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  1. When you are small and weak, it's not cowardice, it's prudence.
  2. That's an Avalon Hill title. Does Chaosium even have the rights to reprint that?
  3. Well, according to the Website, Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA is a participant. I'll have to check back with them when it comes out. I've been accumulating game stuff for 45+ years now. Almost all of my purchases are ebooks these days because I don't have much room for anything else. I'll make room for this one though.
  4. If I buy a copy from my FLN Game Store, is there a coupon for a discount on the PDF or anything like that? Looks good though.
  5. ITYM, your experience is "runed" /rimshot Anyway, I bought the PDF a couple of weeks ago, nicely done. While I would like to seem more Homeland & Family history for Lunar Citizens I wasn't expecting them in this product. It would be nice to get them at some time though.
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