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  1. So I started my Runequest game and i ran the cattle Raid scenario one of my players decided to deal with the situation when the Orvelings arrived by challenging the leader to a duel. He won by summoning a Air elemental who lifted the leader up and made him fall to death. so i didnt think of it at the time but i imagince using a spirit in a duel would be a rather bad thing to orlanthi society but is that the case, also what are any common rules for duels that exist for future refrence.
  2. just a short description of the pcs Hrothgar Mountain Toe: a Warrior(light Cavalry) of the clan his parents and all but one of his brothers is dead was at the battle of pennel fordand the sacking of the city of wonders Gorlo the smith: a bronze smith who comes from a line of crafty men
  3. you know i meant this as a joke but the shear weight of a lead map would be a good way to avoid these maps being taken by none Uz (Plus lead being the metal of Darkness)
  4. in this case defiantly would be lead
  5. I quite like the idea that trolls have highly detailed and multilayered maps of underground and the surface world. I also imagine they would guard those quite jealously
  6. just decided to swing by and say i got the game running players have made their clan and decided to settle in the Tamlane Hills. Thank you for all the comments it really helped.
  7. found a jonestown book that has something to do with bramble berry hills The Rostakori a valind worshipping bandit clan that toke up residence in them hills could make an excellent rival or even friendly clan if the players chose brambleberry
  8. personally id choose eithir Brambleberry hills, Tamlane hills or the east bush range, but id probelly allow the player to hose from amongst the list
  9. glorantha fan wiki not sure if its a good source but its a source if its not than its neighboring and not to much of a stretch for them to Claim its theirs escpecailly after its been cleared
  10. so I've looked at all these suggestions you've made(thank you) and look over the map and looked at what caught my fancy and will make a list of with pros and cons of each. if you know of any material where any of these places are described please tell me it could help. also feel free to say something if your a late comer to this thread. 1. Dwarf Run Pros possible access to dwarven crafts on the map lands appear to be hills and plains close to a river Cons dealing with dwarfs close to snakepipe hollow on a possible lunar invasion router 2. Woods
  11. speculation but there is apparently a Dragonnewt city above the snow line of the mountains adjacent to the Bramblewood and the two face hills to the south south have a dream dragon could possibly make that the source of the curse
  12. from what i understand these places are cursed but i dont know what the curse is
  13. So I'm in the very early stages of putting a game of Runequest together the idea is the players will make a clan that recently was uprooted by something (the cause of the uprooting will also be decided) so i have a question as to possible locations in Dragon Pass where they could settle i have 3 current idea 1. Conquer Jomesland from the lunars. (Ressurect the Maboder or even start a new tribe) 2. Settle the lands disputed by the Telmori, Cinsina Tribe, and Culbrea Tribe (With the clan joining one of the two tribes) 3. Settle the Smoking Ruins (an idea i got from reading a thr
  14. Who is Kallyr's son? I too would like to know this. sounds like a good adventure idea.
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