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  1. I mean not every god or goddess that share roles are secretly the same. You can have multiple gods fill the same role especially if they are from different pantheons
  2. I know if the king of dragon pass game ernalda and orlanth don't but how much of this is canon
  3. What gods in glorantha take human sacrifice exactly. Also maybe for a bit of fun what gods do you think might possibly take them?
  4. The whole if babs gor cultists can have relantionships could also be based on how high up the ladder you are
  5. Reading this thread ive been struck by an idea i might toy with Yelmalio isn't a god he is a phalanx of gods all the other names he goes by are actually individual members of the godly phalanx of light and each sun dome actually worships a different member of said phalanx
  6. a god of my own creation and a joke IRS god of taxes associated with all cults that collect taxes from their members. dont you even think about trying to doge your taxes not even chaos is that stupid
  7. So the dwarves are working on restoring the world machine. so what happens if they succeed?
  8. do the Orlanthi people (specifically sartarites) have some kind of horse god or goddess?
  9. reading this thread has brought a question to my mind if a Orlanthi woman brought back a Grazer Kargzant husband would the child still be eligible to join the grazers yelm cult.
  10. my players had a duel summoned an air spirit killed Deseros and in doing so started a blood feud between their clans
  11. So I started my Runequest game and i ran the cattle Raid scenario one of my players decided to deal with the situation when the Orvelings arrived by challenging the leader to a duel. He won by summoning a Air elemental who lifted the leader up and made him fall to death. so i didnt think of it at the time but i imagince using a spirit in a duel would be a rather bad thing to orlanthi society but is that the case, also what are any common rules for duels that exist for future refrence.
  12. just a short description of the pcs Hrothgar Mountain Toe: a Warrior(light Cavalry) of the clan his parents and all but one of his brothers is dead was at the battle of pennel fordand the sacking of the city of wonders Gorlo the smith: a bronze smith who comes from a line of crafty men
  13. you know i meant this as a joke but the shear weight of a lead map would be a good way to avoid these maps being taken by none Uz (Plus lead being the metal of Darkness)
  14. in this case defiantly would be lead
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