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  1. I am trying to decide how, where and when to start my Runequest campaign with my group. None of them have much experience with Runequest or Glorantha as such, so my options are wide open. To help me decide, I wanted to ask some questions of the community about there own ongoing campaigns. 1. Which version of Runequest do you run? Or perhaps even another system? 2. How long have you ran your campaign? 3. What time period in Glorantha did you start? 4. Where in Glorantha did you start? What regions has your campaign covered since? 5. Where are your pcs from? 6. What products from any version of Runequest have you used? Which were particularly useful? 7. Is it a sandbox or more plot led campaign? 8. How much have you followed the arching events of the time period or has your Glorantha varied? 9. How would you describe your campaign? 10. What advice would you give newbie gms to runequest and glorantha? When replying to the thread, don't feel you have to answer every question, just the ones that intrest you. Really curious about how long term runequest gms run their campaigns.
  2. Ahhh, I wonder if we will see him in the future Notchet supplement being worked on?
  3. I am the ancient age of 52 now, but way back when I started roleplaying at the age of 11 with Runequest being my very first game. I cut my teeth on the original Apple Lane and had great fun first rpg experiences defending Gringle's pawnshop! So although I see the need for the setting to move forward in time, I was very saddened to see in the current time frame the pawnshop a blackened shell, Apple Lane so changed and Gringle chased off and missing. So my question is, is there any info to say what happened to Gringle? Is he dead, or just set up another pawnshop somewhere else? I know it's my Glorantha and in my campaign I can say whatever I like, but what is the official version?
  4. I'm intrested in those playing Runequest Glorantha, what if any rules or house rules do you use from other editions of Runequest? And what made you use those rules for your campaign?
  5. When naming NPC's and characters from cultures, places and races are there any particualr naming styles or rules taht should be observed? for example what are common names for Trolls? Pavis natives or Sartarites? I can see some common names in the Runquest core book for the different homelands, but I cant see and particualr naming pattern to them. How do you go about naming your characters and NPC's?
  6. I have just recently got into Glorantha and Runequest and am preparing to run a game for my group. Something which is a bit daunting is the sheer size of places, even if I am limiting the group to a specific region such as Dragon Pass or Prax. My question is are there any good encounter tables for specific places or do you just wing it as to what is potentially encountered? are there any books particuarly that have encounter tables?
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