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  1. (to be clear, my use of the word 'tainted' is simply in relation to the literature i've seen on the subject and not meant to imply any inherent 'wrongness' and i do see the notion of 'taint' and 'blessing' as synonymous, in this regard.)
  2. oh, this is fascinating! (it's easy to see ogres as simply irredeemable monsters, bereft of philosophy and somewhat cartoonish in the simplicity of their portrayals so this really enriches the very idea of them in glorantha.)
  3. one of the things that drew me to gloranthan/runescape is the notion of order vs. chaos but i find that, all too often, those ideas are boiled down to just being 'good vs. evil' couched in different language. so i'm curious- has anyone written any material from rhe perspective of folks who just happen to have born into association with chaos?
  4. have there been any updates, anywhere, as far as a timeframe goes for any of the upcoming releases?
  5. it's always been my go to for investigative horror gaming and i've run many a scenario (and a few long campaigns) without any mythos elements. (generally, though, i tend to view said elements less through the lens of derleth's codified notions of 'cthulhu mythos' and more through hpl's weird adn vague 'yog sothothery' where nothing is static or codified and everything is filtered through millennia of dodgy translations.)
  6. i have the 'cults of terror' book (surprised myself by finding it in a box of old 'paranoia' stuff and have no recollection of getting it!) so the notion of a big cults book for the new edition is very exciting! i've got the two 'red cow' books coming my way, now, and hope to get the 'classics' volumes, soon. as far as 'academic vs. fun' i definitely lean toward the latter and see exploring glorantha from that direction as a hobby in itself (although i'm already drafting up a series of adventures for some troll characters.)
  7. thanks to everyone who replied and i think i have my next few purchases planned out.
  8. so! i've been dimly aware of runequest/glorantha for decades and recently picked up all ofthe current edition materials and 'stafford"s library' volumes. next up will be the 'classics' line but, after that, it all gets a bit intimidating. what previous edition(or 'heroquest,' 'herowars,' etc.) do folks find essential reading for glorantha and its overall narrative and culture(s?)
  9. is there a reason that the fifth 'stafford library' volume is no longer available?
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