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  1. Turns out two players couldn't make my first session (and therefore didn't get knighted at the end of it) so I guess I'll be trying this next week...
  2. Exactly the same; but perhaps allowing the squire to choose either side of a Trait their Knight is famous for. (They could follow in their knight’s footsteps, or decide that they don’t want to be like that.)
  3. I've taken on your houserule that Passions no longer auto-increase with a crit after they hit 20 (because of the geometric ladder). Immediate Experience Roll + Check Too seems perfectly cromulent.
  4. Just suddenly occurred to me that you could end up with Hate (Saxons) 24. Ouch.
  5. Will do! There's a Wiki/Campaign Journal at https://the-liminal-blade.obsidianportal.com which (right now) is just full of Me Setting Things Up, but should soon be filled with my players telling their stories about the stories... Next week will be the first actual session, and we are all excite.
  6. Eh, no worries! Seemed likely we were talking about different editions-slash-options...
  7. Going with a Saxon Chieftain from the main book as I don't have Saxons!
  8. (I've also decided to go for an all-or-nothing Chivalry Bonus at 96.)
  9. The singular event for 463 specifically mentions your Grandfather dying, and mentions your Father not at all. And then says in the very same event "Your father rolls on every further event," which I took to mean "Not including this one." I am absolutely happy for you to tell me that's not RAI and the Father was supposed to get 3d6; I suspected as much. But it is RAW. And I've chosen to go that way. My Pendragon Is Varying.
  10. May well be intended, but not RAW. 5.2 says the 3d6 from ordinary chargen should be ignored if you're using Family History and any Hate (Saxons) Passion taken from there instead; and your grandfather doesn't get to roll on the Night of the Long Knives table if he's already dead. As it turns out I actually quite like the idea that not all PKs get a Hate (Saxons) unless they want one. I think it'll play well with my group that some have it and some don't. (Also, if they change their minds later, it's not like they'll be short of opportunities to pick it up.)
  11. Oh, and one of them made it all the way to the battle of Mount Damen!
  12. So my players did chargen last night for the GPC, and unless I'm missing something (which I don't think I am) it's possible to get through the family history version of character generation with Hate (Saxons) at 0 if your ancestors manage to avoid all the major Saxon battles. (Mostly by dying young.) I offered anyone who didn't have it at 2d6+6 for general anti-Saxon purposes (on reflection should've been 3d6) but no-one took it. So about half my PKs now are all "Well, yeah, I suppose the Saxons did murder a lot of people - but they never did any harm to me or mine." Gonna let it ride. Should be interesting.
  13. One Energetic and one Vengeful in the winter phase each year? Until they die? Or only in a year in which they own or wield the sword? (Either way "Here try my sword!" "Nice sword!" Repeat until everyone who wants extra Energetic/Vengeful this year has got some.)
  14. Further on the Melee Events roll - it seems like that modifier only holds for Battle and Weapon rolls. So if my PK's unit is engaged at a -10, I could certainly try Fleeing. Although that would put me Alone and give me a Cowardly check, that might still be a better bet than facing off against a nasty Saxon at -10/+10
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