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  1. Thanks for sharing this! People mentioned that tweaking here or there would be necessary, but for me as a newcomer it would be harder to handwave things since I don't know what level of challenge to expect. It's always great to have more details about what other people did or didn't do when adapting!
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I feel that I lean toward this philosophy. The group and the story dictate what is possible, not the gaming system. Sure, some systems lend themselves better for certain things and this might facilitate certain styles of play, but that would be like saying that D&D is only made for min-maxing murder hobos with no interest in roleplaying. It seems to me (in my utter ignorance) that HeroQuesting is one of the things that make Glorantha so special, and even if it is a rare thing, rare things do frequently happen in the stories we play at the table, because we're after memorable moments after all. However, it's very nice to find a balance between everything that's being said here. This avoids making HeroQuesting too commonplace, which would water down the "epic" factor a little. It serves to show, though, that indeed HeroQuesting seems to be something for a more experienced GM, especially before the official rules come by. In the series of videos I'm watching on youtube, J-M mentions that he created an adventures he calls "Ernalda's Horn of Plenty" (IIRC), where he introduces the players to the concept of HeroQuesting through what he calls "reverse HeroQuesting". The idea is that the Broo are conducting a HeroQuest for their own needs and when the Quest requires an "enemy" to appear, the PCs are summoned to act as the menace agains the Broo. This sounded fascinating to me, but I'd never know how to even begin GM'ing this without proper guidelines.
  3. Yes! It's on my wishlist! I'm just waiting for the credit on my credit card to "refresh", haha
  4. Decimation is a lot indeed! I thought the conversion guide dealt only with character conversion. It's nice to see it also includes this sort of tip!
  5. Great insight here! I always thought of HeroQuesting as something "not so common", but this is the first time that I heard it described this way. It makes sense that it would be rare and terrifying though. Nevertheless, it sounds absolutely amazing, especially for more advanced characters (which makes sense; it would be weird for newbies to go on HeroQuesting and save the day). However, the "real GM book" release sounds too far away and I hope some adventures include HeroQuests here and there just to whet my table's appetite. I'm also aware that the Heroquest system is much more "high level" and heroic. But it sounds also very good for that. That's why I have previously considered playing some HQ sessions with my players as well, just to change the feel a little bit. However, until I get to play all that I have for RQ it's likely that the new RQ rules for HeroQuesting get published. This is the first time that I have the chance to use two robust systems to play in the same game world, so it must be fun to play with that. (or perhaps not, pehaps playing HQ will spoil my players and then they'll hate to go back to the "normalcy" of RQ...)
  6. Yes, this is the one I have! I was about to ask if it was complete of it there was something useful that I'd need the original books for. Also, since Cult Compendium doesn't cover the other things covered by the books such as Trollpak, just the cults, are there things that I'd miss from the original Cults of Prax or Cults of Terror, among others? Some of you have already mentioned the things included in Trollpak, but I wonder about the other titles.
  7. Those are great guidelines! Thanks! It might be really fun to use the younger characters as a "tutorial" of sorts, with less fuss during character building, then "upgrade " them and return to a familiar place! I might actually start with that!
  8. Thanks! Where exactly? The books is more of a city guide.
  9. Thanks! I had never heard of that one. The one called "Cradle" which you and @jajagappa mentioned is from what book?
  10. Nice! I hear that the Troll (Uz) culture is fascinating in Glorantha! I've been watching a series of videos on youtube by a guy called JM and a very knowledgeable fellow called Evan Franke. It's great! And besides Trollpak they recommended to read Dorastor as well.
  11. Oh, I see! Yeah, it does make sense, hahaha. When I read that Cult Compendium gathered the material from Trollpak, Cults of Terror, etc, I assumed that it included ALL the material, including adventures and such.
  12. Yeah, I've been hearing more and more about Griffin Mountain. I knew it was a classic, but I didn't know it was such an epic! I will surely check it out!
  13. That's true! It's a great and easy alternative! Great! I Have the Trollpak PDF, but I assume that all of that is covered in the Cult Compendium as well, right? Thanks for all the suggestions!
  14. Thanks for all the help, folks! It's clear to me that the community is a major part of enjoying Glorantha. It's very nice when there are so many people willing to help in such a short time! I guess that to make things easier and to help my "acclimatizing" process smoother, I will focus on first understanding the system and then proceeding to enjoy all the ready-made adventures available for RQG. That should give me enough experience with the system and Glorantha to feel ready to start "adapting" classic materials. I really want to run Apple Lane before running the new version, so I guess I'll play around with Pegasus Plateu (it's allegedly filled with adventures appropriate for starter-level characters) first. After that I might make a small foray into the original Apple Lane with my friends. I'll try to read through the Sourcebook while I learn the system, and consult it again whenever necessary. Then, I'll try to consult Cult Compendium according to the adventures I read, to understand some details better as they show up. It's clearly not a good idea to rush this process. Since we're all gathered here in this fine evening, I'd also like to ask you for suggestions of adventures that I absolutely MUST try (I love a good story, so all suggestions are welcome. I guess that all the typical books like Pavis & Big Rubble, Borderlands and such are part of that list, but I'm sure there are others gems I should be adding to the list.
