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  1. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! Kindest regards, Erik.
  2. This is so much fun to read Smiorgan! And that extra rules that you mentioned earlier: "... Revolution d100 conflict rules (outdebating the Vilmirian Inquisition was a high point of the conflict!)" sounded really fun! Where can I get hold of those? Please advise. I generally only GM the 1st/2nd version of Stormbringer, the reason being that I think the general chaotic feel of the character generation and especially the ritual magic with everything being creatures instead of spells, right in tune with the overall Young Kingdoms/Chaotic plane atmosphere. House ruling and bridgeing from oth
  3. Just to make sure I understood you Rod, and excuse me for absolutely necroing your reply here but again, concerning my MUCH earlier question on whether you were going to include other characteristic rolling variations (as I said, like Unearthed Arcana's "Method V" ability rolling method) - you're not going to include it? It IS rather easy to just copy and paste the already existing method in UA, "just" substituting Wisdom for Power and Comliness for Size. But It would've been nice to see it there, so had to ask again!
  4. Sorry for putting this question forward so late in this thread - and it is totally possible I anger someone with me asking it here (apologies for that) - but will you have something like Unearthed Arcana's "Method V" ability (characteristic) rolling method inluded in the Unearthed Companion?
  5. Many great tips and tricks here! I apologize for not replying earlier. I get no notifications on my email on replies here, got to change that! Anyway, right now I am tinkering with the idea of maybe including "Schadenfreude" among the traits. Mostly because I hate it so much. It's a truly evil thing IMO.
  6. Thanks! Yes I recognized quite a few influences from the Manichean ideas being inherent in Kult.
  7. I googled the word Manichean . Clearly stuff there that I had never heard off! Nice. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much! This is clearly illuminating throught the lenses of Japanes feudality. Interesting. I also like the basic equipment packages for different classes. AD&D alignments works well, atleast for the worlds of Greyhawk and such. Historically (as I am to be sixty in a little over four years) I always felt the matrix to be too stiff for my game, but I am not really updated with later versions of D&D/AD&D. What I am looking for is more in line with how the Warhammer Fantasy literature describes in what ways the forces of the Immaterium affects the human vices. Things lik
  9. Hello! I have been tinkering with my own BRP-based RPG-system and world for eons it seems. The main story is about to be transformed into a scenario, but the main question now, is: If I want to use personality traits for characters in my game (à la King Arthur Pendragon and Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne) but NOT necessarily emphasize only chevaleresque traits and/or traits that is in line with purely christian virtues, so what kind of OTHER virtues should/could I use? Please help! //Erik.
  10. Very nice thought and plans! Thanks so much for reminding of that great mind, a huge loss to the community! //Erik.
  11. There's now a new release where one can turn on an English text, as per usual way on Youtube.
  12. The film is certainly a reasonable stab at possibilities of making a good Cthulhu movie of the North. Who knows, maybe a second kickstarter for the movie will come afterwards?
  13. My god, Julian Lord, so much whining on some details about whether the Vingan warrior can or cannot carry that much weight on a single spear. So what!? What does it matter? Do you play the RQ game the same way you nitpick on that nicely made painting? In that case, you sir, are known as a rules lawyer and a royal pain in the a**. I would really think twice before having you in any playing group, in that case. Lighten up! The painting gives so much other marvelous feelings one can celebrate. And why not focus on those parts instead? I can think of at least a dozen fine things the picture co
  14. Why not kill off the whole Wyter idea? For me, Runequest and Glorantha is NEVER about min-maxing and finding the cracks in the rules, it's about experiencing a world with islands such as QAPHQA and exploring them and having fun with your friends. Power gaming is so far from what RQ and Glorantha should be.
  15. Excuse me for necroing this thread, but I would certainly be interested in any notes made on this (or pics of them). I am just now buying both hardbacks, and am planning to run it with RQG. So any conversion/planning notes or anything like it hemping in this would really be appreciated!
  16. Yes! You are totally right. I thought about the fact that the occupations probably all have about the same total points summary when taking in all the skills. So I was about to change it but had not gotten to it. I will compare the total worth of points from other occupations and heighten the moneymaking skills also.
  17. Well put my dear sir! Yes, I concur, the Adventurer creation system is meant to be just that in my book too. OK, this may change my stance on certain parts of this additional occupation. But I am not totally beyond including it though.
  18. But then the qualification is handled during character generation, and not during play? Or am I mistaken?
  19. Hello! I don't know if this has been proposed before, but I need an addition to the Priest occupation in my scenario, as I want the magic to be something you get gradually, as a process. And that is mirrored in the addition of an Assistant Priest occupation, for me, that is is the same as an Acolyte. This is the write up I was thinking should describe this occupation (below). What do you think? If my English is faltering, please excuse me and I really would like some help in that case, because I a Swede and this is not my native tongue. Assistant Priest (Acolyte) Thsi is a person as
  20. Exactly. House Ruling is, as so many times before, absolutely essential. I do it all the time, with every game I run. But this time it seems, when I want *Heroes* for Hero Wars, I can't really go with certain parts of the basic RQG. The character's are generally too weak, there's too much magic flying around for my own taste - even if Glorantha IS steeped in magic. Still want to see magics as something rather mystical, at least the Runic part. The Spirit magic less so. I think I will go with the fact that the PCs are not initiates from the beginning, and they get that status during play, but c
  21. I beg forgiveness if this thread started in the wrong department. Please move it or delete, whatever suits you moderators. It was not intended to aggravate.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion Raleel! I will look more closely at that possibility.
  23. Thanks for the tip hkokko! I have already been reading your fantastic resources on the net! I am going to use the spell pages, but with much less beginning magic for starting characters than original rules use, like beginning PCs can take one spirit spell before initiation (which I choose to move to an ingame development). Likewise downsizing opponent magics and abilities. That last part will probably be a hairy business.
  24. Yes, the modularity of RQ6 should be a basis for easier mixing. I just assumed, just as you said, that by both of them being BRP it would not be that much problem. That someone already had, and it seems by hkokko's words, it's possible. I will be checking. Thanks for asking the important question if this should be ported to the Mythras section. It probably should. The general idea is that I want: hero points, I want less magic to beginning characters, I want (as I said earlier) more robust characters HP-wise/combat wise. I am also probably going to be using my own idea that character's have
  25. Hello everybody! I just want to thank everyone here who helped me before with ideas on how to possibly change the statistics rolls and other stuff earlier. Anyway, now I am going "Swear in the Church" (a Swedish proverb, meaning "to say something out of place" or "not allowed"). The thing is, I adore some parts of the new RQ: Roleplaying in Glorantha, especially the setting and general feel of the game. It's just fab to be able to roleplay such wondrous RQ characters and we owe so much to the many talented people making that possible in this age of AD&D/D&D spinoff OSR and other
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