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  1. Should this be a new thread? Intelligent Horses: Continuing the discussion on Agimori possibly riding horses, I was reading in the GSB on page 16 (horse named Glad Leaper) that horses could have sentient INT and could learn spells etc. and so I am curious how this could happen without the horse being an allied spirit. Are horses able to be awakened similar to the Release INT spell the Morokanth have in Prax? Would there be some sort of Hero Quest as noted in the GSB, again p16 that could be conducted? Griffins and Hippogriff are already noted as being able to speak and cast spells. Would one just need to know speak with birds to communicate with them (They are both birds/birdlike no, hawk and or eagle headed?) meaning is there a speak with horses ability? Thinking that a horse casting Bludgeon on their hooves or Bladesharp on a character's lance... Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  2. I have player characters wanting to know about ghosts and how to capture or bind them when they are encountered rather than always fighting them or running away. For future encounters months if not years down the road when the players are Rune Lord status... The question is could a character not somehow transfer the binding to a new enchantment. For example, looking at Runequest Gamemater Adventures we have King Berevenenos' ghost. Would player characters not be able to bind him if they had an appropriate spell and enchantment? Taking that further I always thought from gaming back in the 90's, somehow getting the ghost of Ormelius from Shadows on the Borderland bound so he was under the control of a player character would be really really interesting. Could you use some Lhankor Mhy spell to go back in time to see where the binding enchantment was made in the shrine and then transfer it to a new enchantment or remove it in whole (without damaging it) to bring him with? of course they'd need to be protected from him while any of these activities were in progress? Also the ghost from Snakepipe Hallow, the Blue Ghost would be really cool to unleash on character enemies. Could a character not use divine intervention with Humakt to get the ghost under character's control (I didn't think Humakti could be undead but it doesn't bother me here) Lastly the spirit Ironarm in Balastors Barracks, could they not be bound to further the glory of Humakt by being transferred, again via divine intervention to a weapon of cult artifact like the golden sword or such? If this sort of discussion was posted somewhere previously, my apologies.
  3. So we have a PC who is an Agimori who was orphaned and raised Civilized (its a long story involving Broo and Knight Fort, I don't know the whole story yet) and has no objection to riding a horse... I have no issues with it as they like to antagonize trolls and it puts them on a more even footing when fighting with them or playing Troll Ball. They give new meaning to "push" in Shield Push as well. 2 questions: Where might they find a horse, sized to carry them, all the better if they have to travel far to obtain it, trade, travel all good ways to get into scenarios. Also, what other animals besides say rhinos in Prax could carry them and where would a nomad trader sell them? I looked through several pages on Agimori but didn't see anything on mounts... sorry if I missed it. As always thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
  4. I read through the old closed post on TSR's but didn't find notes on a few things: Long Home is shown on the map p10~11 mostly to the north of TSR, as I see it, but there is a river running out of the valley at the southeast end of the valley. The map on p111 it shows a/the river running into a/the sinkhole. Is there another river running out of the valley or does the water also flow around the sinkhole in some way that not all of it runs into the sinkhole and continues out of the valley? When the Lunars and the Manticore Company come to the valley it would be through here past the sinkhole as that is the main entry to the valley? Also when I look at the picture on p122 is that True Ford in the right midground looking from the east side of the valley maybe a little north of the tower? One other question, Danbar's stats are similar/same to the regular Warden's but I assume he'd be more like Terentha's as he was a mercenary for a time? I think the stats for him were inadvertently posted as that of a regular warden? If there was an errata on TSR, I have not seen it, so if anyone has a link please share it. PS: I received TSR as a gift and am curious if there is a way I can still get the PDF if it wasn't purchased through Chaosium?
  5. Guys, this is the best, I feel like I am reliving my 1990's RuneQuest but with more and better detail. The Heortland map is great, I have a copy of How the West Was Won and will need to reread it this evening. Thanks for the links as well. The game is so much better with all the socioeconomics wrapped in with the culture. Really, really great stuff here. I just got a few of the new RuneQuest books and haven't even pulled the plastic seal off 2 of them as I need to absorb it one book at a time... So glad new material has come out. Thanks yet again!
