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  1. Wouldn't that be funny? A good rpg opportunity. By the way I suppose that a 8 feet Hello Kitty could convince my Halfling player to step aside. Luckly I don't have any Hello Kitty in my campaign; not yet. Anyway you are right: SIZ bonus not always work. IMHO that could work but not always: what about the threatening Gnome master assassin concealed under his cape? A character can see death in his eyes while he stares the pc asking for informations Maybe Straightforward Influence versus Willpower in an Opposed Roll as Lawrence suggested is the easiest solution.
  2. Thank you for your prompt answer! I was unsure because Athletic is STR+DEX and I was looking for something with DEX x2 (who knows why it was supposed to be more suitable in my mind 😅). Thanks again!!!
  3. Sorry to bother you with a such newby question but I'm not sure how to solve the lack of balance skill. Let me make a stupid example: a guard is running to catch a thief. Both arrive on the shores of a totally iced lake. The thief has Acrobatic skill and can roll a try to go on running, but what about the guard without the skill? Some of you suggested in an old topic to find a standard skill and use it with a penality. In that case what would you use for the guard? Athletic? Evade? Would you create a new standard skill like Balance (DES x2)? (sorry for my bad english) 😅
  4. Or just use Influence and add SIZ as bonus
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