is nnew to me. So my question goes, What music is best for roleplaying, andnin what setting? And do you have any good tips for Western rpg music?
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