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  1. Nice! I will read them at some point and maybe even run the scenarios. Now I just feel that I have so much to read 😄 but that's ok as it is really interesting. Would also want to read some literature about medieval era and/or some King Arthur tales. There seems to be already some good suggestions on Pendragon discord server.
  2. Thank you for the detailed description of the adventures. I'm not all against magic but I just want to keep it low. So some pinch of magic here and there is not a bad thing. I think I will check out Heart Blade first and see where to go from there. Book of Sires sounds fun. It's so much easier to get into the setting when there is details about character relations to the world and detailed background really helps that. I was already impressed of the background generation in the core book. What comes to different time periods. Few wizards like Merlin and others are still fine. It doesn't mean the players should have much to do with them. Maybe just few times occasionally. I like the idea to keep magic mysterious and unknown to the players but still present somehow.
  3. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I was referring to the adventure books Morien listed. I might be wrong but I got an impression you were referring to the campaign as an overall.
  4. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I browsed the books at Chaosium web site and I got very confused what books would be nice to have. For a side note I really dislike how much the graphic design changes between the books. I have also read that some of the books explains rules for same thing but different ways and can even contradict each other. Well, enough ranting, I'm still very excited of Pendragon. Thanks, will check that one out as well. I really like how much depth there is what it comes to lore and details. That is one thing that got me very excited about Pendragon. What it comes to adventures. How much do they deal with fantasy elements? I'm planning to keep my campaign very low on fantasy and looking more of historical feel. Not that I'm going to ignore fantasy elements completely. This very close to historical setting is what I'm more fond of. Still, some fantasy elements is nice to have, if not directly involved with the players, but being at the background at least. Edit: And I'm going to focus on default GPC with Cymric knights from Salisbury if it matters what it comes to the adventures.
  5. Interested of Pendragon and I'm planning to start a campaign at some point. Not in very close future but at some point. I want to get a good grasp about the system and lore so I want to read the books before thinking of planning a campaign. I'm currently in middle of reading the core book and it has been a page turner so far. So what official 5.2 edition (or 5.2 edition compatible) books would you recommend getting in addition to core book and Great Pendragon Campaign?
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