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    Game Master since 2008. I have ran GURPS 4th edition, Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, Zweihander before finally arriving to the land of Basic Role-Playing (Mythras, etc.).
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    I'm a Game Master since 2008.

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  1. That's a really awesome observation you've done on the magic system that's so prevalent amongst the D100 Games. The One Magic System sounds very interesting and I'd personally like to see it in full detail once it's ready.
  2. That's a really interesting thread, thank you for pointing me towards that one! 🙂 Indeed, I think both of us can agree that D100 Games such as OpenQuest and/or Revolution D100 are taking the right approach of reducing the skill clutter, however I suppose fine-tuning the D100 Games is an endless journey. 😛
  3. Hello there, While I've been reading the OpenQuest 3rd Edition core book, I've encountered a really interesting approach on page 220 about the sacred cows of D100 Gaming. In my opinion that's the right approach in order to revolutionise the D100 systems for breadth of audience. Some of the D100 systems remind me of GURPS when it comes to the number of skills a person might not have any incentive to touch (whether the referee or the player). What do you think about the constantly recurring Driving, Riding and Sailing skills? They do seem kind of redundant to me, as despite the fact that there are differences between various transports, I don't think they're a particularly frequent choice of many players around - to the point that my players even frown at the idea of these three skills being separate, thus personally I have merged them into one single Drive skill that handles all kinds of mounts and vehicles akin to how Vampire the Masquerade or some other systems already handle it. A lot of beautiful work has been done on uniting the skills within OpenQuest to avoid having so many smaller skills that practically nobody is decent at. I think rather than being present by default, at most these skills should have been an option to choose, as not every setting might feature ships, or even vehicles, or mounts - for example a setting that's based on floating islands might not find much use for the sailing skill, thus the optionality of the aforementioned three skills in particular, contrasting to the many other generally much more useful ones.
  4. Hello, I'm liking the 3rd release of OpenQuest so far! I've spotted a typo, page 211: "Speical Divine Magic" (Holy Warriors, Imperial Knight of Gatan). | I believe that it should be "Special Divine Magic".
  5. Awesome! I hope that the others can join us in our revolution together! 🙂
  6. Hi, I think you might be referring to Pendragon by Chaosium. There's a slightly resembling, yet definitely not the same concept of traits.
  7. Hello there! I have setup a community Discord server for all our Revolution D100 needs whenever a real-time chat might be required! The server may still be slightly barebones, but it should suffice for now. 😜 The below link is set to never expire: https://discord.gg/SDUVYM5Q5r I hope that the Revolution D100 creator (@RosenMcStern) is alright with this addition. 🙂
  8. @RosenMcStern makes some really valid points, and not only because he's the one who wrote Revolution D100, but also because he addressed some really deep, root issues within the Basic Role-Playing, and to further extent Mythras (both are really awesome!). @Lloyd Dupont The best thing about BRP is that you can just cross-utilise them in any way you'd like. Perhaps consider fine-tuning BRP to your own liking as sessions are ran, taking some time to think about what was awesome, and what could have been improved. Sharing each of your observations here is also awesome, because even while you might not get replies at first, silent readers do appreciate this kind of input, myself being one, however I decided to jump into these forums purely for Revolution D100. Out of every BRP I've encountered, Revolution D100 is the smoothest one, despite not being so known yet (and even Mythras isn't 'so known' as well if I'd compare it to the mainstream RPG systems...). One thing I can agree is that the parallel conflict for magic could become a momentum-breaking moment and slow down the combat a lot. I'm quite happy to hear that Paolo is working on another, simpler solution. As to Project [Energy], I'd recommend that you use the Disruption Cantrip instead. Heck, you may even go Mythras-style and separate Cantrips from Divine Magic as a standalone magic tradition from which you could remain a hedgewizard, run a spellblade of sorts, or develop further into Arcane Magic or Divine Magic as a wizard or a priest. Some of the things I'd recommend for any Game Master to drop is the Fly spell, as well as the Invisibility spell. These tend to go around many of the plot hooks and encounters which you might want your players to otherwise bump into, or at least take some consequences from. They're really powerful spells in their utility, that the wizard/priest can just scout ahead as much as they wish. Pretty much nobody flies or goes invisible on their own spell in the Middle-Earth lore, and you also don't see these in Harry Potter, or the Discworld, or Eragon, etc. As such, they're a more-or-less Dungeons & Dragons approach to wizardly vast versatility to every situation, which is somehow manageable with spell slots and setting various invisibility-seeing sentries, which would just add a lot of additional bookkeeping to the GM in case they'd want to allow these spells. The best thing? Every D100 system, including RD100 allows that, because you can fine-tune your magic as you wish and include/not include various spells.
  9. Hi there, If you still haven't (which I doubt), you should take a look at The Conspiracy Theory, which showcases some of the changes that the International Edition will bring. So far I like it far more with how it's being written. Descriptions are simplified, language is smoother, etc. There's no exact date as to when it's coming out, but it's been hinted that it's this year (2021).
  10. I had a few re-readings of the Readiness, and it does sound promising in a way. My initial difficulty was with the text on it being split between multiple chapters, however it was also very sensible to do so, because it touched exact moments of the matter on point. I will try and see how the SR goes - the Toughness itself sounds like a really nice mechanic, as well as with how the Effort points cause folks to drop unconscious to all the pain more than make a mess of limbs (contrasting to various other BRP-sourced systems). As some feedback, I can tell you that the best part of your system is the simplicity you've tried to provide - especially within the 15 skills (+traits). This one is an awesome skill framework that for some reason hasn't really been touched much if at all by many others. Overall I'm very curious of the revised, international version that's coming sometime when it's ready, because it might clear many things up for folks.
  11. Having read a nice enough part of the core book which is superb by itself I can say that this is a definite improvement. Keep the awesome writing up! By the way, is the origin of 'Rumania' on the Vlad character sheet intentional like a unique creation, or does it refer to the country of Romania (the adjective of which would also have been 'Romanian')?
  12. Hello, I would like to dedicate this topic to a more-or-less classic BRP solution related to Toughness and Readiness present in Revolution D100. That is, the usage of unified Hit Points (or Hit Locations Hit Points for those preferring the localised damage), as well as Action Points in general. I have been considering tweaking Action Points into my own game, as I am currently running on Mythras and seeing a lot of interesting things in Revolution D100. Perhaps it is the slight unfamiliarity of mine on how the Readiness (SR) functions in general as I didn't get to try it just yet. I would probably assign a unified 2 (or 3) Action Point value per round for every Player Character regardless of their species. Basic movement would be a free action if used to engage an opponent within the non-running/non-sprinting range. Every Action and Reaction would cost a single Action Point, meanwhile various Spells would have Action Point (and Effort, also known as Exertion Points) cost relative to their casting time. What about the rest of you, have you devised your own alternative of the rules, or perhaps the author himself has some alternative rules in store for us? I'd be very curious to read your input on this matter!
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