  6. Thank you both for the great input.
  7. So I have been digging in some more in my older magazines. In Tradetalk #5 p12 Brian of the Volsaxi is leading Volsaxi Mercenaries in the service of the King of Heortland defending Knight Fort and the Praxian Marches. I have looked a bit in the Forum but not able to find much on the Knight Fort besides there are differences of opinion as to where it actually is and how many forts there are, though I may have missed a bit? Is the location about 50 miles east of Mt. Passant about right or is it supposed to be further north? The map clip below is from the RuneQuest Companion. I also added a clip from the game (I never played as I can't speak French but back in the day was so crazy for RuneQuest I thought I needed a copy even I couldn't understand it...) which also shows the Knight Fort south and slightly east of Barbarian Town and positions it about the mid point of the open plain between the Stormwalk Mts. and the cliffs dropping off toward God Forgot. This distance is roughly 30 miles with Knight Fort being centrally located. Does this location make sense? (funny to note the Sundome Templar counters, lower left on the clip, look a lot like the figures on the counters from an old Trojan War game I have...) The idea that the PC's in this campaign could also assist with the protection of Marcher Barons sometime during the period from 1611 ~ 1615 when Brian is posted there would be an interesting way to set plot hooks for them to actually venture into Prax and be tied to Brian possibly after then in the campaign? Though Prax portion needs a lot more investigation and vetting as horses aren't very welcome in Prax... Maybe they learn to ride other more acceptable mounts though zebras are likely to be more donkey sized then that of a horse for a knight? I'll need to look into that some more later but would take suggestions as to how to have them ride horses in Prax without needing to fight all the nomads they cross? Do I forget something related to horse being hated in Prax? Also does anyone have suggestions as to how I might tie Aeolians to Brian? Would he oppose Aeolians being part of his company? I had read somewhere that Brian had extensive holdings in Backford (if I find that article again I'll post location when I do) and so he mustn't have dislike or hate for Aeolians would he? This is assuming there are Aeolians in Backford which I am now thinking is pretty obvious? Previously Joerg had suggested Aeolians could be Jansholm and Karse, so why not Backford if I understood correctly? It was also noted that they would not be in Sklar but I found something interesting in the same Tradetalk issue but on page 13. Gwydion of Sklar is the Archbishop of the Aeolian Church of Heortland. Earlier there was discussion that all the Aeolian where in larger cities which doesn't trouble me but when the Archbishop is from a "upstart fishing port" and he was actually the Bishop of Backford at age 35, it helps me solidify the Aeolians were definitely in Backford and there must have been quite a few for a bishop to have been posted there? The PC's would be introduced to Gwydion when he is in Backford or has returned for a visit if the timing doesn't work. How old would Gwydion when he became Archbishop and what year? So I am at about 1600 for the starting point in the campaign and if Owain King of Heortland is say 8 years old who is King in Heortland assuming Owain is not yet? I'll have a good number of years in Heortland and Sartar to develop the campaign and some in Prax from 1611~1615 plus possibilities of the PC's heading off with Gwydion after Richard supplants Owain in 1617. I am also wanting a tie to the Capratis Family, possibly through trade where the PC's being Aeolians wouldn't cause many issues? Knowing the Bishop of Nochet, Vancelain du Tumerine supported Richard gives lots of reasons to dislike them both especially after the decree "to remove all pagan ornaments from the churches of the Invisible God" is made? (Again Tradetalk #5 Holy Country article, page 12~15. This helps the tension with trade competition especially when the Aeolians are being persecuted by Richard? Is there a good source on this? When, what year would the Fish Roads have been created? How would the temple to Belintar the God-king, the Aeolian church of the Invisible God and any Orlanthian Temples be integrated. St. Orlanth has a shrine in the church? Would Belintar's temple be separate or integrated, assuming I am going to go with Aeolians in Backford and the whole Gwydion of Sklar being the Bishop of Backford? Thank you all yet again for any thoughts.
  8. One of these days I'll get to setting up actual PC's and their backgrounds that have some instilled/learned longing to fight Chaos and the Lunars but not until all these plot lines with trade, the fish roads, the City of Wonders and how to tie lots of old RQ2~3 adventures into a Backford Champaign come together. More questions on the Fish Roads and possible underwater combat: Let's say you have the River Eyes spell and Breathe Water with like Extension 10... Do the fish roads hinder movement to the point of exhaustion (What would be the point?) or does the magical nature of them and or the rites to enter them gain you freedom of movement, walking running. It doesn't seem to be meaningful to have the Fish Roads without some movement benefit? Walking 60 miles on the bottom of a river, bay, sea, ocean doesn't sound like fun. Take a boat maybe? Possibly Mobility3~4 is cast on you as part of the entry rites or ceremony? If so and you can move freely would your abilities as an air breather be more or less normal? Sword and mace attack be normal or would only thrusting weapons be useable if some Mobility type spell wasn't cast? I read through GMKen's topic related to the Elf Sea and treasure hunting, and I have the old Strangers in Prax booklet. Fond memories I must say from the mid 90's and so more reasons to investigate and vet this pre-campaign. Question, who knows (living or dead) how to make Frog Masks and if no one alive does what would be a way to go back in time to discover it without doing a Hero Quest? I haven't done any Hero Questing but going back to learn how to make frog masks in old Pavis might not be too dangerous? Any brief suggestions as to level of difficulty and plot line? Also for sorcery, is there some sort of freedom of movement spell like a phylactery of action for water or could you say use a Form Set Water with a 1" range with a multi-spelled skin of life to be able to survive and move underwater, maybe even out of the Fish Roads? If you could use a short range form set water as a forcefield what intensity would it have to be. Not thinking water dynamics and fluid displacement, though this could create buoyancy issues and prevent one from staying submerged? (This is supposed to be Runequest and Glorantha not physics class.) Its like you'd have a forcefield something like the image attached but it would be for water? Funny question, how many AP would spaceman armor have? Can power spirits be used to cast sorcery if they are bound into the item with the matrix on it? Though they wouldn't actually cast it for you would they. So how do you set up a sorcery spell to cast it when you want it or do you have to wait 25 melee rounds to cast an cool spell? Could you cast form set water on say a crossbow and its bolts to use it underwater? I start thinking of those Air-bender movies which I have not seen. I suppose if you had advance sorcery you could cast a group of spells and move through the air, why bother with underwater besides for trade purposes though flooded cavers filled with Chaos are always fun adventuring scenarios. Sorry if some of ese questions don't make sense, its been a while since I've played, thanks again for any input.
