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    Amateur player attempting to become a d100 master
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    Call of Cthulhu, possibly BRP system soon
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  1. I am mainly looking for splatbooks with profiles to have different mosnters to use, and different playable humanoide races with pre-made statistics, and something like the DND monster manuals.
  2. I red the manual but I honestly did not get how to do it; maybe I am stupid but the instructions are not clear how to design or implement non-human races. Well, not that I am searching for any kind of balance, but for rosources mainly.
  3. Well, I want to thank you all first for your interest! Now that D&D has been cited, I feel free to point it clearer too: a cavalcade of humanoids and spooks like the Monster Manuals from WOTC would be what I am finding for a game, with a lot of things like wolfmen, goblins, fairies, different undeads and draconic creatures.
  4. This is my first real topic, so I will take this occasion to say hello to everyone reading this. I took the BRP basic manual but I found it lacking a bit about humanoid races or playable non-human races templates. I would like to know which are the most reliable splatbooks or game rulesets based on d100 where I can find more templates for humanoid playable races or tips to create them. Thanks
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