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  1. I agree about the opposed roll. My players (if I can gather the old group) are used to D&D rules anno 1983. They are not used to anything more advanced than "I attack with my sword" or "I attack with my bow". It's me that can't forget about the opposed roll which to me seems much more realistic than the armor class system. My players will probably be slightly opposed to the opposed roll since it is more complicated than what they are used to, so if the missile rules can remain simple, it is actually fine.
  2. I agree about the +5/-5 reflexive bonus, and I had overlooked the possibility of increasing my stats. I suppose the combat rules are melee oriented, but I want them to work for archery too, since I intend to use them in a more standard (Tolkien inspired) setting.
  3. Thanks folks. I am happy with the answer that my example was not representative and that movement rates are being increased to avoid an unreasonably strong "Crecy effect" (which should be there to some extent of course). I did remember the shield. The archer had to roll 6 or lower on 1d20 to hit (11 or lower when my knight was trying to get to his feet), so my rolls were rather unfavorable to the knight. Maybe I should have left out the example and stuck to the point about the number of archer shots before collision, but when I had begun reporting about the confrontation, I decided to go throu
  4. I would like to start a Paladin game at some time, and as my first example trying out the rules I tried having an archer (p. 374 in Paladin, 1st printing, 2019) stand up from behind a boulder 50 yards away and start shooting arrows at my knight. My knight (SIZ 6, DEX 11, STR 15, CON 13, APP 11) has a movement rate of 3 (6 when running), and this is interpreted as yards per combat round (p. 117), hence the archer can shoot (at least) nine arrows while my knight is running towards him. 1) The first arrow hits for 7 points of damage. My knight makes his DEX roll, and so is not knocked down,
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