  9. OK, I found the fish roads but as I said had never heard of them before. We didn't have those back in the mid~late 80's... Several questions: Where does the Fish Road end/stop that passes Backford into the footprint and can you travel there down to the Underworld (any detail or articles on this) if you were crazy enough to do it? Is that a Hero Quest thing? Again any PC's in my campaigns do not have Hero Quest Super Bowl rings. Can Chaos beings use the Fish Road and if so how does one guard against them using it or stop them from walking right into Bullpen or Backford for that matter? Did this happen when the scorpionmen overran Backford? If the Fish Roads can be used to take wagons to the City of Wonders, there is already a clear path for trade in and out of Backford you'd just have to travel the 65 miles minimum to get there. Can you jump off/out of or onto/into the Fish Roads when and where you want or is it only at the terminals for entry and exit? Yes you may need a breathe water spell if you could move off/out of them. It is almost like there would need to be inns along the Fish Roads? I can imagine the names: The Frowning Carp, The Bearded Dolphin, Magasta's Bog...the names are limitless... Possibly travel is sped up in the Fish Roads? Is there magical assistance to movement therein? It would most certainly help military troop movement as well as trade. Are tolls levied on goods and travelers and if so who gets the funds? Could a bird fly in the Fish Roads or a character with a fly spell do so? When "Belintar's mortal frame expired and the Tournament failed to produce a replacement" what happened to all the niffy things he helped create? Do the Fish Roads collapse suddenly (if/when he really dies) and drown all those air-breathers in them in 1616 or are they permanent until someone godlike dispels them? Thoughts and comments appreciated!
  10. Good points on the cliffs being so high and the minimal width for possible path... looks like a potential survey of the south side is in order but am thinking now that any trade would have to be developed greatly, salt, silk, fish before there is reason to come back down the river to the bay, sounds so strange saying that. Thanks again.
  11. Yes Jaja, it was Sklar, I couldn't find it. The maps I have show Midrue between Backford and Jansholm. I am looking for anything on that area. I sent jeffjerwin a note as he seemed to have developed quite a bit by the looks of his posted Volsaxiland's map. I realize the canal boat its 1800's modern (the canal boat) but it would be interesting pulling the boats back to Sklar or a wharf near there, possibly a tow-path gets developed over time? Someone would have to make the tow-path or develop it. Maybe Backford sponsors some Dwarves to build, anybody rent gnomes for excavation purposes? Likely too costly with Dwarven labor...
  12. Oh, I wasn't looking for it but there is a good bit on Scorpionmen in Resolutions - Chaos. Outside of Rebirth it seems eggs are lain in Storm and hatch by end of Sea. It talks a bit about allied spirits in giant scorpions which is a bit scary. Looks like I'll need to reread Snakepipe Hollow as I recall there is a nice band of scorpionmen in there...
  13. Sorry if I mislead. I was thinking maybe Gagix allowed some other females to also reproduce to increase reproduction. The idea that she increases output is the same result. I wasn't quoting Runequest but typical scorpion reproduction with scorpionman replacing scorpion. It sounded simple enough. Will just assume Gagix increases her offspring output to the numbers allowing reconnoiter of Bullpen and Backord and eventual overrun. This would be more than 20 years after the start of this campaign being generated. I love this level of detail, it really allows the players to better imagine their surroundings and solidifies reasons for being in a place. No thought to deal with Gagix, no one in my campaign will have a Heroquest Super Bowl ring! Thanks again.
  14. Joerg, the experience with the mosquitos sounds terrible. Those pests have ruined many good camping adventures for me. I say go early or late season or stay home! That is unless there are bats or blue martins around. Or like in Corfu, the Gorakiki Alter...
  15. I meant Gagix, was reading in the Cuts Book when I was typing... I like the Vigor spell idea and the thought on log term resistance to poison if it ever comes up. The causeway fits well enough for me, I'll use that. In order to get to and from maybe there is a tow-path along the Syphon to get boats back to Mirrorsea as I don't think everyone could use the Fish Road? (I will need to read up on the Fish Road.) Funny to think they are being towed downhill! I'll also need to develop the small town that is about 28 miles west of Backford, the Runequest Campanian shows one there but no name is given likely as its under the 1000 population mark. I'll assume a small wharf there to transfer Backford goods to seagoing craft? I'd say based on the discussions here that only low draft canal boats could make it to Backford unless the river were flooding and that would be wild and dangerous without magical ~ elemental assistance. I like how this is shaping up, again thanks to all of you for the input.
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