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  1. Ooooooooooh, gorgeous. Delta Green, Rome, Deus Vult, and Cthulhu Brittanica, oh my!!
  2. BRP Rome is one I wouldn't mind adding, but I'm not a huge anime or superhero fan, ...but my players might be. Obviously, some old Chaosium or AH RQ would fit nicely...
  3. Is anyone else's BRP shelf starting to bow? I imagine most of you would dwarf mine. anything mandatory or vital that seems to be overtly missing here?
  4. I would like to preface my post here with the caveat that I'm onto a second bottle of merlot. Now that's out of the way, as of today I now own each product available from The Design Mechanism. RQ6, MI, MI companion, BoQ, and the RQ app. While this is hardly necessary, it does nevertheless Inspire in me the desire to express to those responsible my appreciation of their efforts. I am an American, and as such have spent the majority of my life as a BRP user in the shadow of the D&D d20 heritage. RuneQuest has always held a special place in my heart, and with the recent return of the R
  5. Ah yes, I get what you mean. You're right there, and I'm torn on the point of keeping the compelling RQ6 Animism rules for Shamanism (or even using the somewhat simpler MRQII/Legend Spirit Magic rules), or translating RQ6 Sorcery as Shamanism to keep the arcadey feel of SR Shamanism. I think ultimately itll boil down to comparing spell lists and making judgement calls, or else completely abandon SR mechanics in favor of fully embracing the RQ6 forms. The playgroup just changed a bit. There are now three of us, and we'll all make individual characters, but take turns GMing a continuous pl
  6. Im with you on the skill, but why sub sorcery for shamanism? I had more or less planned - Sorcery for all Hermetic Magic Animism/Shamanism for Shamanism Mysticism for the Adepts Is that not appropriate?
  7. MRQII Empires has a chapter on renown, that may be what you're after
  8. Thanks guys. Punktown definitely looks promising, wish I had gotten in on the KS when it was live, but no matter. I think D6 is completely out of the question, but yeah the supplements are vibrant and fluffy. Ive got the firearms supplement, i think my biggest quandaries now are how to handle the cybernetics. Im not worried about getting a perfect emulation, like I said, so if the sorcery looks more like RQ6 sorcery than SR, I think we'll live. The shamanistic elements are obviously already covered, but I wonder if something similar to the spirit journeys could be used for jacking into
  9. My gaming group normally runs low fantasy, but during a recent session we were discussing other settings. Most of the players were RP virgins before joining, so a lot of this is new. Among the things that blew them away was the Shadowrun setting, since they hail from Seattle and had no idea it existed. So now that will be the next campaign. Thing is, I've never actually played it myself. I'm familiar with the setting via the videogames, and the consensus on rpg.net seems to be that the system is a bit shoddy. I have nabbed the 4th/20th anniversary core book and a handful of pdfs, but
  10. Sounds potentially cool... Reminds me of Blood Brothers kinda.
  11. May glory be heaped upon its name. Thank you very much for the fast response!!
  12. Sorry for the necro post, but a search turned up very little... But what happened to Age of Treason? I bought a print copy of Legend at launch, but set it aside for any main campaigns. Now my group has decided to switch over to Legend rules from BGB, and in my searches I found AoT, and I've got to say... My god... I've always been more an RPG collector than player, but that changed recently and my group is burning through my stockpile of materials. I wanted to steer more towards a swords and sandals setting, but while RQ has always been my bread n butter, I have little love for Glora
  13. I've just returned from an archaeological survey in the Umatilla mountains, 45 days of rustic tent camping. Brought the BGB hardcover with me. During that time, we went through two thunderstorms. The temperatures ranged from 50° to 90°f. At one point, the book was left inside a locked car with internal temperatures into 100°F. It remains solid, flat, with minimal to no page wrinkling. A copy of Pathfinder came along, a famously high quality product, and its pages are still wrinkled from humidity. While I still think my old 5th edition bluecover CoC is higher quality, the BGB hardcover i
  14. Thank you very much rust. Of course, in an ideal world I'd just get both and be done with it, lol. I'm somewhat familiar already with the historical aspects of the ECW, however my wife would much rather move the clock ahead a bit and move the action to France for more of a Clockwork Dumas setting. We tend to freeform, great thing about having a dice chucker for a wife Thanks for the info, and here's to both books selling millions of copies!
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