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  1. Dumb question: Where does this Pendragon Discord reside? I have found the Chaosium server, but it is pretty dead and I can tell from the forum posts these discussions are elsewhere.
  2. Thanks Morien! I greatly appreciate the light touch of KAP rules and relying on judgement. Your post connects the dots for me that there are just two encumbrance systems not three; the Table 6.1 Armor "Heavy Load" column refers to the p119 movement rules and the text below the table affirms that. The DEX modifier column in 6.1 represents the "armor encumbrance" rule. Then we have the "normal encumbrance" rule on p 97. Your post says that there should be an "inconsequential load" with no DEX modifier, and I'll trust you on that because I haven't read any KAP adventures yet. I have done my best searching the Nocturnal archives and can't find a post that clarifies this. Left open is what constitutes a "light" load. I take it a sword and shield remains "inconsequential", I just wish p 97 was explicit about that. It would have saved me quite a bit of searching. Beyond that it is a judgement if a -5 or -10 DEX mod is appropriate.
  3. Trying to understand the encumbrance rules, they seem to be under-specified and there is some inconsistent uses of terms. Here is the relevant text that I can find: KAP e5.2 p. 97 reads: p. 119 reads [emphasis added]: p. 139, reads in part (redacted to focus only encumbrance) Questions: p 97 seems to read that no matter what you have at least -5 on DEX rolls (excluding cases that have their own rule, e.g. sneaking): is that the intention? Or are we to assume there is an "inconsequential load" that would get no negative DEX modifier? What defines a "light load"? p119 seems to contradict p. 97 by equating encumbrance only with "heavy load" whereas the former had both light and heavy encumbrance. Given the context of p119, I assume only "heavy loads" affect movement rates and this language has no bearing on DEX rolls. p139 parses things a third way by having encumbrance equated with "heavy load" but the DEX modifier varies by armor type independent of load. It seems like the most straight forward reading and by inference from other text (e.g. p 108 "swimming") is that the armor table DEX mod is additive to the p. 97 table, giving net DEX mods for typical DEX rolls (again excluding sneaking) of Padded -5, Leather -10, Hard Leather -15, and Chainmail -20. Is this how you all read this?
  4. Page 61. Year 457, the opening sentence of the events description was dropped, creating a non sequitur. As a noob walking through making a character for the first time, I was halted as I read it because it made no sense. I read forward and backward and there was no reference to these "rebels". Then I looked it up in 5.0 and found the missing sentence: "The eastern Britons rebel, protesting the policies of King Vortigern."
  5. Working my way through the core book, I found a minor yet confusing editorial error. Is there a collection of errata for 5.2? Or is it fully-baked as-is, and we are to await 6 now?
  6. Excuse me if this is the books someplace and I missed it (I'm a Pendragon noob figuring this game out) but I am trying to understand the dynamics of succession within a vassal knight's household. An illustration to help me frame my questions: A father is a vassal knight. His first son has turned 21 and is ready to be knighted. What happens? Understanding that PKs (or their players) might have their own personal preferences, what is "typical" practice? I imagine a lot of different possibilities: Does the 40-something PK retire more or less immediately and his son takes over the responsibilities of leading the household and manor and providing service to the Earl as required? If the elder PK does not retire, does his son leave to become a bachelor knight of another Lord? Or would the son stay home with the elder PK as the heir-apparent and second-in-command? Does the son go provide service along with the elder PK when the Earl requests his knights? Or might he stay home and mind the manor as the Earl is only paying for 1 knight? I probably haven't framed these questions very well, because I don't have a good enough handle yet on how succession works. Any help or insight appreciated.
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