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    Played D&D and Pathfinder with friends over the last decade. Got interested in Runequest and Glorantha after playing King of Dragon Pass and Six Ages. Duck apologist.
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    Currently playing an RQG campaign with family members
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  1. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I've taught my mother and brother the basics of RQG, and to encourage them to deepen their connections with their deities (Chalana Arroy and Humakt, respectively) I'm planning to give them POW checks every year at Sacred Time so they don't have to cut into their skill modifiers when they want to gain new Rune Magic. That would help them explore options like Idrima. I'll reread some of the options for spirit cults to see how they would work in this case. I really like the idea of letting them found a cult and raise it to importance as part of an overarching narrative. Both of my players were really happy with how they ended the adventure. Are there any products that I can buy an official PDF of that have rules for Heroquesting? I'm willing to do the work to convert HeroQuest books or other products to RQG.
  2. Hey, all. I finished running The Broken Tower for my family today, and I was wondering something about creating subcults or cults for gods not in the RCG core book. Our group chose to appease Idrima in return for protection from Chaos, and I was wondering if anyone who played the adventure ever dealt with Idrima as a cult or subcult afterwards. The adventure recommends using her as a subcult of Maran Gor, which no one in our group really worships. I could see her teaching some skills like Earthspeech or Spirit Combat in return for cows. Would it make sense for someone in our group to become an honorary priest of Idrima for their part in reviving tribute to her if they're alright with the Earth Rune? And would that come with any powers or restrictions? I imagine that she's not going to be as strong a deity as Ernalda or others, but she probably has something to offer for payment. I hope my questions make sense. I'm trying to make a fun adventure for my family, and I think giving them rewards and opportunities for their actions would help them become invested in the game I'm running.
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