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  1. How is the cult distribution broken down in the book, is it by homeland? Interested in knowing if there is a cult breakdown for Lunar Tarsh as I don’t think I’ve seen one ever before for the area.
  2. How did some manage to initiate into Yelm, I thought that required decent from Yelm? Also what happened to the few who managed to initiate into Yelm’s secrets? Did they get assimilated into Yelmalio worship?
  3. Hi all, I'm quite interested in hearing types of characters people make, so I've made this topic for people to talk about the more unusual and interesting characters people have played or have had in their parties. This could be playing a character of a lesser known cult or culture or maybe playing a difficult character in a default campaign such as a Dara Happan in a Sartar campaign. As long as its interesting I'm all ears! I'll start, still new to the game but I have a member of my party who is about to play a lunar tarshite Yelm worshipper after they read about the homeland section for lunar tarsh in the rulebook and found that some worship Yelm in the more lunarised settlements. Campaign is primarily set in Prax.
  4. How far does a noble household extend? Does it include a chief’s children, brothers, cousins etc?
  5. Hello, super new to the world of Glorantha. Loving the lore and the rules and have a question for those more knowledgeable. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be joining a Runequest game and one of the players is thinking of playing a solar worshipping Orlanthi. They seem quite interested specifically in Yelm which from reading the lore seems rather difficult. From my newb understanding solar worshipping Orlanthi all pretty much follow Yelmalio/Elmal with the Grazelanders following Yelm under a different name, Is there any presence of Yelm’s cult in Orlanthi lands? Second question, how widespread is Yelm’s cult in Dragon’s Pass, I understand it exists where the Grazelanders dwell but is it present anywhere else in the region? These questions will probably be answered in the future cults book but nonetheless I’m still curios about it now and unsure what resources to look into for an answer.
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