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  1. Thanks for sharing this! People mentioned that tweaking here or there would be necessary, but for me as a newcomer it would be harder to handwave things since I don't know what level of challenge to expect. It's always great to have more details about what other people did or didn't do when adapting!
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I feel that I lean toward this philosophy. The group and the story dictate what is possible, not the gaming system. Sure, some systems lend themselves better for certain things and this might facilitate certain styles of play, but that would be like saying that D&D is only made for min-maxing murder hobos with no interest in roleplaying. It seems to me (in my utter ignorance) that HeroQuesting is one of the things that make Glorantha so special, and even if it is a rare thing, rare things do frequently happen in the stories we play at the table, because we're after memorable moments after all. However, it's very nice to find a balance between everything that's being said here. This avoids making HeroQuesting too commonplace, which would water down the "epic" factor a little. It serves to show, though, that indeed HeroQuesting seems to be something for a more experienced GM, especially before the official rules come by. In the series of videos I'm watching on youtube, J-M mentions that he created an adventures he calls "Ernalda's Horn of Plenty" (IIRC), where he introduces the players to the concept of HeroQuesting through what he calls "reverse HeroQuesting". The idea is that the Broo are conducting a HeroQuest for their own needs and when the Quest requires an "enemy" to appear, the PCs are summoned to act as the menace agains the Broo. This sounded fascinating to me, but I'd never know how to even begin GM'ing this without proper guidelines.
  3. Yes! It's on my wishlist! I'm just waiting for the credit on my credit card to "refresh", haha
  4. Decimation is a lot indeed! I thought the conversion guide dealt only with character conversion. It's nice to see it also includes this sort of tip!
  5. Great insight here! I always thought of HeroQuesting as something "not so common", but this is the first time that I heard it described this way. It makes sense that it would be rare and terrifying though. Nevertheless, it sounds absolutely amazing, especially for more advanced characters (which makes sense; it would be weird for newbies to go on HeroQuesting and save the day). However, the "real GM book" release sounds too far away and I hope some adventures include HeroQuests here and there just to whet my table's appetite. I'm also aware that the Heroquest system is much more "high level" and heroic. But it sounds also very good for that. That's why I have previously considered playing some HQ sessions with my players as well, just to change the feel a little bit. However, until I get to play all that I have for RQ it's likely that the new RQ rules for HeroQuesting get published. This is the first time that I have the chance to use two robust systems to play in the same game world, so it must be fun to play with that. (or perhaps not, pehaps playing HQ will spoil my players and then they'll hate to go back to the "normalcy" of RQ...)
  6. Yes, this is the one I have! I was about to ask if it was complete of it there was something useful that I'd need the original books for. Also, since Cult Compendium doesn't cover the other things covered by the books such as Trollpak, just the cults, are there things that I'd miss from the original Cults of Prax or Cults of Terror, among others? Some of you have already mentioned the things included in Trollpak, but I wonder about the other titles.
  7. Those are great guidelines! Thanks! It might be really fun to use the younger characters as a "tutorial" of sorts, with less fuss during character building, then "upgrade " them and return to a familiar place! I might actually start with that!
  8. Thanks! Where exactly? The books is more of a city guide.
  9. Thanks! I had never heard of that one. The one called "Cradle" which you and @jajagappa mentioned is from what book?
  10. Nice! I hear that the Troll (Uz) culture is fascinating in Glorantha! I've been watching a series of videos on youtube by a guy called JM and a very knowledgeable fellow called Evan Franke. It's great! And besides Trollpak they recommended to read Dorastor as well.
  11. Oh, I see! Yeah, it does make sense, hahaha. When I read that Cult Compendium gathered the material from Trollpak, Cults of Terror, etc, I assumed that it included ALL the material, including adventures and such.
  12. Yeah, I've been hearing more and more about Griffin Mountain. I knew it was a classic, but I didn't know it was such an epic! I will surely check it out!
  13. That's true! It's a great and easy alternative! Great! I Have the Trollpak PDF, but I assume that all of that is covered in the Cult Compendium as well, right? Thanks for all the suggestions!
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