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  1. This means you make your summoner use a 2 rune point command spell every time they take the elemental out? We were under the impression that you can summon on the fly 1-3 depending on size+2 command and 2 full rounds for the elemental to attack on the next one or have it on a binding matrix/trapping stone with a command spell used at the time of summoning, this takes only the 2 rounds since the elemental is commanded already Am I getting that right? If they have to use command how do the spiritual version works since control requires a target with 0 mp. Also, are common the spirits with rune magic? Sounds like a great way to get relatively cheap rune magic and they come with up to 4d6 according to the bestiary.
  2. So if the summon gets out of the gem and sees a bunch of chaos monsters there is nothing else to say. Got it. This is perfectly clear, thank you both!
  3. After the initial two rounds of summon and control, is fighting with(not against) an elemental like: Sorcery: command this round, a thick darkness attacks at the end of the next one. Now that everyone is dead, repeat next 2 rounds for new targets. Like Bending(avatar): hit someone with your sword, and a whirlwind will knock them out (fix command, attack whoever I strike) Like having a dog: point at the troll, whistle and the fire dog jumps on her while I do my stuff. I would love to know how you handle it, cheers!
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