  15. Yeah, apparently this would be the easiest way to go. Just testing to see what works and what doesn't. The players would never know that all this tweaking was going on live anyway... The treasure dropping, though, is still a bit abstract to me. Since I haven't played any Glorantha-related systems so far (though I am used to the percentiles due to CoC), I don't know how useful things really are. But I guess that it's just a question of practice.
  16. So the new RQG Apple Lane is indeed a "return to" type of affair. I imagine it would be much more epic to "return" there after knowing the city as it was before. From what I understood from your explanation, the current RQG initial characters would be too strong for the original Apple Lane, so I'd have to "pump the monsters" up a little. Maybe I could check around the other ready-made adventures I have (pegasus plateau/smoking ruin books) and inspire myself in those stats?
  17. Yeah, I really don't mind that sort of difference. As long as it WORKS at the table, I'm fine with it. This is great! When you say "I use the NPC stats in the books, you mean the classic books you're using, or similar stats in the new books? That part wasn't extremely clear to me.
  18. From what you are saying, it's a question of adapting, so therefore I can assume this adaptation is necessary? My point was actually running other ages "as is" in the same system. In other words, it the system doesn't deal with Lunars, having them even so, etc. It sounds a bit limiting to have such a vast universe of stories and possibilities and having to limit ourselves to a certain time frame.
  19. Thank you so much for such quick and detailed replies! I'm glad to know it's not a big deal to use classic adventures with the new system! The idea of running CoC modules in Glorantha is surely interesting! Maybe "stealing" ideas from the "Cthulhu Invictus" book and substituting Lunars for the Romans!
  20. Hey there! I am positive that this has been asked previously, but from my searches I couldn't find explicit answers, so since I've learned that the community has a "we are all us" philosophy, I hope I won't be a bother for asking this... I am absolutely in love with the idea behind Glorantha and I have read some things here and there to get in touch with the myths and names, but as usual it's hard to know where to begin (don't worry, that's not the crux of my question). I have purchased all current RQG books in physical form and have the PDFs as well. I also have the HeroQuest main book (the most recent edition) and the Sourcebook. In terms of PDFs, I have basically acquired everything that I could. I have Cult Compendium, Pavis & Big Rubble, etc, as well as the Sartar/Sartar Companion/11 lights books, some old classics like Apple Lane, Dorastor, etc etc. Everything that people say "Oh yeah, that one is a must", I think I have it. I also am more or less aware of how to proceed in getting to know the lore. I should read the main Runequest Glorantha book as well as the Sourcebook at first. Then I think I will explore the Cult Compendium as I need. So what is the problem? The problem is that people mention the importance of infinite volumes but I don't see people discussing their compatibility. I hear a lot about the Apple Lane adventures, but I don't know how compatible that is with the new RQG system. I AM aware that the system is different and that we already have an official document for converting character stats, but that doesn't tell me if this alone makes those adventures "GM-able" with ease. I want to know to what extent I can use "classic" material at the table, basically. I assume that as far as lore goes, I can use whatever I want, because it's the info that counts. But what about classic adventures? Is it easy to just get some modern monster/NPC stats from current material and just follow the old books? Will I run into some deadly pitfalls? One of my greatest interests is to run Apple Lane, because I know it's a fond memory for old-school fans, and I want my table to have that memory. I know that the current Gamemaster Pack (which I own) has a "revamp" of Apple Lane (at least it's what it looks like), but I don't know if they are interchangeable of if they're completely different animals. Then I go to Heroquest stuff. How easily can I get story ideas from Heroquest books and apply them to Runequest. Or, considering that I HAVE the Heroquest main book, would it be more interesting to alternate between systems and just GM The Red Cow and such adventures directly in Heroquest for my players? I also get quite confused when it comes to the ages. As far a I can understand (from the books and discussions), each iteration of Glorantha RPG systems focuses on a specific time. How big of a deal is that? Does that make Heroquest adventures difficult to play in RQG due to different ages being expected by the mechanics? How easy is it to use a different age as a setting without changing systems? Well, I think that's it. Please forgive the ominous wall-of-textâ„¢ and I hope somebody finally helps me put these questions to rest.
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