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  1. Guys, this is the best, I feel like I am reliving my 1990's RuneQuest but with more and better detail. The Heortland map is great, I have a copy of How the West Was Won and will need to reread it this evening. Thanks for the links as well. The game is so much better with all the socioeconomics wrapped in with the culture. Really, really great stuff here. I just got a few of the new RuneQuest books and haven't even pulled the plastic seal off 2 of them as I need to absorb it one book at a time... So glad new material has come out. Thanks yet again!
  2. Thank you both for the great input.
  3. So I have been digging in some more in my older magazines. In Tradetalk #5 p12 Brian of the Volsaxi is leading Volsaxi Mercenaries in the service of the King of Heortland defending Knight Fort and the Praxian Marches. I have looked a bit in the Forum but not able to find much on the Knight Fort besides there are differences of opinion as to where it actually is and how many forts there are, though I may have missed a bit? Is the location about 50 miles east of Mt. Passant about right or is it supposed to be further north? The map clip below is from the RuneQuest Companion. I also added a clip
  4. One of these days I'll get to setting up actual PC's and their backgrounds that have some instilled/learned longing to fight Chaos and the Lunars but not until all these plot lines with trade, the fish roads, the City of Wonders and how to tie lots of old RQ2~3 adventures into a Backford Champaign come together. More questions on the Fish Roads and possible underwater combat: Let's say you have the River Eyes spell and Breathe Water with like Extension 10... Do the fish roads hinder movement to the point of exhaustion (What would be the point?) or does the magical nature of them
  5. OK, I found the fish roads but as I said had never heard of them before. We didn't have those back in the mid~late 80's... Several questions: Where does the Fish Road end/stop that passes Backford into the footprint and can you travel there down to the Underworld (any detail or articles on this) if you were crazy enough to do it? Is that a Hero Quest thing? Again any PC's in my campaigns do not have Hero Quest Super Bowl rings. Can Chaos beings use the Fish Road and if so how does one guard against them using it or stop them from walking right into Bullpen or Backford for that m
  6. Good points on the cliffs being so high and the minimal width for possible path... looks like a potential survey of the south side is in order but am thinking now that any trade would have to be developed greatly, salt, silk, fish before there is reason to come back down the river to the bay, sounds so strange saying that. Thanks again.
  7. Yes Jaja, it was Sklar, I couldn't find it. The maps I have show Midrue between Backford and Jansholm. I am looking for anything on that area. I sent jeffjerwin a note as he seemed to have developed quite a bit by the looks of his posted Volsaxiland's map. I realize the canal boat its 1800's modern (the canal boat) but it would be interesting pulling the boats back to Sklar or a wharf near there, possibly a tow-path gets developed over time? Someone would have to make the tow-path or develop it. Maybe Backford sponsors some Dwarves to build, anybody rent gnomes for excavation purpose
  8. Oh, I wasn't looking for it but there is a good bit on Scorpionmen in Resolutions - Chaos. Outside of Rebirth it seems eggs are lain in Storm and hatch by end of Sea. It talks a bit about allied spirits in giant scorpions which is a bit scary. Looks like I'll need to reread Snakepipe Hollow as I recall there is a nice band of scorpionmen in there...
  9. Sorry if I mislead. I was thinking maybe Gagix allowed some other females to also reproduce to increase reproduction. The idea that she increases output is the same result. I wasn't quoting Runequest but typical scorpion reproduction with scorpionman replacing scorpion. It sounded simple enough. Will just assume Gagix increases her offspring output to the numbers allowing reconnoiter of Bullpen and Backord and eventual overrun. This would be more than 20 years after the start of this campaign being generated. I love this level of detail, it really allows the players to better imagine their sur
  10. Joerg, the experience with the mosquitos sounds terrible. Those pests have ruined many good camping adventures for me. I say go early or late season or stay home! That is unless there are bats or blue martins around. Or like in Corfu, the Gorakiki Alter...
  11. I meant Gagix, was reading in the Cuts Book when I was typing... I like the Vigor spell idea and the thought on log term resistance to poison if it ever comes up. The causeway fits well enough for me, I'll use that. In order to get to and from maybe there is a tow-path along the Syphon to get boats back to Mirrorsea as I don't think everyone could use the Fish Road? (I will need to read up on the Fish Road.) Funny to think they are being towed downhill! I'll also need to develop the small town that is about 28 miles west of Backford, the Runequest Campanian shows one there but no nam
  12. Dried shrimp are shrimp that have been sun-dried and shrunk to a thumbnail size. They are used in many East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian cuisines, imparting a unique umami taste. Umami, which is also known as monosodium glutamate is one of the core fifth tastes including sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami means “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese, and its taste is often described as the meaty, savory deliciousness that deepens flavor. How would you say “essence of deliciousness” in Uz? This cracks me up! A handful of shrimp is generally used for dishes. The flavors of this
  13. Scorpionman Meat - So based on the Tradetalk 12 Saronil Whiteteeth in Chaoswood "It squirmed and struggled as huge chunks of fluffy white meat were removed from its tail, dipped in the butter and served to the matriarchs." Trolls like scorpionman tail... maybe an interesting trade opportunity here? Evidently the trolls digestive track keeps them from being tainted with chaos? The silk trade to larger Holy Country cities from the troll spiders along with salt and fish from the river to Sundome are really developable for Backford to me. Are there any references to a player character develop
  14. Silk would be a big deal along with other items, maybe traded to Nochet or other locations, similar to salt and fish to the Sundome. I like it, but trolls cannot be trusted? If the trolls are given scorpionman meat... I wonder what if anything could be a trade good from Stonewood. Does anyone know of a source on Stonewood? There is a note in Tradetalk #4 and in the Guide but I don't seem to be able to find much, possibly small stone animals could be exported as novelty trinkets or gifts for the wealthy? (funny, I was typing this as you posted the comment on Stonewood Joerg...)
  15. "Backford (medium city): Located right on the south bank of the Syphon River, this city controls the the main ford across the Syphon. All traffic on the Royal Highway has to go through the city gates, which has ensured a modest income to the otherwise pressured Eorl of the city." I see the city as being anywhere from 2500~7500 but likely 3500~5500 at it peak, declining as the timeline moves closer to whenever the Gagix invades? Maybe scorpion men don't swim and the river is used to escape or maybe there is a chaos type of nepidae that would really put the kibosh on that idea? The idea tha
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